March 22


Delicious, No-Fuss “Power Bowl” With Sweet Craisins & Crunchy Almonds [RECIPE]

March 22, 2021

Delicious Vegan Power Bowl With Quinoa, Craisins & Almonds

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Let me say something up front: this recipe is vegan.

Now, before you close out of the window you should know that this recipe is ALSO delicious easy and super nutritious!

To be blunt vegans have been dealt a rough hand. All theyre trying to do is eat better and have a positive effect on the welfare of animals

And yet many people still wont touch their food without making an offhand or snarky comment.

Well, for those of you know how good ethical fare can be, youll love this filling yet simple vegan quinoa bowl. It features quinoa (a pseudo-cereal grain that has a bounty of health benefits) and pan-seared tofu.

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Add a smattering of broccoli, a dash of almonds, and hearty sprinkle of craisins, and you have a meal that hits all of your yummy receptors. Theres nothing boring or bland about this vegan meal!

So if youre ready to change your mind about vegan food (in a good way)… get started with the recipe right here:

Delicious, No-Fuss <span class=

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