What Is “The Satiating Diet”? And Is It Too Good To Be True (No Food Restrictions)?

By Caroline Alcantar | 29 June 2021 2404 views
the satiating diet

The Satiating Diet Doesn’t Let You Go Hungry… But Can It Actually Help You Lose Weight?

What Is “The Satiating Diet”? And Is It Too Good To Be True (No Food Restrictions)?

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There’s a new neighbor on the diet block, and it’s vying for your attention.

Enter the “satiating diet” – a simple diet simply named. It incorporates a variety of healthy and filling foods to keep you satisfied and on track to lose weight. 

The satiating diet offers little in the way of flashy promises or jaw-dropping surprises. Instead, it offers a plate full of wholesome and diverse foods – some which you may have already sworn off.

In today’s diet world, where the list of “no-no” food groups only grows longer, the satiating diet keeps it simple. And simplicity may be just what you’re looking for.

What Is “The Satiating Diet”? And Is It Too Good To Be True (No Food Restrictions)?

So What Is The Satiating Diet?

Consider it a much-needed combination of the ketogenic and Mediterranean diets. Both of these diets are trending because of their perceived weight loss benefits.

Though different in many ways, both these diets include – and even emphasize – foods high in fat. Avocados, fish, and oils are staples of each… as they carry healthy fats that will ideally keep your body satisfied enough to resist cravings for processed, high-calorie foods… and lose weight as a result.

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Like the others, the satiating diet also encourages foods high in healthy fat. This makes it a worthy alternative – especially if keto hasn’t worked out for you.


While going ketogenic requires you to minimize your carbohydrate intake drastically… the satiating diet incorporates the Mediterranean appreciation for legumes and whole grains. That means carbs are back on the map. 

In fact, the satiating diet considers all three macronutrients almost equally important. It just might be the most balanced of the three – and the easiest to follow. 

But first, let’s compare by looking at each diet’s caloric breakdown

For keto, your daily calorie intake should be 75% fat, 15%-20% protein, and only 5%-10% carbohydrates. 

In contrast, the Mediterranean diet lets you fill up on grains and legumes. It calls for a daily caloric intake made up of 25%-35% fat, around 15% protein, and a solid 50%-60% carbs. 

The satiating diet sits comfortably between these two, with 30%-35% fat, 20%-25% protein, and about 50% carbs.

This near-perfect balance makes the satiating diet a possible major player in your weight loss goals… especially if you’re someone who struggles with strict plans or highly limited menu options.

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Keto has a lot of restrictions and can be hard to stick with. And because weight loss on keto depends on your metabolism shifting to a state of ketosis… where body fat is used for fuel instead of carbs… it’s easy to fall out, binge on carbs, and regain any weight you lost. 

The satiating diet doesn’t depend on ketosis. Tt depends on healthy fat, lean meats, and fiber-rich grains to hold off your hunger from meal to meal. And because it is more flexible and well-rounded, it’s a much more practical alternative.

It fills you up without any major restrictions that will cause future binges or burnout. This means it’s something you can stick to for the long haul. 

Now you can attend parties, weddings, and picnics – without packing a lunch or putting out your host.

And because it includes healthy foods from a range of cuisines and diet trends… the satiating diet doesn’t have the look of a fad. It looks (and is) more like a healthy lifestyle choice.

What Is “The Satiating Diet”? And Is It Too Good To Be True (No Food Restrictions)?

Does the Satiating Diet Work for Weight Loss?

Many dietitians and scientists are saying yes. That’s because the satiating diet includes foods that help relieve hunger, lower blood sugar, improve blood pressure, and increase metabolism. All of this can help you lose weight and keep it off.

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One 2017 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition demonstrates its effectiveness. In the study, participants who followed the satiating diet lost more weight and body fat… and felt fuller after meals… than their control group, who followed a standard diet.

What Can I Eat On The Satiating Diet?

A variety of foods and meals fit into the satiating diet. Breakfast might be eggs with whole grain toast and avocado one day, and yogurt or oatmeal the next. Dairy is okay, too! As are beans and gluten.

Just so long as you’re sticking to that macronutrient balance… and limiting processed foods and excess sugar… you’re right on track. 

Lunch and dinner might include a variety of flavors and cuisines, and will preferably incorporate some spice. The most specific part of the satiating diet is that it encourages eating the hot pepper compound capsaicin… which is known for its supposed metabolic and fat-burning boost. 

If you can handle the heat, try adding a bit in the form of chili hot sauce or a raw pepper. If hot isn’t your thing, start with small amounts and use the carbohydrates in each meal to temper the spice.

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As long as you’re eating whole fruits and vegetables… high-fiber whole grains… and lean proteins throughout your day, you’re doing great. Listen to your body when it tells you it’s full, and enjoy the aftereffects that follow well-rounded meals – a satiated belly and a happy, healthy body.


the satiating diet

One More Way Foods On The Satiating Diet Help Your Body Burn Off More Fat

Avocados… Nuts… Yogurt… 

What do all of these foods have in common?

They’re not just simply “healthy” foods…

They’re EXTREMELY “gut-friendly”!

That means that the “good” bacteria in your gut – the kind that turn food into energy instead of fat – LOVE to eat these foods.

And the “bad” gut bacteria that turn food into fat absolutely HATE them (they prefer garbage like fried foods and sugar).

So the result is that you start populating your gut with a lot more GOOD bacteria…

And the BAD bacteria die off… 

And… well… I don’t need to get all technical here: the result is YOU LOSE WEIGHT!

Here’s exactly what foods to eat… how much to eat of each… and when to eat them for MAXIMUM benefit… all from a secretive, boutique weight loss MD:

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