October 5


7 Numbers That Show Your Health Better Than Your Scale Does

October 5, 2021

Forget The Scale & Instead Focus On These 7 Numbers That Are Better Indicators Of Your Health

7 Numbers That Show Your Health Better Than Your Scale Does

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When I try to lose weight, sometimes I become obsessed with the numbers. Every morning and evening, Ill step on the scale and wonder whats my number today? Have I lost weight? Why am I not losing weight as fast as I was last week?

The truth is, the scale isnt everything.

You could be gaining muscle, which weighs more than fat. In this instance, the number on the scale may not change.

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In fact, it could go up, which is super scary! And yet, you are still getting healthier.

The scale is not and should not be the end all, be all for weight loss. Its just a number, and not even the most important number at that!

7 Numbers That Show Your Health Better Than Your Scale Does

7 Health Numbers You Should Pay Attention To More Than Your Weight

Lets take a look at some measures and numbers that are far more important than whats staring back at you from the scale:

1) Waist size

What is your waist size? This is a decent indication of whether or not you are losing weight.

To do this properly, you cant suck it in! If your waist measures more than 40 inches, it could indicate that you have some extra fat. This could have some pretty serious health effects, including cancer!

Measuring your waist size every week is better than looking at the scale.

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2) Blood pressure

Okay, this one is way more important than the number on the scale. High blood pressure can hurt your heart and blood vessels not good!

You want the upper number to be under 120 and the lower number to be under 80. Check this out to see how healthy you may be!

3) Blood sugar

Your blood sugar level is really important as well! If you have high blood sugar levels, it is really bad for your health.

Eating healthy and exercising can help lower your blood sugar levels.

4) How many hours you sit

Do you have an office job? I feel you!

The number of hours that you sit matter a lot!

Did you know that your metabolism slows down when you sit a lot? Also, your joints begin to stiffen up and sometimes your back can start to hurt.

Always try to get up every so often for a walk or a quick stretch. This promotes healthy living!

5) How many hours you sleep

This is such an underrated thing! Sleep is so important to living a healthy lifestyle… and a lack of sleep can actually cause weight gain and prevent weight loss, according to this study!

Your brain needs to be fresh so you can function throughout the day. Without enough sleep, your body cant grow muscles, fix tissues, or make hormones.

Sleep is your best friend!

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6) How much water you drink

This is another underrated one. Water is way more important than the number on the scale, and so many people go through life dehydrated.

If you wouldnt leave your pet or child without water, why leave yourself without it? Drinking water can also help control food urges, according to this study.

7) How many veggies you eat

Are you eating enough vegetables? This is way more important than the scales number, because it really promotes living healthy!

Try to get 2-3 cups of veggies a day, and mix up your colors. Colorful plates are healthy plates!

7 Numbers That Show Your Health Better Than Your Scale Does

How To Focus On Healthy Living Instead Of Your Scale

So, have I convinced you that the number on the scale is definitely not the most important thing?

Remember, you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. If that includes weight loss, that is totally fine!

However, by living a healthy lifestyle, your body will naturally lose that weight. Being obsessed with a number that only tells one tiny thing is not healthy for your mind. Plus, it doesnt always reflect how healthy your body actually is!

Instead, try focusing on some of the above numbers. How much water are you drinking every day? Are you getting enough sleep? Whats your waist size?

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These are much better markers of whether you are being successful in living a healthy lifestyle… and it is definitely a better mindset to have!

Heres one way to fix this: I challenge you to not step on the scale for two weeks. Instead, try these tips.

You will be happier and healthier. Focus on living a healthy lifestyle, and the weight loss will follow. 

And remember, a number is just a number! You are aiming for long-term healthy lifestyle living, not just a fast, easy fix towards losing some weight.

Make it last!


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