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An Honest Review: SBO Probiotic Supplement (Dr.Axe Formula)

November 23, 2020

Discover this totally honest review on SBO Probiotics…

An Honest Review: SBO Probiotic Supplement (Dr.Axe Formula)

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As a professional athlete I am very careful of what I put into my body. Thats exactly why whenever I try out a new supplement I do a bunch of research before I try it out.

This is my take on Dr.Axes SBO probiotic supplement. 

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Keep reading for everything you need to know about SBO Probiotics below!

An Honest Review: SBO Probiotic Supplement (Dr.Axe Formula)

1. What Are SBO Probiotics?

SBO probiotics stands for soil-based organisms Ummm, what? I know, it sounds gross. Does that mean we are eating dirt?? Well not exactly.

SBO probiotics are basically a different section of probiotics supplements that rely on the variety inside our gut.

Theyre intended to give our bodies a unique sampling of probiotics that may aid in easing gastrointestinal issues and boosting our immune health.

To put it a little more simply, it essentially IS soil-based bacteria. What do you mean? Think about it for a minute. 

Back in the day, our bodies used to inject a lot of dirt through our foods. This dirt and food had probiotics that then got into our bodies. SBO probiotics take this very old technique and have sort of re-vamped it for the 21st century.

2. Ingredients in SBO Probiotics

What, exactly, is in SBO probiotics? SBO probiotic reviews indicate that they are made up of two different probiotic blends. Here are the ingredients for each.

The first blend is called the SBO Ultimate Probiotic Blend. Its made up of saccharomyces boulardii, bacillus subtilis, bacillus coagulans and bacillus clausii.

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The second blend is called the Organic Fermented Botanical Blend. This one has organic black pepper fruit, organic ginger root, organic turmeric root, organic apple cider vinegar, organic black pepper fruit oil, organic ginger root extract and organic turmeric root extract.

Wow! Thats a lot to unpack there.

An Honest Review: SBO Probiotic Supplement (Dr.Axe Formula)

3. Are SBO probiotics Gluten and Dairy Free?

According to this SBO probiotics review, the product is gluten and dairy free! This means you dont have to worry about sticking to that gluten or no-dairy diet.

4. Vitamins in SBO probiotics

Some of the SBO probiotics reviews mention a blend of vitamins on reviews websites. Its unclear exactly what these vitamins are, but they are found within a unique organic and fermented blend of sprouted seeds.

The botanical blend likely contains various popular kinds of vitamins, although be sure to check with a doctor before taking anything new!

5. Probiotics in SBO Probiotics

Saccharomyces boulardii is one of the probiotics in SBO probiotics. It is a yeast that is known for being helpful with preventing diarrhea, acne and may even help prevent ulcers.

Bacillus subtilis is a really common probiotic that can be found in certain milk and dairy products. It can also be found from water, soil and other natural sources! It may be used to treat some intestinal disorders.

Another healthy bacteria thats found in SBO probiotics is bacillus coagulans. This one can also treat diarrhea and certain travelers diarrhea. It also produces lactic acid.

Of course, we cant forget about bacillus clausii. This one, too, is often used to treat acute diarrhea. Its a spore-forming bacterium that is able to travel all the way to the intestines.

An Honest Review: SBO Probiotic Supplement (Dr.Axe Formula)

6. Specific Prebiotics in SBO probiotics

This SBO probiotics review indicates that the product contains prebiotic superfoods with 50 billion CFU.

While not actually a prebiotic, ginger root can help increase the growth of certain probiotics (therefore behaving like a prebiotic). Similarly, turmeric root has been researched as potentially having prebiotic symptoms.

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According to the SBO probiotics reviews, the product contains 50 billion CFU, which we have seen in a lot of other popular supplements!

7. How Do SBO Probiotics Work?

SBO probiotics work by being spore-forming. This means that when it realizes essential nutrients are running low, its able to copy the DNA and essentially create an another spore (an endospore). After this, the bacterium basically dies out.

SBO probiotics are really durable theyre resistant to antibiotics, heat and even acid! This is good and bad, as well discuss…

8. Are SBO Probiotics effective?

To be frank, there hasnt been ALL that much research done on SBO probiotics yet. Certainly, probiotics in general are really helpful. The big issue, however, is the lack of solid information regarding the safety of SBO probiotics.

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Some research does show that this is a promising form of probiotics, however. Product websites show many positive reviews, but Amazon is lacking in many reviews.

9. Potential side effects 

Because this isnt a heavily-studied type of supplement, not too much is known. However, some reviews note side effects that include bloating and diarrhea. 

Overall, most reviews are positive and do not note many side effects, so this could be a person-to-person thing as well.

An Honest Review: SBO Probiotic Supplement (Dr.Axe Formula)

10. SBO probiotics cost

SBO probiotics is a little pricier than some of its counterparts. A 30-day supply can be around $40, which may be a little too much for many of us to spend!

A 60-day supply can run around $60, which is also a big price. If this is the case, dont worry. There are a lot of other supplement options that could be right for you!

11. Where To Purchase SBO Probiotics

SBO probiotics can be purchased on Amazon and on various websites that offer the product

12. Customer Support Offered By SBO Probiotics

The brand Dr. Axe notes that there is a full satisfaction guarantee.

If you arent happy with the product, you can return the supplement and get fully refunded within 60 days of buying it.

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One of the complaints is about it apparently containing an ingredient that the reviewer says can be bad for the intestinal lining.

Most reviews on Amazon, however, are positive, with 77% rating it 5 stars.

An Honest Review: SBO Probiotic Supplement (Dr.Axe Formula)

13. Overall Take On The Product

This product is really interesting because its basically getting back to our roots. It takes probiotics that we used to ingest from the soil and puts it back into the body.

My big concern with this product is the lack of research behind SBO probiotics overall. It seems like this could be a great product, but the research doesnt fully back it yet.

Because of this, I personally might be a little more wary about it.

However, its always important to talk to a doctor before you start with ANY supplement, so if your doctor gives you the go-ahead on this one, why not try it out!

My other issue is the price: compared to some other supplements, it is a little pricier. Id most likely start out with a different probiotic supplement IF you are new to the scene. But, again if you get a doctors approval, might not hurt to try this one out!

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The SBO probiotic supplement has some good elements

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