[Exposé] Do Plant-Based Proteins Have As Much Protein As Meat? Shocking Details Below…

By Shelby Talcott | 30 July 2020 767 views
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How Much Protein Is Actually In Plant-Based Proteins?

[Exposé] Do Plant-Based Proteins Have As Much Protein As Meat? Shocking Details Below…

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What’s all this about “vegan meat?” I thought this was just a fad?!

Well… it seems like it’s here to stay. And, it might be a pretty good option for anyone looking for a change!

Let’s dive in.

Vegetarian meat substitutes are becoming more and more popular. No joke—just a few days ago, my friend promised me that she plans to make an “amazing” vegan taquitos recipe for me.

(We will see…)

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Besides taste (which is really up to every individual person)… this article is going to dive a little bit deeper into vegan meat substitutes and how much protein they have.

I mean, protein, as you and I both know, is a really important part of every diet.

If you are opting for these vegetarian meat substitutes… how much protein are you actually getting? This is really important to know because you need to be making sure if you AREN’T getting enough protein… that you substitute it in other ways.

Being vegan isn’t bad! It just means that you have to be extra careful about what is in the “meat” you are eating so you can ensure all the right things are still getting into your body.

First: opt for vegan meat substitutes that contain protein. Is this a thing?! Yup.

Let’s see how much protein is in these plant-based proteins… and how they stack up compared to meat.

[Exposé] Do Plant-Based Proteins Have As Much Protein As Meat? Shocking Details Below…


The first option is tofu. This is a really popular choice for people opting for vegetarian meat substitutes.


Well, it could be because it’s very high in protein. It also may contain calcium and vitamin B12… which are both important if you are going vegan.

Compared to chicken, tofu actually has MORE fiber, iron, calcium, zinc, and more. Wow!!

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It also has fewer calories, making it an all-around really good option for a vegetarian meat substitute.

One four ounce option of tofu contains about 11 grams of protein. Not too bad!

While tofu doesn’t have as much protein as lean meat—this website suggests you need to eat about 290 grams of tofu to equal 150 grams of a lean meat—it can be a really good anti-inflammatory product and can lower cholesterol.

[Exposé] Do Plant-Based Proteins Have As Much Protein As Meat? Shocking Details Below…


Ummm … what??

Seitan is wheat gluten and is made from the protein in wheat. As you can imagine, this means it, of course, contains protein!

Three ounces of seitan typically has about 20 grams of protein in it. This isn’t a good option if you’re trying to be gluten-free… but if you’re happy to live a gluten-filled life… it might work out well!

The same amount of seitan contains about 108 calories, which means it is also pretty low-calorie.

How come?

In addition to having some decent protein levels, seitan can substitute for beef or chicken in many recipes. Its protein levels are similar to chicken and beef… although it won’t give your body as much of the amino acid lysine.

[Exposé] Do Plant-Based Proteins Have As Much Protein As Meat? Shocking Details Below…


Beans are another top option for the vegan diet. This whole, unprocessed food type has a ton of options for you to choose from (chickpeas, lentils, black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, etc).

Beans don’t have all of the necessary amino acids, but they are pretty high in protein. They are also a really good option for getting your fiber and iron. 

For example, one cup of cooked lentils has about 230 calories and 18 grams of protein.

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If you add a whole grain, it’ll come out to just about the same amount of protein as meat! In fact, it can contain even more than something like a hamburger. Who knew?!

Another really good thing about beans as a vegetarian meat substitute is that because they’re becoming more and more popular… the options for going meatless are getting easier.

For example, I can bet you’ll find frozen black bean burgers available at most grocery stores. Some restaurants serve them, too!

There are even popular processed vegetarian meat products now available—and many are at fast food restaurants!

Here is one example:

[Exposé] Do Plant-Based Proteins Have As Much Protein As Meat? Shocking Details Below…


TVP is highly processed and was developed in the 1960s from soy flour. Basically, the fat is removed from soy flour… which leaves you with this sort of high-protein product that is also low in fat.

This is a common option for fast-food vegan meat.

A half cup of TVP contains about 93 calories and 14 grams of protein. Since soy is considered to be a complete protein… TVP contains essential amino acids and is low in carbohydrates, as well as fat.

It doesn’t have a flavor by itself… but adds a sort of fake, meat-like texture to dishes. Sounds not so bad for processed food!


All in all, vegetarian meat substitutes, like I said, are just getting more and more popular. It’s really worth considering if you’re looking for a switch in your diet… Although, like always, it’s best to talk to a doctor before making a big change in how you eat.

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While the vegan option used to be really difficult to maintain, it’s becoming far more mainstream. This means that this diet option might be good for you (and not super difficult to achieve).

Plus, with the various plant-based protein options that can take the place of meat… your whole family might be fans!

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Whether you decide to try these vegan protein alternatives… or double-down on a carnivorous lifestyle… I do hope you’ll eat more protein after reading this article.

That’s because protein is the one macronutrient that’s absolutely crucial for losing weight.

For example, a recent study showed that your body can burn up to 450 more calories per day… if you just increase your protein intake by a small amount.

And if your body doesn’t have enough protein… then your metabolism slows down quite a lot. Leaving you with much less energy… and packing on pounds… even if you’re on the strictest of diets.

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