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9 Impressive Health Benefits of THIS Type of Chocolate

February 17, 2022

Balance Your Gut, Improve Digestion & More with Probiotic Chocolate

9 Impressive Health Benefits of THIS Type of Chocolate

What Is Probiotic Chocolate?

The health benefits of probiotics arent a new discovery. For decades, taking a probiotic supplement has been a great way to improve your gut health and overall wellbeing. 

However, as science and understanding the mechanisms behind probiotic health benefits have progressed, so have the different ways people can add probiotics to their diet. 

Cultured yogurt, kefir, and other fermented food products have long been favorites among people looking to balance their gut bacteria, but in recent years a brand-new medium has appeared: chocolate. More specifically, in the form of a probiotic chocolate bar. 

What is probiotic chocolate, you may ask? 

Its a brand-new way to get your daily dose of probiotics without having to take pills or eat high-calorie yogurt. A single dose of probiotics is usually added to one serving of a chocolate bar, which you can enjoy at any point during your day, guilt-free and with the knowledge that a delicious snack is benefiting your health. 

And besides tasting delicious and being good for you, there is even proof that probiotic chocolate may be better for your body than probiotic pills. 

Whether you are a chocolate lover looking for a health-friendly snack option, or youre simply interested in the way a sweet snack could be more beneficial than a pill or capsule, this article covers how probiotic chocolate is made, its benefits, how it stacks up against regular probiotics, and whether or not it could help you lose weight.

9 Impressive Health Benefits of THIS Type of Chocolate

How Is Probiotic Chocolate Made?

One of the most common ways probiotic chocolate is made is by replacing the milk powder in milk chocolate with yogurt powder. To counteract the sourness of the yogurt powder, a small amount of sodium bicarbonate is typically added, which neutralizes the acidic taste. 

Other methods include adding the same powdered probiotics you would drink in a capsule to the chocolate mixture before it sets. 

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This allows manufacturers to measure the exact concentration of probiotic bacteria per chocolate bar and ensure the people eating the chocolate get the right dose of probiotics every time. 

This method of probiotic chocolate manufacturing is not only simple and effective, but as discussed later in this article, it can help deliver probiotics to your gut more effectively.

9 Impressive Health Benefits of THIS Type of Chocolate

The Benefits of Probiotic Chocolate

Just because a probiotic chocolate bar can be good for your health doesnt mean its okay to sit down and eat two pounds of it a day. 

Moderation is key when it comes to probiotic chocolate, like any other health supplement. And, when eaten in moderation, probiotic chocolate can be incredibly beneficial. 

Below are nine of the biggest benefits of probiotic chocolate.

1. It Fares Better During Digestion

In most cases, when you drink a probiotic supplement, the capsule dissolves a few minutes after reaching your stomach. This means a lot of the probiotic bacteria may be killed before reaching the rest of your gut, where they are most needed. 

On the other hand, probiotic chocolate protects the probiotic bacteria against premature digestion and allows them to move and spread through your digestive tract. In many studies, a greater percentage of probiotics in chocolate have been shown to reach the colon, ensuring you are getting the most out of the supplement.

Probiotic chocolate even compares better to dairy like yogurt or kefir as it has both a longer shelf life and a better survival rate to reach the organs that need it most.

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2. It Tastes Delicious

One of the biggest worries people have when buying probiotic chocolate is that it wont taste delicious, sweet, or creamy. That shouldnt stand in your way, though, as there are near-endless combinations of flavors and chocolate types that all taste exactly like youd expect them to. 

Whether its dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or even chocolate mousse, the different types of chocolate products that can have probiotics added to them are nearly endless. So are the different brands of chocolate that are turning to adding probiotics to their candy. 

3. Its Easy To Consume

Taking pills or capsules can be tedious for adults but even more difficult for children. Chocolate is a snack enjoyed by people of all ages, making it especially effective if you are trying to get kids or teens to take probiotics consistently. 

Its also a great way to give probiotics to children who arent old enough to swallow capsules yet.

Whether eating chocolate makes your self-care regimen easier or gets your kids to take their supplements, probiotic chocolate is a simple, delicious way to stay healthy. 

4. It Can Help Balance Your Gut Bacteria and Boost Gut Health

We all know the wide range of benefits of probiotics and how they can help balance the bacteria concentrations in your digestive system and improve overall gut health.

In addition to the benefits provided by the probiotics in a probiotic chocolate bar, the cocoa in some types of chocolate are also great for your gut.  

Research has shown that the polyphenols in cocoa, especially the concentrations found in dark chocolate, act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. They could play a role in promoting gut health by acting as prebiotics. Prebiotics are food for probiotics, and eating dark chocolate with added probiotic bacteria could help enhance the growth of this good bacteria in your gut. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of dark chocolate may also be helpful towards easing the symptoms of inflammatory gut conditions like irritable bowel syndrome.

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5. The Right Type of Chocolate Offers Even More Benefits Than Just Probiotics

Dark chocolate isnt only good for your gut. Even without probiotics, there is a range of benefits of eating a moderate amount of high-quality, high cocoa percentage chocolate. 

One of the most significant additional benefits of dark chocolate relates to the cardiovascular system. Some of the chemicals found in cocoa have been shown to improve blood pressure and inflammation of the cardiovascular system

So, when you eat a probiotic chocolate bar, youre not only boosting your gut health but your overall wellbeing too. 

6. Its a Healthy Alternative to a Loved Snack

Most people already love chocolate, so discovering a way to indulge in a beloved treat that leaves you guilt-free and healthier is often seen as one of the biggest benefits of using probiotics in chocolate form. 

7. It Contains Fewer Calories Than Other Probiotic Foods

Some of the most common foods containing probiotics include yogurt or kefir. However, these snacks often contain large amounts of sugar and high-calorie ingredients. 

On the other hand, probiotic chocolate is usually made with natural sweeteners other than sugar and contains a much higher concentration of probiotics with a much better survival rate. This means you dont have to eat a lot of it to get your daily recommended dosage. 

You can get all your probiotics in, while consuming fewer calories, fat, sugar, and other calorie-dense foods.

8. It Can Help Regulate Your Bowel Movements

Its well known that probiotics also help regulate bowel movements by enhancing your gut health. This is also true for probiotic chocolate. 

In a study on the effects of probiotics on the digestive system of constipated rats, researchers discovered that eating probiotic chocolate regularly led to improved intestinal motility, colon length, fecal moisture, and the amount of feces excreted. 

This is a promising result as it proves that probiotic chocolate may help regulate your bowel and effectively relieve constipation. 

The probiotics in the chocolate help by reducing the pH of your colon and increasing fatty acid production, which helps stimulate the contractions necessary to keep your bowel moving. 

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9. It Could Help Ease Digestive Disorder Symptoms

By providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and healthy probiotic bacteria, chocolate could be highly beneficial in reducing the symptoms of some digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, bloating, and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Many of these disorders are worsened by a poor bacterial balance in the gut, the wrong pH, or inflammation of the tissues and cells necessary for absorption and digestion.

By correcting these conditions, probiotics in chocolate can significantly reduce the discomfort caused by these illnesses.

9 Impressive Health Benefits of THIS Type of Chocolate

How Does Probiotic Chocolate Affect the Gut?

Probiotic chocolate is one of the best mediums to ingest probiotic bacteria. It ensures a much higher survival rate and the even spread of probiotic bacteria throughout the gut.

Once the probiotics reach your intestines, they can affect your gut in several ways, including: 

  • Reducing intestinal inflammation by releasing anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Balancing the bacterial concentration in your gut by creating more competition for harmful bacteria that may eventually die off
  • Helping your body break down, digest, and absorb nutrients from food

These functions are vital to your overall health as inflammation, poor nutrient absorption, and a bacterial imbalance in the gut are all causes or contributing factors to a range of gut-related or general diseases and conditions.

What Are the Most Common Probiotics Added to Chocolate?

Not all probiotics thrive equally when mixed with chocolate. The four most common strains often added to a probiotic chocolate bar include: 

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Although not all of these probiotic strains are found in every probiotic chocolate bar, deciding on a high-quality chocolate bar should be simplified as long as it contains all four.

9 Impressive Health Benefits of THIS Type of Chocolate

Are Probiotics More Effective in Chocolate Than Pills?

In many ways, a probiotic chocolate bar is more effective than taking probiotic supplements in the form of pills or capsules.

Not only do the probiotics in chocolate have a better survival rate, but studies have shown that the bacteria in chocolate can also help metabolize the flavonoids in chocolate, enhancing its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.

By feeding on the nutrients in chocolate, the probiotic bacteria in a probiotic chocolate bar boost your bodys absorption of flavonoids and increase the shelf-life of the probiotics and their chances of survival once they enter your digestive tract.

What Type of Chocolate Is Better for Your Gut Health?

Considering all the benefits offered by cocoa and its chemical compounds, the best type of chocolate for your gut health would be dark, probiotic chocolate.

Although milk probiotic chocolate is as good a medium as dark chocolate, it doesnt contain the added benefits like being high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds like dark chocolate is.

And should you suffer from dairy-induced digestive disorders, a dark, vegan probiotic chocolate bar could be an excellent choice.

9 Impressive Health Benefits of THIS Type of Chocolate

Can Probiotic Chocolate Help With Weight Loss?

Many people who ask, What is probiotic chocolate? do so with interest in the possible weight loss benefits many types of probiotics can provide. 

Some strains of probiotics, especially those belonging to the bifidobacteria category, have long shown signs of promoting weight loss in obese individuals. However, the main worry about probiotic chocolate is that the sugar or fat in the candy will cancel out the benefits of probiotics for weight loss. 

Thankfully, there are a few factors that reduce the ability of chocolate to cancel out the benefits of probiotics. First, most probiotic chocolates are made with natural sweeteners instead of sugar. Many probiotic chocolate brands make sugar-free or low-carb-friendly probiotic chocolate bars. 

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Lastly, because of the high concentration of probiotic bacteria in chocolate, you only need to eat a moderate amount of it every day, reducing the possibility of gaining weight from the chocolate itself. 

This means not only can probiotic chocolate be beneficial to your health and weight, but it could re-establish a healthy relationship with your favorite candy and snack without the guilt and with the knowledge that you are taking care of your gut.

How to Choose a Probiotic Chocolate with MAX Benefits

If you’re ready to eat a pound of probiotic chocolate a day now, I don’t blame you!

(Although you might want to watch your intake if you want to slim down. 😉 )

But before you head to the nearest store and stock up on whatever probiotic chocolate you can find…

I have to tell you that not all probiotic chocolate is created equal.

Some of them contain different probiotic strains…

Some of them don’t contain very many CFUs of probiotics per serving…

Some of them have really low cacao content (so you don’t get the antioxidant benefits)…

Some of them contain a ton of sugar and calories…

And some of them contain different sweeteners that are actually bad for your gut!

So, I recommend that you try FloraSweets. FloraSweets probiotic chocolate:

  • Are low-calorie (only 20 calories per chocolate)
  • Contain a whopping 5 BILLION CFUs of probiotics per chocolate
  • Have 60% cacao content for more antioxidant benefits
  • Feature the patented probiotic blend DE111 for metabolism-boosting benefits
  • Also extra ingredients in these delicious, low-calorie chocolates support your immune system, urinary tract health, and digestive function

Plus, you can buy FloraSweets online, so you don’t even have to leave the house! They’ll be delivered right to your door (every month, if you’d like! 😉 ).

To see how you can optimize your metabolism & support your gut health by eating delicious chocolate every day…

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