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How Your Gut Bacteria Can Literally Make You Sexier (New Study)

April 20, 2021

Heres How Your Microbiome Affects Your Love Life… What You Can Do to Take Advantage 😉

How Your Gut Bacteria Can Literally Make You Sexier (New Study)

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What is it that attracts two people to each other? That warm fuzzy cloud in the air we cant explain, but have all felt or witnessed?

Many call this invisible pull chemistry or fate. But what if the origins of infatuation were far more biological than serendipitous? What if it really was a cloud and a smelly one, at that?

Recent science has been asking this question… and continues to uncover surprising possibilities.

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And while you may feel the tug at your heartstrings when youre around that special someone New research argues this attraction may actually originate six inches lower in the depths of your gut, in fact where tiny little microbes are feasting away.

How Your Gut Bacteria Can Literally Make You Sexier (New Study)

How Are Microbes Involved In Your Love Life?

This idea of microbes having sway over your love life might come as a shock. How could these little guys possibly get involved in something as personal as attraction?

Well, probably because only a smidgeon of the genes you carry around is human to begin with. The overwhelming majority a whopping 99 percent, some studies argue belong to the assortment of microorganisms living on your skin and throughout your body.

This collection of microbes is called your microbiome, and its finally getting the attention it deserves.

In fact, the more the microbiome is studied and analyzed, the more influence its proved to have… not just on our immunity and health, but on the ways we exist and interact.

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In a roundabout way, then, it makes sense that these microorganisms could influence whom we fall for, and who falls for us.

Wheres the largest concentration of these bacteria? They flourish where theyre well-fed inside your gut. And because certain microbes thrive or die depending on whats for dinner, you are what you eat is astonishingly accurate.

This location explains just why your microbiome can positively affect your metabolism and help regulate and strengthen your immune system. But can a healthy gut help you find and attract a suitable partner, too?

Its possible.

Our selection of partners is based in part on complementary immunology, after all. The more diverse a couples shared genetics… the more likely their offspring will develop a resilient immune system and be able to fight off a larger variety of pathogens.

And while today were not necessarily choosing mates by scent even if we wanted to, many people hide their natural scent under deodorant, cologne, or perfume theres still something to be said about the pull of smell.

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We can see this idea of attraction and microbiota play out in studies on body odor. We all know natural scents can be powerful… and its relatively easy to decipher which we like and which we dont.

In a recent Swiss study, women were asked to smell various mens worn T-shirts and grade each according to likeability. Not surprisingly, the women often preferred the scent of men whose immunity genes differed vastly from their own.

But whats interesting is that someones BO isnt necessarily a product of the sweat itself… its a byproduct of skin microbes feeding off that sweat. This means these womens noses were approving a mans particular microbiota his armpits collection of bacteria, in particular that is influenced by both genes and diet.

So no matter which genetic makeup youre rocking, the healthier your gut, the likelier you are to show those beneficial genes off to the world and attract a quality match.

How Your Gut Bacteria Can Literally Make You Sexier (New Study)

How to Boost Your Microbiome to Boost Your Love Life

Here are some simple steps thatll help your gut flora flourish:

Diversify your meals. A variety of whole foods will increase the variety of your gut bacteria that will enable your gut to fight off a range of invaders.

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Load up on fiber, too. Fruits, vegetables, and legumes are all excellent sources thatll feed the good bacteria in your gut and help it grow.

Apples, artichokes, almonds, and blueberries are also great to munch on, as they increase Bifidobacteria a strain of bacteria known to help reduce inflammation in the belly and benefit overall gut function.

Try adding fermented foods into your diet. Yogurt, sauerkraut, and kombucha are a few examples of lactobacilli-rich foods. They help fight off bad gut bacteria related to inflammation and can improve other chronic tummy issues, like lactose intolerance.

Remember, if youre putting in work to benefit your gut, you dont want to cover it up its vitality with artificial scents. Instead of dousing yourself in cologne, let your health perfume you!

And when you get a whiff you fancy, let it have a bit of sway. Its quite possibly a flourishing gut youve found, and your nose might know more about compatibility than you think.

types of microbes

So Which Strains of Bacteria Boost Your Health & Attractiveness The Most?

Like the research shows, the microbes or bacteria in your gut influence how people see you and how attractive you are.

But there are hundreds of thousands of gut bacteria strains out there

And eating probiotic-rich yogurt or sauerkraut every day for a month straight isnt necessarily going to make you sexier.

(In fact, studies show that L. Acidophilus, one of the probiotic strains in many yogurt brands, can actually make you GAIN weight. Yikes!)

However, a prominent weight loss doctor recently discovered 4 specific living nutrient strains that can make you healthier, help you burn more fat, and improve your mood

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