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Prebiotics and Probiotics: The Dynamic Duo that Helps You Lose Weight & Improves Your Health

April 25, 2019

Find Out What Prebiotics & Probiotics Are Plus How They Can Help You Burn More Fat & Boost Your Health!

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Prebiotics, probiotics they sound almost the same, right?

Well, you are kind of right. They work together best friends, you may say.

But, they are definitely not the same!

So, what are they, exactly? Lets begin by discussing probiotics.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria in our guts that help them thrive. Simple!

What are probiotics good for?

They are really good for keeping our gut balanced. Probiotics do this by limiting the growth of bad bacteria. Having a good balance of bacteria in our bodies helps with so many things.

A healthy gut can help with our vaginal health, our immune system, our hearts, our brain, and so much more!

Furthermore, you can be proactive in your probiotic health by taking supplements and eating foods to make sure you are getting the right amount. Its pretty easy to add more probiotics into your diet.

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Some yummy foods that are rich in probiotics include:

1)   Yogurt: The key here is eating yogurt that says live active cultures on the label. Delicious trust me!

2)   Soy drinks: Soy drinks, especially something like soy milk, have added extra live cultures and are great for getting more probiotics. Add it to a smoothie or drink it plain!

3)   Miso soup: This popular Japanese dish is low in calories and rich in probiotics and protein. I always order this one at restaurants!

What Are Prebiotics?

Now, what about prebiotics?

Prebiotics are basically food for probiotics. They help to grow the probiotics that are already present in our bodies.

Prebiotics are like the support system for probiotics. Without prebiotics, the probiotics that are already in our bodies arent able to grow and thrive.

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These are super important because of the role they play in balancing your gut (just like probiotics).

Imagine if you had a plant and you had to give that plant food every day to help it grow. If you dont feed the plant what it needs, it dies.

Similarly (but perhaps not as drastic), prebiotics are like plant food. They grow the good stuff in our bodies, and without them, this growth isnt possible!

Here are some great prebiotics:

1)   Garlic: Garlic may keep some people away, but your gut will love it! It promotes the growth of good bacteria and prevents the bad stuff from multiplying.

2)   Chickpeas: These little guys pack a big punch by helping grow probiotics in your gut!

3)   Seaweed: This is a very strong prebiotic food. These prebiotics may enhance the growth of friendly gut bacteria, boost the immune system, prevent the growth of bad bacteria, and more!

Like I said earlier, probiotics and prebiotics are basically bffs! They are better together.

How to Get A Healthier Gut for a Healthier Body

Having the right amount of gut bacteria is linked to so many health benefits a better immune system, better skin, lowered risk of obesity, and so much more.

Basically, having a healthy gut microbiome (by having the right amount of probiotics AND prebiotics) is essential towards weight loss, lowered risks of diseases, and more. A healthy gut microbiome = a healthy you!

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One study showed that probiotics can help with weight loss, while another showed that the gut microbiome can even benefit brain health. In regards to weight loss, it has been found that those who are overweight have a different microbiome makeup than the people who arent.

Furthermore, our brains can be affected by our gut health because the gut is physically connected to the brain through tons and tons of nerves. So, if our gut isnt healthy, it makes sense that our brain would struggle too!

Here are some ways to improve your gut microbiome:

1)   Cut the artificial sweeteners: I know, theyre delicious. But some studies have shown that certain artificial sweeteners can increase blood sugar by helping the growth of bad bacteria!

2)   Eat whole grains: Whole grains have a lot of fiber and helpful carbs that can be digested by gut bacteria. This can help you lose more weight, help prevent diabetes, and more!

3)   Eat prebiotic foods: Ah, and it all comes full circle! Some more prebiotic foods are artichokes, bananas, asparagus, and apples. If Im saying that prebiotics are essential to the growth of probiotics this much, I must be onto something!

So, here is the breakdown: Probiotics are good because they provide us with healthy bacteria. This helps us build a healthy gut microbiome.

All of this is aided by prebiotics, which encourage all of the good stuff to grow!

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Now that you know all about prebiotics, probiotics, and a healthy gut microbiome, it will be way easier to make decisions about what foods to eat. All of the foods I listed above (as well as so many others) are not only good for the gut, but will also help your body in so many ways in the long run.

Your gut says thank you!

prebiotics vs probiotics

How to Find the Probiotics Your Body Needs for Weight Loss & Improved Health (Plus How to Get Them)

So, its obvious that both prebiotics and probiotics are important for good gut health.

With a healthy gut, you can lose more weight

Burn off more fat

Boost your energy

Prevent several diseases And more!

Since prebiotics and probiotics are so important for your health, its also important to get the right ones into your body.

So how do you know which probiotics you need?

After all, you could spend hours scouring medical journals and websites just to find which probiotic strains will help your body…

But it shouldnt be so difficult to find out which strains you need to lose weight and improve your health!

Instead, I asked our site consultant, Dr. Steven Masley, to show you exactly which probiotic strains you need to take for maximum weight loss

Plus, he will tell you where to find these strains and how to get them:

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