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The 6 Pillars of Weight Loss I’ve Used to Lose Over 40 Pounds, 4 Pants Sizes, and Feel Great Too!

March 2, 2021

Try My 6 Weight Loss Secrets to Lose More Weight & Boost Your Energy!

The 6 Pillars of Weight Loss I've Used to Lose Over 40 Pounds, 4 Pants Sizes, and Feel Great Too!

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I was overweight for a long time.

If youve been overweight, you know how it feels. I was self-conscious about how I looked, I felt embarrassed when I met new people, and I hated seeing myself in photos.

I tried lots of different diets. I tried a hormonal weight loss spray, coupled with a very restrictive diet. As soon as I strayed from the diet, I gained all the weight back.

I tried Weight Watchers. I think I actually gained a few pounds on Weight Watchers because I was very good at finding loopholes in their points system.

I tried to start running. I tried yoga specifically designed for weight loss. I tried lots of types of exercise.

Nothing made a lasting impact. I thought I would be overweight for the rest of my life. I gave up.

Then I found something that actually worked. It wasnt a fad diet or an intense workout routine

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It was a series of lifestyle changes. I implemented them gradually, and over time, the weight came off.

In fact, I lost about 40 pounds in about six months! I went down four pants sizes. I felt more energized, my health improved, and I started feeling more confident in my appearance.

So, what were those changes I made that finally worked? Im ready to share them with you so you can make lasting changes in your life too.

The 6 Pillars of Weight Loss I've Used to Lose Over 40 Pounds, 4 Pants Sizes, and Feel Great Too!

1. I stopped eating foods I didnt like, whether or not they were labeled healthy.

Lets be honest A lot of foods labeled healthy dont taste very good!

I had spent years eating foods I didnt like But they were supposed to be good for me and help me lose weight.

I threw that idea out the window. If I didnt like a food, I didnt eat it. It didnt matter if it was healthy or unhealthy.

If I started eating something and realized that I didnt like it, I would stop eating it, even if I was halfway through. By not eating foods that I dont like, I saved myself from eating so much food that I didnt even enjoy!

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This helped me find pleasure in eating again. I found healthy foods that I liked (more on that later in this article) and I no longer felt obligated to eat foods I didnt like, just because they were supposed to help me lose weight.

2. I started eating more fresh produce.

Its an easy concept — filling up on some fresh produce is better for your body than filling up on junk food and candy. So, thats what I started doing.

I took a banana with me every day so I could eat it during my afternoon break at work. I took carrots with me as part of my lunch. I ate salads, piled with lots of fresh veggies, for dinner. I ate frozen grapes for dessert.

I didnt ONLY eat fresh produce, but I made it a much bigger part of my diet. Not only did it help me lose weight, but it made me feel so much better overall.

The 6 Pillars of Weight Loss I've Used to Lose Over 40 Pounds, 4 Pants Sizes, and Feel Great Too!

3. I stayed away from processed foods.

As weve discussed on our blog before, its impossible to completely avoid processed foods. There is a difference, however, between minimally processed foods and ultra-processed foods. Ultra-processed foods are the ones to avoid.

One way I found to do this was to buy as much whole produce as possible. Instead of cups or cans of cut fruit soaked in sugary syrup, I bought fresh apples, peaches, or pears.

I also paid attention to food labels. The food with the fewest listed ingredients was the winner! This helps reduce the chemicals and preservatives you eat.

Avoiding ultra-processed foods also helped me avoid unnecessary added sugars and fats, which helped me lose weight.

4. I made small diet changes, like eating brown rice instead of white.

In the past, when I tried all of those diets to lose weight, I had to cut out a lot of foods. Instead of restricting my foods, I made small changes for healthier foods.

For example, I ate brown rice instead of white rice. Brown rice has more nutrients, including fiber, than white rice. That makes it better for you and helps you feel full longer.

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Similarly, I started eating whole-wheat pasta instead of white pasta. I traded store-bought salad dressings (which are full of fats and sugars) for a dressing I made from olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Rather than cutting out whole food groups, I made small shifts that are sustainable. Over time, they added up to a lot of weight loss!


The 6 Pillars of Weight Loss I've Used to Lose Over 40 Pounds, 4 Pants Sizes, and Feel Great Too!

5. I learned how to cook healthier meals that I actually liked.

Ive never been a bad cook But when I was overweight, I just didnt cook very much.

I made a lot of quick meals, like boxed noodles or sandwiches. I ate out a lot. I grabbed sugary snacks. I did whatever seemed convenient.

During the time when I was losing weight, I began to find a lot of healthy recipes online And they looked delicious!

So, I decided to make one new recipe every week. That went on for a couple of years, and I still like trying new recipes now!

Sure, there were a few recipe flops. But I discovered a lot of recipes that taste good AND are good for me. I love cooking, so being able to create healthy, delicious dishes is a lot of fun!

6. I paid attention to how my body felt.

This one came along the way. As I started making these other lifestyle shifts, I began to notice that I felt different.

My body felt less weighed down. I didnt feel bloated as often. I had more energy.

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I began to notice a big difference when I ate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of eating lots of packaged, heavily processed foods. Im not sure how to describe it other than I felt better.

And if it makes my body feel better, Im going to keep doing it!


The 6 Pillars of Weight Loss I've Used to Lose Over 40 Pounds, 4 Pants Sizes, and Feel Great Too!

These 6 Pillars Add Up to Incredible Weight Loss

Add up all of these 6 lifestyle changes, and over several months, I lost 40 pounds. At first, my clothes fit better. Then they fit loose. Then I had to buy new clothes because my old ones just didnt fit anymore.

I felt more confident when I met new people. I didnt try to hide my body, and I no longer assumed they were judging me for my size. I didnt hate seeing photos of myself anymore.

According to my doctor, my health improved too. My cholesterol levels went down, and so did my blood pressure. I felt more energized and enjoyed being active more.

My 6 pillars of weight loss arent world-changing But they were life-changing for me. Thanks to these same 6 pillars, Ive kept the weight off for 7 years so far!

Try them out, and let me know if they work for you!


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