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This Pineapple Whip Float Recipe Is Delicious Year-Round

November 1, 2021

Delicious & Refreshing Pineapple Whip Float Recipe

This Pineapple Whip Float Recipe Is Delicious Year-Round

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Summer is the perfect time for many things.

Beach trips lazy days by the pool BBQs stringing up lights in your backyard picnics in the park road trips gorgeous hikes in nature and lots more!

But you know what summer would not be complete without?

This delicious pineapple whip float recipe.

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Its inspired by the pineapple floats youll find at many popular theme parks, festivals, and restaurants (and I even found pineapple whip floats at a city zoo once!).

However, I recently looked up the copycat recipe for the name-brand pineapple whip float recipe and I was really shocked (and rather appalled) by what I saw on the ingredients list.

Pineapple pineapple juice seems okay, right?

Well, until I got to the powdered sugar. Spoonfuls upon spoonfuls of powdered sugar!

And while I love a nice sweet drink as much as anyone else I dont think Im ready to sacrifice my weight loss in the name of one pineapple whip float.

Thats why I was so excited about THIS pineapple whip float recipe.

It has ZERO added sugar yet still tastes perfectly sweet and delicious. Its the ideal refreshing treat to enjoy on a hot summer day!

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Plus, its actually super easy to whip up (see what I did there) and calls for only 3 ingredients! So really, you have no excuse not to make this several times this summer.

And if youre planning any summer events I promise you that pretty much any guest would be THRILLED to be served this pineapple whip float! (You dont even have to tell them that its pretty dang healthy.)

So, if youre ready to dive into summer with this delicious, good-for-you pineapple whip float recipe

Heres how to do it:

This Pineapple Whip Float Recipe Is Delicious Year-Round

FTHs Pineapple Whip Float

Serves 4 (Or yourself 4 times 😉 )


  • 4 cups frozen fresh pineapple
  • 1 cups of coconut milk
  • 4 cups of 100% pineapple juice
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  1. Cut up fresh pineapple into cubes and freeze.
  2. Put frozen pineapple in a food processor with 1 cups of coconut milk.
  3. Blend together until smooth. This is your pineapple whip!
  4. Add 1 cup of pineapple juice to a cup. Then, scoop some of the pineapple whip into the cup.
This Pineapple Whip Float Recipe Is Delicious Year-Round

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pineapple

While I have a very difficult time choosing just one favorite food pineapple is always in the top 5 for me. I just cant get enough of the flavor and its so refreshing and summery!

But did you know that pineapple also packs a big punch when it comes to health benefits?

Its truethis sweet fruit has been linked to several impressive health benefits, including:

  1. The enzymes found in pineapple can ease your digestion.
  2. Pineapple can help reduce your risk of cancer.
  3. Pineapple contains disease-fighting antioxidants.
  4. Pineapple is positively PACKED with nutrients, like vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B6, thiamin, folate, potassium, and much more!
  5. Pineapple can help boost your immunity and reduce inflammation.
  6. Pineapple may help ease the symptoms of arthritis.
  7. Pineapple could even help speed up your recovery from surgery or strenuous exercise!
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So the next time youre ready to enjoy a tasty pineapple whip float or just a few spears of fresh pineapple you can feel confident that youre also getting a healthy dose of benefits for your body!

The Must-Have Guide To Using Sugar Substitutes In Your Cooking & Baking (Theyre Better For You AND Taste Amazing!)

One of my favorite things about this delicious recipe is that it has NO sugar added to it yet its still sweetened to perfection.

However not ALL dessert recipes can be made with zero sugar.

Unfortunately, sugar can have some pretty nasty effects on your body. Consuming too much sugar can contribute to weight gain an increased risk of heart disease & type 2 diabetes and even a greater risk of cancer! (Cakes are great, but not risking-cancer levels of great.)

So, if you want to enjoy your dessert without a side of health problems its important to use sugar substitutes that are better for your health.

Of course, not ALL sugar substitutes are good for you. One popular sugar substitute in particular has been found to be just as bad (or maybe even worse) for you as *real* sugar!

So how do you know which sugar substitutes are better for you?

(And which ones are going to taste good, too? I know Ive had more than one batch of cookies ruined by an alternative sweetener that had an AWFUL aftertaste. Sooo sad.)

Well, I took the opportunity to ask a medical doctor (who is also a trained chef) about this very topic.

And his tips helped me create this exclusive guide to the BEST sugar substitutes for your health and they taste amazing, whether you eat them plain or use them in cooking & baking.

(My cookie reputation has been restored!)

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