Bloated? Digestive Issues? Blame These 4 Habits (Plus, Boost Your Digestion in 5 Minutes A Day)

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what causes an unhealthy gut

Learn How to Fix Digestive Problems & Bloating… AND Lose Weight!

Bloated? Digestive Issues? Blame These 4 Habits (Plus, Boost Your Digestion in 5 Minutes A Day)

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Today’s world is extremely fast paced. In the hustle and bustle of the 9-to-5 grind, it’s easy to forget to take the time to slow down and listen to your body.

Here’s the thing, though: just because you aren’t listening doesn’t mean that your body isn’t trying to talk to you.

Your stomach has a lot to say. For instance, when you’re hungry, it’ll growl. If you’re anxious, you’ll get butterflies.

And if you’re not taking care of yourself? Ohhh boy, does it let you know!

If your eyes are the window to your soul, your gut is the window to your overall health.

The thing is, problems with your gut aren’t limited to just your gut. They can very easily affect your general well-being.

The longer you ignore it, the worse your health can actually become.

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Recent studies have shown that your gut health is also tied with both your physical and your mental health.

Even if you think you’re doing everything right, you may be seriously hurting your gut health without knowing it. You can fill your plate up with fruits and veggies. You can chug eight glasses of water daily.

Still, there are sneaky things that can try to sabotage your gut health.

If it feels like you’re doing everything right, but your stomach is still caught in a funk, you may be accidentally sabotaging your gut health. And you may not even be aware that you’re doing it!

Bloated? Digestive Issues? Blame These 4 Habits (Plus, Boost Your Digestion in 5 Minutes A Day)

What Are the Signs of Poor Gut Health?

The clues that your stomach is giving to you may not be super obvious. They may, in fact, be downright subtle.

Of course, one of the first red flags of an unhealthy gut is a stomachache. If your stomach is rumbly and gassy, it may be due to an unhealthy gut.

Another hint of an unhealthy gut can be problems with your skin. If you’re fighting acne breakouts, rashes, eczema, or other skin conditions, your gut health may be to blame.

Finally, if you can’t seem to control your weight, it may not be your fault. If you can’t keep the pounds off, no matter how hard you try, it could actually be because of your gut.

So, What’s Causing Your Gut Problems?

If any of these four things listed below sound like you, you may be harming your gut without even knowing it.

1) Wolfing down your food.

Do you spend your mornings going from conference calls to frantic emails from your boss, only to get a paltry half-hour break to eat your lunch? When you finally get a chance to rest for a few minutes, you start to wonder if your desk is on fire yet from all of your missed messages.

Just being away from your desk can make you nervous. In turn, you eat faster, hoping to get back to your workstation and back to the grind.

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As you shove the last bite of your sandwich into your mouth and brush the crumbs off your hands, you look around and your plate is empty. There’s a small dollop of mayo left on your paper towel.

Then you realize that you were so rushed to finish that you don’t even remember eating.

Eating too quickly can hurt your gut in two different ways.

One, when you inhale your food, you’re also inhaling a ton of air, too. This can cause your belly to expand, filling it uncomfortably with air.

Second, if you eat too fast, you may not be properly chewing up your food.

Certain foods need to be “pre-digested,” so to speak. Digestion starts in your mouth.

If you don’t chew properly, these foods can send your stomach bacteria into a feeding frenzy. This can lead to pain, bloating, and even obesity.

2) Skipping breakfast.

If you’re starting to notice a pattern between how you eat and your gut health, you would be right! Scientists have long sung the praises of starting your morning with a healthy, balanced breakfast.

While big breakfasts have slowly been phasing out of popularity, evidence suggests that breakfast can be good for your gut health. Just like you have a circadian rhythm (which tells you when to wake up and go back to sleep), so do your gut bacteria.

Eating a healthy breakfast can get you started on the right foot for the day, helping your tummy avoid any pain or bloating.

3) Bad sleep habits.

When you don’t get enough sleep at night, you most likely feel awful the next morning. Missing more than one night’s sleep can make things worse. Not only will you feel crummy, but your gut health will also suffer.

Unlike you, your digestive system never sleeps. When you’re out cold, your gut is still pulling overtime to finish digesting everything you ate that day.

If you don’t get enough sleep, your gut microbiome can become unbalanced. So, in addition to feeling sleepy and grumpy, you now are at greater risk of getting sick, too.

4) Not managing your stress.

Have you been called a worrywart before? Are you guilty of “catastrophic thinking” – the belief that something really bad is going to happen, and you have no control over it?

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If you tend to stress out a lot and you find it hard to stay calm, you could be causing severe damage to your gut.

Your brain and your gut have a special relationship called the gut-brain axis. This means that anything you feel in your brain, you can also literally feel in your stomach. The more you worry and internalize things, the worse it is for your gut.

Bloated? Digestive Issues? Blame These 4 Habits (Plus, Boost Your Digestion in 5 Minutes A Day)

So, What Can You Do to Boost Your Gut Health?

If you read over this list and started panicking and hyperventilating, stop that! You’re going to make your gut health worse!

In all seriousness, even if these factors may seem out of your control right now, there are still several things you can do today to start improving your gut health… And they don’t take long!

One of the easiest ways you can fix your gut health today is by changing your diet. Start reaching for more fiber-rich foods, such as whole grains, legumes, and fresh produce.

In addition to adding more fresh foods to your diet, consider adding some sour foods, too. Yes, fermented foods can be great for your gut’s microbiome!

The probiotics can help replenish your stomach’s natural balance. Enjoy foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and kombucha.

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Remember to eat slowly and take time to savor your meal. While you eat, focus on the taste, texture, and how you’re feeling as you eat.

If you find it hard to manage your stress, meditation can help. Other ways to manage stress include exercising, taking time to hang out with your friends, or taking a simple 20-minute break. Even hearing a good joke can be beneficial!

Even better, the less stress you get, the better your sleep will be. It’s a win-win situation all around.

The good news is that you’re not doomed. It’s not too late for you. You can heal your gut and finally get back on track to not only maintaining your health, but also a healthy weight for your body.


what causes an unhealthy gut

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