November 17


Are These Sneaky Food Labels Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Journey?..

November 17, 2020

Discover how these food labels makes to pack on the pounds…

Are These Sneaky Food Labels Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Journey?..

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Hey all! Its Caroline! When it comes to losing weight I have a tough time trying to balance it all. 

Trying to count calories, get in all my steps, and avoid my favorite sweets in the middle of the night is a lot to juggle at once.

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Believe it or not – there is a lot more you need to keep track of if you want to lose weight! I had the chance to talk to an expert in her field about how food labels (thats right! Those friendly little boxes on the back of our foods!) are actually sabotaging weight loss.

Check out the full transcript below.

Check Out The Full Transcript Below

Hi everyone! Im Caroline with Fit Trim Happy and today Im excited to be here with Emily Spicer.

Emily is a nutrition exercise physiologist and health coach.

Today we are going to discuss a topic Emily is particularly passionate about which is food marketing and food labeling that could be totally sabotaging your weight loss.

So one of the things that drives me crazy is there are certain foods that label themselves as skinny or high protein or even organic.

But if you take the time to compare these products to their off-brand regular competitors you will see they have the same nutritional value (and sometimes they are actually even more unhealthy).

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There are also a lot of products that are labeled with reduced fat. There are tons of products with this label, peanut butter being a big one.

However a reduced fat products has to add in something to compensate for that lack of flavor. The usual additive is sugar.

Its also important to remember that words like reduced fat and all natural are terms that are not regulated by the government. So these labels are being slapped on to literally any product without consequence.

More times than not if a product has labels on it that promote weight loss – chances are it might be even more unhealthy than their off label competitors.

Are These Sneaky Food Labels Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Journey?..

Another Hidden Ingredient That Is Making You Pack On The Pounds…

Is really tough to tell you about because it makes a lot of foods much sweeter and tastier:

Artificial sweeteners.

Im always wary of anything that has reduced calorie, light, or even no sugar added on it these days

Since that usually means it has at least one TERRIBLE artificial sweetener in it.

In fact I was at the store the other day and saw No Sugar Added Ketchup of a very popular brand

And I look on the label and lo-and-behold this fattening artificial sweetener is in it!

(Seriously? Ketchup now?!)

In fact there are 2 specific artificial sweeteners that are borderline hazardous for your health and should be avoided at all costs.

They ruin your gut flora keep your body from burning food for energy and literally pack on the pounds around your midsection

At the same time there are 3 sweet sugar substitutes that are perfectly fine for you to eat too!

In this case, knowledge truly is power–once you know the difference between these, youll be able to read labels like a champ and youll start losing weight without any excess effort.

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