April 19


Why Your Brain Is Really In Your Belly (And How to Trick Your Body Into Losing Weight)

April 19, 2019

Surprising New Research Shows Your Brain & Your Belly Are Connected See How This Connection Can Help You Lose More Weight!

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Everyone always talks about food and its benefits to our physical selves.

This is, of course, really important eating healthy and smart can help with so many different things. Living a healthy lifestyle benefits weight loss, preventing certain diseases, and other things.

But what about the brain?

We oftentimes forget about our mental health, which is kind of crazy because it is just as important as our physical health.

If we think about it, so many people are only worried about their physical health. Can we truly be healthy if we have the physical health but not the mental?

Its so important not to abandon one aspect, because then our health isnt complete.

Having a well-rounded healthy lifestyle entails more than just the physical parts. So, you may be wondering how on earth food can help our mental health.

In fact, the answer may surprise you. Eating healthy is really important to our brains!

Specifically, having good bacteria in our bodies can really help our mental health. Probiotics have been shown to treat conditions associated with depression and other mental health issues.

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New research indicates that people who suffer from depression have less bacteria diversity in their guts than those who dont have depression. By improving our bacteria, then, we can potentially help our mental health.

Since probiotics are really good bacteria for our bodies to have, consuming more probiotics can benefit our mental health a ton. Introducing healthy bacteria into our guts can also decrease anxiety and positively affect our emotions.

One way to improve our mental health is to increase the probiotics that we put into our body. They have so many health benefits and will help your brain as well.

Its a really easy way to improve our mental health!

Your Brain Is In Your Belly

So, what do we mean by our brains being in our belly? And how can what we eat affect our brain (the one in our head)?

Sounds kind of weird, I know.

But, our brains literally are in our belly!

Inside our abdomen is a brain that works semi-freely from the one in our head. This brain is called the enteric nervous system and is a gut-brain that is made up of over 100 million neurons lining the digestive tract.

Inside this brain is an entire other life, and it is connected to our actual brains via the vagus nerve.

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So, our gut is literally connected to our brains.

No wonder we are saying that our brains are in our bellies! A ton of research has shown that what is in our guts affect how our brains work.

With that, it makes sense that what we eat can affect the brain in our head it is all connected!

Gut health doesnt just affect depression, mood, and anxiety. One study suggested that 70% of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a history of gut issues.

These problems dont just occur when you are young, either.

As we get older, our bodies change including our gut bacteria. It is thought that these changes can be linked to dementia, among other issues.

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How to Trick Your Body Into Losing Weight

Now, how do we trick our brains into helping us lose weight?

First, we have to remember that we have two brains, and they are connected: our real brain and our gut brain.

The key is tricking our gut brain by giving it good food.

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Probiotics and other good bacteria will start making your gut happy. This is important because a happy gut means a healthy lifestyle.

In turn, a healthy lifestyle means that our bodies will begin to shed those extra pounds, since we will be putting in good bacteria that helps us rather than bad.

Furthermore, tricking our gut brain by feeding it probiotics will help our real brain. Since its all connected, a happy gut can mean a happy brain.

It makes sense that if we arent putting good things into our bodies, then our brains arent going to feel good either. Our entire body is a complex network that connects in ways we cant even imagine!

Everything affects everything, and its really important not to abandon even one single part of our health.

Mental health is super important if your mental health isnt there, its going to be even harder for your physical health to be on par. We have to keep reminding ourselves that our brain is more than a muscle in our head, and even something like what we eat can affect how we think and feel.

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At the end of the day, remember not to take mental health lightly.

Probiotics play a huge role in this, and making sure you are getting enough of these healthy bacteria will not only benefit you from a weight loss/healthy living standpoint, but also from a mental health perspective.

Its all important and connected take care of your whole body, and it will thank you!

the gut brain connection

This Doctors Secret Can Boost Your Mental AND Physical Health

So, which probiotics are best for your brain?

Its not really an easy question. Scientists are only beginning to unlock which strains of probiotics are best for different purposes.

For example, a recent study showed that 3 strains in particular helped study participants with depression and anxiety. (Those strains are Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, and Bifidobacterium bifidum.)

The good news is that a lot of these strains seem to have many beneficial uses!

For example, take Lactobacilus acidophilus.

Not only does it seem to help reduce depression and anxiety

But it has also been proven to help people lose weight, too!

In fact, thats a pretty controversial and entertaining story…

The weight loss benefits of it were discovered on accident!

Heres the doctor who discovered them with his incredible study… And how he now uses Lactobacilus acidophilus and three other key strains of probiotics to help his patients lose hundreds of pounds:

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