November 15


The Perfect Summer Berry-Banana Smoothie Recipe

November 15, 2021

Try Our Refreshing & Delicious Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

strawberry banana smoothie recipe

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Lets get real: mornings are usually a pretty hectic time.

Youve got to get yourself ready for the day (whether youre going to the office going to school staying home or telecommuting) And honestly, just getting myself ready is enough work and time.

And if you have kids at home, you have to get all of them ready, too!

(Somehow I also find myself helping my partner get ready and out the door too even though hes obviously a full-grown adult. How is it that I’m SO much better at finding things in our house than he is?!)

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So by the time Im all ready for the day, I really dont have much time for breakfast. I certainly dont have time for that full breakfast spread they show most movie families starting every day with!

And when that happens and Im on a real time crunch I end up skipping breakfast more often than Id like to admit.

Now, if youre one of those people who just isnt very hungry in the morning, that probably isnt much of a problem for you.

But for me it sets me up for a very difficult day. I end up STARVING by 10 am or so and then I go rummaging through my desk to find any snacks I can devour to stave off the hunger until lunchtime.

And then at lunchtime, I end up eating WAY more than I should because Im so overly hungry from skipping breakfast.

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Of course, Im not sure which is worse: to skip breakfast and then load up on highly processed snacks & an oversized lunch or to surrender to a drive-thru breakfast from a fast food restaurant.

Neither is really a very good choice for my health or my waistline.

Thats where this smoothie recipe really saves me!

Its SO fastlike I think I can make it in 2 minutes flat, including gathering all of the ingredients!

I can easily drink it while I finish getting ready for the day (I personally like to finish it off while Im putting on makeup), or I can quickly pour it into a to-go cup and take it with me, wherever I need to go!

And this smoothie is WAY healthier for me than eating packets of cookies & pretzels hidden in my desk drawers or a fast food breakfast sandwich.

Not to mention that its totally delicious! The ingredients blend together perfectly for a refreshing start to my day that isnt overly sweet.

Plus, it actually keeps me full for quite a while so Im safe from the temptation of those desk snacks.

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One more perk of this smoothie recipe? You can totally customize it with your favorite fruits & flavors (or whatever it is that you happen to have in your kitchen).

You dont like blueberries? Leave them out!

You have a bag of frozen mango in the freezer that needs to be used up soon? Toss it in!

Its really the perfect go-to for a fast, healthy, and delicious breakfast.

(Not to mention that you can actually enjoy it at ANY time of the day.)

So, without further ado heres how to make it for yourself:

The Perfect Summer Berry-Banana Smoothie Recipe

FTHs Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Serves 1 (with sometimes a little left over)


  • About 1 cup of yogurt (preferably Greek yogurt)
  • 5 strawberries
  • 1 banana
  • A handful of blueberries
  • 1 scoop of protein powder
  • A few ice cubes (the more ice cubes, the thicker the smoothie is)
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1) Mix all of the ingredients together in a blender. I usually put the ice at the bottom so that it gets blended a little faster.

2) Pour this bad boy into a glass or to-go cup, and you are ready to start your morning!

(Also, you may find that youve got some extra give it to your kids or save it and re-blend it a few minutes later.)

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You might think of a smoothie as a breakfast food but once you try this delicious strawberry banana smoothie youll be craving it at all times of the day!

(Ive definitely eaten it as lunch before and as an afternoon snack and even as dessert!)

But even though its super tasty your taste buds might get slightly bored if you make the same smoothie recipe day in and day out. (Especially if you treat yourself to it as much as I did!)

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