April 17


Tired Of Boiled Vegetables? Eat Veggies THIS Unexpected Way For Extra Health Benefits & Rapid Fat Loss (New Study)

April 17, 2019

You Know You Should Eat More Vegetables But Research Shows That Eating Your Veggies THIS Way Helps You Lose More Weight Plus Other Health Benefits!

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Eat your veggies!

Weve been hearing this for our entire lives! I know that I was always made to finish my veggies before being able to leave the table what a hassle!

Looking back, though, it was a great lesson to learn.

Why, you ask? Veggies are our friends! (I promise.)

But, not just regular old vegetables. Vegetables that have been fermented have even more health benefits than regular old veggies, and here is why.

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What Are Fermented Vegetables And Why Eat Them?

Fermented vegetables are ones that have been put through a method of food preservation that increases the nutrient content of the specific food. As a result, the good bacteria from these foods become more easily accessible to the body.

Vegetables that have been fermented provide us with a natural, easy, and cheap way to get probiotics into our bodies. Probiotics are super important because they help to keep our guts healthy.

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They are a type of bacteria one of the good kinds that can prevent and treat certain illnesses. For example, getting a good amount of probiotics into the body can help our immune system, reduce bloating and diarrhea, improve eyesight, and prevent so many other pesky diseases.

Fermented vegetables dont just help to prevent diseases, though. They have also been shown to be really good for weight loss as well.

They do this by containing a ton of live bacteria that help to keep our bodies full of the right amount of friendly bacteria. Having the right amount of good bacteria, in turn, helps us to reach our optimal, healthy weight and lose those extra pounds.

Because fermented vegetables help our bodies to absorb nutrients, they keep our microbiome balanced. When our microbiome is unbalanced, our health suffers a lot!

A stressed gut can even cause us to have skin problems, depression, and anxiety.

In order to lose weight and feel better in your daily life, its really important to balance our microbiomes, and getting probiotics into our guts is a great way to do this.

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Yikes! Who knew that eating our vegetables could be so important to our health?

Who know that it was so simple, too? All we have to do is eat more fermented veggies.

You may be wondering how you can find fermented veggies. The good news is that they are actually really easy to find.

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How to Add Fermented Vegetables to Your Diet

Here are some top ways to eat fermented veggies:

1) Eat some sauerkraut: Having one or two forkfuls of sauerkraut right when you wake up is a great way to start off the day on the right food. Youll get the probiotics you need, and its tasty too!

If you dont like sauerkraut by itself, adding it to a dish is just as effective!

2) Snack on fermented carrots/pickles: We all love to snack so, ditch the chips and grab some fermented veggies instead! Your body, health, and weight will thank you.

3) Drink probiotic water/kombucha: This is a rapidly growing trend that so many of my friends are now doing. Instead of just drinking regular water, change it up and add some kombucha to your lunch.

Its a great midday pick-me-up!

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Doing more research into fermented foods and vegetables will provide you with a ton of different ideas on how to add this into your everyday life. There are so many different kinds of fermented foods, and even more ways to eat them!

If youre like me, you probably already eat at least a little bit of vegetables every day. So, adding in fermented vegetables really isnt a huge change in most of our diets.

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Easy (& Sneaky!) Ways to Eat More Veggies

But what about if you are one of the many people who dont like vegetables? For you guys, fermented vegetables probably sounds even worse than regular veggies!

If you dont really like vegetables, you can still get the probiotics you need!

Adding fermented veggies into a smoothie is a really simple way to get your daily dose of veggies. It may sound a little gross, but trust me you wont even taste it!

I guess our parents were right all along. Eating our veggies really is important. Personally, I always thought that they were lying.

However, its pretty clear now that vegetables particularly fermented ones give our bodies a ton of great bacteria that help our bodies to function at the best possible level.

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So, the next time that you are wondering how to start losing weight or getting rid of certain issues (for example, if you find that you are getting sick a lot), try to add more fermented vegetables into your diet.

This is a really simple way to benefit our bodies, and it wont break the bank or have you running to a hundred stores to find exactly what you are looking for.

Fermented veggies are all around us make sure that they get into your body as well!

rapid fat loss foods
variety of fermented probiotic foods for gut health

The Secrets in the Sauce: How to Maximize Weight Loss with Fermented Veggies

If you start eating fermented veggies today, youll see a bunch of fantastic benefits Ive already mentioned:

An improved immune system

Youll probably lose some weight

And youll feel better

But the biggest transformation is one you cant see.

And that’s because it happens in a part of your body scientists are just now beginning to understand:

Your gut. Also known as your “microbiome.”

The bacteria in your gut play a role in everything from your digestion… to your mood (70% of your body’s “happy chemicals” are made in your stomach!)…

…and as you may or may not already know, they also play a role in how your body loses weight (or keeps it on), too.

That’s why fermented foods are SO good for weight loss:

These foods help you lose weight because they feed the “good” bacteria in your gut.

And the more “good” bacteria you have in your gut… the easier it is to lose weight (and keep it off)!

However… there is a small problem:

If you want to get enough “good” bacteria in your microbiome to lose weight… you’d have to eat a LOT of fermented foods.

Like a jar of sauerkraut every day… pickles with every meal… Not the best solution, am I right?

But dont worry noted doctorDr. Steven Masley, has an easier way.

Hes been studying the gut for decades more specifically, its connection with weight loss.

And hes isolated some of the best gut bacteria you can take to help you burn off more fat faster.

Hell reveal these good gut bacteria plus where you can get them and how much to take of each in this short, free presentation:

How to Populate Your Gut With Fat-Burning Good Bacteria Overnight

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