January 14


These Processed Foods Actually Help You LOSE Weight [Video]

January 14, 2020

Discover The Truth About Processed Foods & Weight Gain

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One of the problems with searching for weight loss advice is that different health & weight loss communities demonize different foods.

For example, because of some weight loss advice I read online way back in 2012 I didnt eat cheese for two whole years.

(Believe me, those were two ROUGH years! And I now know that cheese really isnt the villain when it comes to trying losing weight.)

Yet other health and nutrition communities will say that cheese can be a great part of a weight loss plan. It just depends on which diet you like!

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However, there are some foods (or types of foods) that pretty much everyone agrees are NOT good for you. These are foods that can be damaging to your health and can also lead to extra pounds piling onto your belly, thighs, and rear-end.

One of those is processed foods. If you have done any research lately about foods to avoid when youre trying to lose weight or simply trying to get healthier youve probably read that you should avoid processed foods.

But really, what ARE processed foods? What makes something count as processed or not processed?

And whats the big deal, anyway? Are they really THAT bad for you?

Thats what Im here to answer today in this video. Im going to dive into what processed foods are whether theyre really that bad for your health or your waistline and how to make healthier food decisions.

Lets get started!

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Hello, it’s me, Katherine from Fit Trim Happy, one of the web’s premier sites on weight loss and health.

Now, every now and then, we do a special video called, “Ask Katherine”… where I answer some of your most popular questions.

I’m excited to dig into today’s topic, but first, make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any of our free gifts or weight loss advice. Great!

Now that you have subscribed, let’s get into today’s ask Katherine question: What are processed foods and why are they bad for you?

This is such an important topic and one that I don’t think is talked about nearly enough.

Come a little closer, because I’m going to blow your minds… not ALL processed foods are bad for you.

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That’s right! I said it, and it’s true. There are many processed foods that are quite healthy for you.

Now, the difference between the healthy and unhealthy ones is how processed they are. 

There are two types of processed foods: minimally processed and ultra processed. Now, the more processed food is, the more junk that’s usually put into it.

These highly processed foods include things like granola bars, sugary cereals, packaged snacks, candy, and a lot of boxed side dishes. They’re not healthy and can make it more difficult for you to meet your weight loss goals.

That’s because these ultra-processed foods have a lot of preservatives, chemicals, added sugars, fats, food colorings, artificial flavoring, and other junk added to them. Your body doesn’t need all those extra ingredients and they can make you gain weight.

But there are some processed foods that are good for you, too that are minimally processed.

A good example would be whole grain-oats. Oats are a key ingredient in oatmeal, one of the best breakfasts for weight loss.

And yet, the oats you buy at a grocery store are a processed food (unless you went out and harvested your own oats straight from the field)… but they’re not ultra processed.

A great comparison would be between steel-cut oats and instant oatmeal. Now, steel-cut oats are barely processed and usually just cut into smaller pieces, while instant oatmeal goes through additional processing so that it will cook faster.

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Plus, instant oatmeal often has flavorings, sugar, and even salt added to ensure it tastes great right out of the bag.

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Until next time, I’m Katherine from Fit Trim Happylose the weight fast and keep it off. Thanks for watching!


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