Do You Have “Pesticide Belly”?

Do You Have "Pesticide Belly"?

Here’s How Common Pesticides, Plastics, and Other Chemicals May Be Packing on the Pounds (& How to Melt Them Right Off Again…)

A recent study shows that pesticides, plastic residues, and other common chemicals may be causing you to put on weight… specifically around your belly, hips, and thighs.

These chemicals are known scientifically as “obesogens” (like “carcinogens” lead to cancer, “obesogens” cause you to be obese through no fault of your own)…

And they are everywhere in our food… drinking water… and the general human environment.

Since these obesogens tend to pack on pounds around the midsection, the “Pesticide Belly” phenomenon is becoming more and more widespread and pronounced across the country…

And if you’re having trouble losing stubborn belly fat… these obesogens are probably what’s to blame.

If that sounds like you though… I have some good news:

Scientific breakthroughs are making it easier to “flush out” these obesogen chemicals… and melt off belly fat quickly…

So that you can have a slim, trim midsection for the first time in years (but more on that in a minute)…

“How Can They Spray This Stuff All Over Our Food?!”

Do You Have "Pesticide Belly"?

This study was published in the well-respected journal Current Obesity Reports and republished by the National Institute of Health. [1]

And it showed that many common chemicals in our food and water supply could be driving huge increases in obesity across the country.

The biggest culprit that causes stubborn belly fat?


Also known as organophosphates, the study notes that pesticides have been definitively shown to be associated with type 2 diabetes. [2]

And other studies have noted that these same pesticides can lead to neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. [3]

Pesticides aren’t the only culprit that’s packing on ugly belly fat around the midsections of millions of Americans though…

Plastics and plastic components have similar obesogenic effects. [4]

As do countless other kinds of chemicals present in our environment.

In fact, the study specifically calls out 23 different types of chemicals (not “chemicals themselves”… but types of chemicals!) that can be considered obesogens because they can cause your body to pack on stubborn belly fat. [5]

Do You Have "Pesticide Belly"?

How Obesogens Cause Unsightly Belly Fat to Accumulate Around Your Midsection…

The idea is pesticides and other harmful obesogens get into your body…

Your body recognizes them as being toxic molecules and tries to “clear” them or “flush them out” by producing more of a molecule called “PON1.”

Think of PON1 as your body’s natural sewage system. It breaks down the toxins that come in so that your body can continue on living healthily.

The problem is, there are so many chemicals out there these days that many people genetically cannot produce enough PON1 to flush them all out.

In fact, scientists estimate that up to 76% of people have a gene that prevents them from making enough PON1 to clear all of the obesogens out of their systems.

This leads to obesogens accumulating in your body over time…

And because your body can’t clear them out… it starts absorbing them into fat cells throughout your body… but especially in your belly.

These obesogens cause the fat cells to grow… and because the fat cells around your midsection can grow the most unimpeded… a lot of extra fat accumulates around your belly.

And that leads to the common “Pesticide Belly” effect we’re seeing today.

Even worse… if you’re in the unlucky 76% of people who doesn’t make enough PON1 to flush out the obesogens…

Then your body simply won’t be able to get rid of the unsightly belly fat completely until these obesogens are cleared from your system!

Do You Have "Pesticide Belly"?

How to Flush Obesogens From Your Body (& Melt Off Belly Fat the EASY WAY)…

The good news is… even if you suspect you might be in the 76% of Americans who genetically can’t make enough PON1 naturally to flush out all of these obesogens that assault our bodies day-in and day-out…

There is still areally easy way to get A LOT more PON1 inside your body!

After all… this “heavy gene” just means that your body doesn’t naturally make enough PON1 right now…

You can alwaysadd more PON1 to help clear out these obesogens from your body once and for all… and slim down your belly to its natural “fit” size…

In fact… there’s now asuper simple way to get ALL the PON1 your body needs to clear out these toxic molecules.

And it’s completely all-natural… and signed off on by a former Air Force doctor.

To see how to flush out the stubborn belly fat with a good solid dose of PON1 that will sweep these toxins awayfor good… simply click the link below and watch the short, free video that follows:

Do You Have "Pesticide Belly"?

Click Here Now For This “Fat Flushing” Secret…

P.S. – I was as surprised as you are at just how toxic these chemicals are. And while I always try to eat organic meats and veggies now… the dark secret is that organic foods only have “much less” pesticides on them… so your body still gets some obesogens even when you’re doing “everything right.” Also going organic isexpensive… and the bottom line is it doesn’tadd any PON1 to your body!Click here now to see how to add alot of purifying PON1 to your body to flush out belly fatfast!

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