Your Next Steps to Get a Soda Tax Passed In Your City or State…

Your Next Steps to Get a Soda Tax Passed In Your City or State...

If you’ve seen our coverage of Dr. Vasanti Malik’s groundbreaking research on the link between sugar-sweetened beverages and diabetes, you’ll know that we’re reaching a crucial point in a budding public health crisis.

Now is the time to take action… and to discourage soda and other sweetened beverage consumption… and promote healthier, safer alternatives. Especially when it comes to our children.

As Dr. Malik suggests, one of the ways to do just that is toencourage a soda tax in your jurisdiction.

Not only can a soda tax depress demand for these disease-causing beverages that cost us all money in terms of higher health-care premiums…

But it can also provide much-needed funds for your city or state. And these funds can be used to fund city schools, pay for parks and recreational centers that promote active lifestyles, or even pay down widening deficits in many cases.

So to those ends, we have several simple, easy-to-do steps that can help you get a soda tax passed wherever you live.

Your Next Steps to Get a Soda Tax Passed In Your City or State...

1. Write Your State Legislator or City Alderperson

You can find a handy directory of state legislators here. All you have to do is select your state, select legislators, hit the button, and then find your state representative and/or senator on the state’s directory site.

Finding an alderperson in your city can be a bit tougher. I’ve found the best method to be simply to Google “what ward do I live in [your city].” Most cities will then have a “ward-finder” and a link to contact your alderperson.

If they only have your ward-finder and no contact info, then you just lookup “alderman alderperson [your ward] [your city] contact information.” They will LOVE to keep a constituent happy!

Here is a form letter/script you can use to contact your alderperson:

Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. [Their Name],

I am aware that every dollar counts when it comes to a [municipal or state] budget.

And I’ve recently become aware of a way to make the [city’s or state’s] coffers flush with cash, while also promoting the health of its citizens:

I would like you to look much more closely into a small tax on soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages.

As Philadelphia has proven, a mere 1.5 cent-per-ounce soda tax has raised $76.9 million for the city in fiscal year 2019.

Not to mention that soda consumption in the city decreased by 51% after the tax took effect, leading to much healthier citizens.

I know the soft drink lobby is firmly opposed to this idea because they have a vested interest in selling more soda. But I would ask you to stand up to these greedy lobbyists, examine your conscience, and say a firm “No!” to corporate America on this extremely important issue.

For more information, you can learn about the tax and its many benefits from the Harvard researcher who taught me about it at:

Is It Time For A Soda Tax? Leading Harvard Researcher Says Yes…

Thank you for your time and consideration of a loyal constituent.


[Your Name]

P.S. – While I can never “guarantee” my vote to anyone until I’m in the voting booth, your introduction or sponsorship of legislation for a soda tax is very important to me. It will definitely impact the way I vote in the next election.

[Feel free to tweak it to suit your needs!]

2) Educate Others (Especially Parents)

Most people don’t know just how bad sugar-sweetened beverages are for their health, especially when it comes to children.

That’s why I’m so passionate about fighting this scourge, and educating people about exactly what they’re doing to their bodies through uncontrolled sugar sweetened beverage intake.

However, when it comes to peoples’ minds… the tone is VERY important.

That’s why we created this fun and interesting infographic to help break things down and spread the word about the dangers of sugar-sweetened beverages.

So share this link with people you know. It’s probably how you found this site… and it’ll go a long way toward spreading the word about just how bad soda is for you, the diseases it causes, and will get others on board the soda tax bandwagon.

3) Cut Back On Soda Yourself (ALL Soda)

This is the best way to hit “big soda”: right in their wallets.

Start drinking more flavored sparkling water. It tastes great, and has zero calories or artificial sweeteners.

That’s because “Diet” sodas can often be just as bad for you as their sugary counterparts.

Yeah, who would’ve thought that “diet” soda could actually lead tomassive weight gain too?!

Along with a host of physical problems such as metabolic syndrome.

To see why that is… and to get 3 healthier alternatives thatwon’t cause the weight gain of most artificial sweeteners, direct from one of the top weight loss doctors in America, click here and check this out.

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