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Try This Scientifically Proven Smartphone Trick to Avoid Extra Weight Gain

March 16, 2021

A New Study Shows Smartphone Usage Can Be Linked to Weight Gain Here’s How to Avoid It

Try This Scientifically Proven Smartphone Trick to Avoid Extra Weight Gain

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Smartphones are great. In this day and age, almost all of us probably have one even if we arent as tech-savvy as the younger generations.

Smartphones allow us to easily make plans, keep in touch with friends and family, feel safer, find information on the go, and so much more. Whats the downside?

Well, with all good things comes a catch.

A new study recently found that those who use their smartphones and other media devices a lot tend to be heavier in terms of weight.

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Of course, Im not saying that technology is the reason that any of us are struggling with weight! But, it could definitely be playing a role.

So, what does this study say exactly? How did they figure all of this out?

Try This Scientifically Proven Smartphone Trick to Avoid Extra Weight Gain

How Are Smartphones Linked to Weight Gain?

The lead author of this study Richard Lopez, who is a postdoctoral fellow at Rice University believes that devices like the smartphone could be changing the brain. This means that we may have less self-control, for example, when certain foods are present.

The study had a ton of people answer questions about how easily distracted they were as well as how they multitasked. They asked particular questions about cellphone use that were meant to see if these people have any compulsive phone use.

The finding?

The participants with higher scores on the questionnaire tended to weigh more than those with lower scores.

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Next, certain participants had an MRI brain scan. They were given a bunch of photos, including ones of some amazing, unhealthy foods.

The findings showed that when the food images came across the screen, activity increased in the part of the brain that is linked to food temptation. These participants had more body fat as well, according to the research.

So, what can we learn from this study?

Of course, this isnt saying that we should all get rid of our cellphones and laptops and televisions and live like cavemen. That would be unreasonable and may not make your life better.

Like I said earlier, there are so many benefits to technology these days!

We can learn that there is a possible link between multitasking with media devices and obesity because of the connection to the part of the brain that affects temptations.

If this study is true, there are definitely some easy ways to combat the overuse of smartphones and other technology.

Try This Scientifically Proven Smartphone Trick to Avoid Extra Weight Gain

How to Avoid Smartphone-Related Weight Gain

First of all, simply being mindful of how much you are multitasking can be really helpful. Its probably not great for the brain to be pulled in so many directions at once because of technology

And its reasonable to think that it could affect us in other parts of our life as well!

Another great tip for not multitasking as much is to put all of your devices in different rooms.

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Perhaps have one room where you watch television, and have your computer in another room. This could really cut down on multitasking simply because all of the devices arent available together at once.

And, of course, the infamous smartphone.

I know that Im glued to that thing I can even text without looking at the keyboard! (Probably not something to brag about)

Theres a really good idea regarding smartphones that I have tried to implement in my life, and seen a lot of great results not even just in regards to weight loss and obsessive eating behaviors.

I try to really limit the time that I spend on my smartphone these days.


Well, Ive found that Im constantly on my phone. Im checking my email, Im texting, Im on Instagram I can go on.

And all at the same time! I definitely would qualify for that obsessive behavior that the study mentioned, and I can totally see how it relates to my food as well.

I have a really hard time resisting delicious but super unhealthy foods! It could very well be that all of my phone use is literally changing how I think!

So, Ive started to carve out time in my day where I just leave my phone alone. If I dont turn it off, Ill put it on silent and go into another room for a few hours and not check it.

Or, Ill go out and do something even starting small, like taking my dog out for a walk and not bring my cellphone.

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The results have been great. Im less stressed, and I actually worry about things in general a lot less.

I feel like Im really able to enjoy the moment a lot more than when Im glued to my screen.

Being mindful of your smartphone usage is really important, especially because this study has shown that it could be affecting your health. Your health is the most important thing you have, so Im sure we will all agree that its okay to put down the smartphone and get some more time living in the real world!

In the end, the phone will always be there. Putting your technology away for a little extra time each day may not only help with your weight loss goals, but it will help with your mental state and leave you feeling happier and more refreshed.

Take it from me!


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