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Going Vegetarian & Not Losing Weight? These 4 Diet-Sabotaging Pitfalls May Be To Blame

December 17, 2019

These 4 Pitfalls Could Sabotage Your Weight Loss If You Go Vegetarian

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It seems like every month, a new diet is promoted as the one guaranteed way to lose weight. At the moment, that diet happens to be a vegetarian one. 

But as any dietician will tell you, there is no one single diet that is best for everyone. And this is especially true when youre talking about a restrictive diet like vegetarianism or veganism.

It doesnt matter how many people swear by a particular eating style there will always be others who cannot lose weight on it.

Or, worse yet, those who will be made illsometimes extremely soif they try to follow the diet.

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Unfortunately, a lot of people dont realize this. They might give the diet a try and then blame themselves when it doesnt work. Or they push other people onto the diet and then dont understand why their loved one suddenly gains weight or, for many reasons, begins feeling ill. 

There are many reasons why vegetarian and vegan diets might not work for you. Here are a few of those reasons:

1) You Have Other Dietary Restrictions

Both vegetarianism and veganism are known as restrictive diets. This simply means that they work by removing certain foods from a humans naturally omnivorous diet.

For most people, this isnt a deal breaker. If you have an allergy, sensitivity, or condition-related food restriction, however this might prove nearly impossible to work with. 

A good example of this is gluten intolerance. Some people now know that they function best when they avoid gluten.

This might be due to an allergy or any number of conditions, the most well-known being Celiac. Regardless of the reason, avoiding gluten already puts a serious restriction on your diet.

Wheat productsthe main source of glutenare found in some very surprising places. Trying to steer clear of gluten means that you have to give up most cereals, breads, pastas, and even pre-made condiments.

If you choose to add the restrictions of a vegetarian diet on top of a gluten sensitivity, youll find your options even more limited. This is mostly due to the overwhelming presence of seitan in vegetarian and vegan foods.

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Seitan is a meat substitute. It is made by concentrating gluten protein and then adding it to all sorts of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Unfortunately for gluten-free people, it is one of the most common meat substitutes in such dishes. It is also found in most pre-made vegetarian and vegan goods.

Of course, seitan is just one example. If you have a peanut allergy, you may experience problems with the way nuts are used as a regular protein source in vegetarian diets.

And anyone with a dairy allergy is going to struggle with the common use of cheese and milk in vegetarian recipes that try to provide the kind of fat content your body needs.

2) You Have A Chronic Condition

While some people cant eat certain foods due to allergies, other people find their diets affected by chronic conditions. The most obvious conditions include Crohns or IBS.

Both conditions affect the way your body processes food. That kind of restriction makes it hard to eat balanced meals when you restrict your diet even further.

Other conditions that can affect your diet include endocrine disorders like PCOS. Many people with PCOS find that eating low-carb and high-fat diets help reduce their symptoms. Vegetarian diets are generally the opposite, packed with low-fat and high-carb foods.

You might also have issues with vegetarian diets if you have any type of condition that affects your blood sugar. A vegetarian or vegan diet could help you manage your blood sugar.

For certain people, however switching to a vegetarian diet can make your sugar levels harder to control. And if you gain weight, its a one-two punch that can disrupt your treatment and your daily life.

This is most common if you rely too heavily on pre-made vegetarian or vegan foods, as well as fruit juice. Thats because juice, even the kind made at home, lacks the fiber of whole fruits and vegetables.

It might be a tasty way to add more nutrients to your meals but it is also a sugar-dense shock to your system that can really throw your insulin levels into a spin. And thats a sure-fire to increase your body weight.

3) You Dont Monitor Your Portions

Vegetarian food is, for the most part, fiber-heavy. And as any dietitian will tell you, eating enough fiber is a good way to feel fuller, longer.

But that doesnt mean that you can eat as much as you want when youre a vegetarian.

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When people gain weight on a vegetarian diet, it is often because they dont watch their portion sizes. Since most Americans dont eat enough fruit and vegetables, were told to eat as many as we want when we finally tuck into them.

However, that advice doesnt work when youre following a vegetarian diet. 

Fruits and vegetables may be high-fiber, but they can also be high-sugar. And you might get plenty of nutrients as a vegetarian, but youre also more likely to opt for processed foods when you have a busy day.

Neither factor is a good thing on its own but when they affect you at the same time, youre almost guaranteed to see your weight increase.

4) You Dont Check Nutritional Content

Youve already been warned about processed foods a few times. But if youre gaining weight on a vegetarian dietor any diet, reallythe first thing you want to do is look at your nutrition labels.

If you dont have a chronic condition and youre not eating huge portions at every meal, the culprit might be hidden sugars.

Most processed foods have a ton of hidden sugar. Some research now shows that all this hidden sugar might be contributing to the obesity epidemic.

You could avoid candy, cake, and cookies all you like but that wont help when there is added sugar in your yogurt, butter, and even your favorite savory foods.

Pre-packaged meals and most condiments are packed with sugar. When you eat a lot of it, this sugar causes your insulin levels to spike.

Once that happens, your body releases cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. And when that happens, your body starts packing on fat to ensure you have the energy you need to combat whatever is making you stressed.

As bad as all this hidden sugar can be, its not the only thing you have to worry about. Your body will also start to store fat if youre not getting the nutrients you need.

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This is especially true of protein. Because you do not eat any kind of meat as a vegetarian, you do need to make sure youre getting enough from the things you do eat.

The Takeaway

There is no sure-fire, guaranteed weight loss diet. And because every single body is a little bit different than every other body, its impossible to recommend one single diet for everyone.

It can be frustrating but its also a good reason to take your specific needs into consideration when someone suggest a restrictive diet.

Why You Should Make Sure You Eat Enough Protein (Whether Youre Vegetarian Or Not)…

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Fortunately, there are tons of vegetarian-friendly, plant-based proteins out there (not just tofu!)… and this is also one of *the* key reasons following a proper vegetarian diet can help support a healthy weight!

Its trueyou really do want to make sure youre eating enough protein.

Not just because protein is essential for building and repairing muscle & tissue

But because eating enough protein is also crucial for losing weight!

In fact, research has found that people who eat more protein burn more fatan average of 441 more calories PER DAY, to be specific.

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