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7 Superfood Smoothie Recipe (With Delicious Berries & Honey!)

July 26, 2021

Make This Delicious & Great-For-You Superfood Smoothie Recipe

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Hey, its Tara!

Today, I have a really fun and tasty superfood smoothie recipe for you. Its packed with nutrients & benefits thanks to the 7 superfoods:

  • Maca powder
  • Matcha powder
  • Chia seeds
  • Purple corn powder
  • Goji berries
  • Protein powder
  • Fruit (I recommend berries or tropical fruit like pineapple, mango, and papaya)
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You can also add a bit of honey for a little added sweetness!

This superfood smoothie recipe is perfect for breakfast… or a midday snack. It can help you lose weight, boost your metabolism, improve your gut health, and more!

I made a video showing you how to make this smoothie and all of the great benefits youll be getting

So take a look at the video or follow along with the transcript below to see how its done!

7 Superfood Smoothie Recipe (With Delicious Berries & Honey!)

Catch The Full Transcript Below

Hi, everyone! I’m Tara here from Fit Trim Happy

And today, I wanted to share some amazing superfoods with you that you can put in any smoothie to boost your metabolism, supercharge your energy, and lose weight.

So, let’s get started.

The first superfood is maca powder. You’re gonna see they all have gorgeous colors.

Maca is loaded with antioxidants, as most of these superfoods are. That’s going to give you, again, that real energy boost and fat burning as well.

Next we have matchanot to be confused with macaand this is based on green tea, which is wonderful for boosting your metabolism.

Probably my favorite color is the purple corn powder. And this is also loaded with fiber which is great for keeping you full and also with your gut health.

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Here we have chia seeds. This is a great, again, source of fiber so that you’re full throughout the day and your digestive health is excellent and you’ve got a nice healthy gut.

And we have goji berries. These are great because they add a nice touch of sweetness to your smoothieloaded with antioxidants.

All of these powdersthey don’t have a terribly strong flavor. The matcha powder, which is based on the green tea, can be a little bitter… so you might want to mix that with cocoa powder for kind of a dark chocolate effect.

And all of these can be blended with your basic protein powder. If you like chocolate, vanilla, or whatever it may be. I prefer unsweetened powders myself to keep the calorie count down. 

We’ve got a basic mix of berries here: pineapple, strawberry, we’ve got some mango in here as well. So that’ll give it a nice boost of sweetness and even more antioxidants.

Let’s make a smoothie!

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Okay, so we have all of our ingredients here for an amazing superfood smoothie and we’ll get started.

So, you always want to start with a base. I don’t like my smoothies particularly rich. Some people do.

So, I’m gonna use water today. We’re working with a lot of different powders. You can use almond milk, pea milk, you can use oat milk or cow’s milkwhatever works for you.

So we’re gonna start here with water in there. You don’t have to add these ingredients in any particular order.

So I’ve got my unsweetened vanilla protein powder here. I normally do this with a scoop, so I’m going to be using four spoons of this.

I don’t measure my ingredients… it’s really something that you want to just play with and see what works for you and the texture you like and the taste that you like.

So we’ve got our gorgeous goji berries here. Lovely color, lovely sound.

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We’ve got our purple corn powder. Again, there have been some really reputable studies that have shown that this can aid in weight loss. Just a spoon of that.

And we have our chia seeds. This is where you’re going to get that wonderful fiber.

Then finally, I’m going to add the fruit. Any blend works. It could be raspberries… or you could pick one flavor.

I have a little blend here of strawberries, papaya, and pineapple. And I like to use frozen fruit because it gives it a nice temperature.

And now we’re ready to blend!

So after blending, we have our fabulous superfood smoothie recipe complete. This is wonderful for boosting your metabolism and that all-important gut health so that you can lose weight.

Thanks for joining us and cheers!

7 Superfood Smoothie Recipe (With Delicious Berries & Honey!)

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Until next time, I’m Tara with Fit Trim Happy.

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