October 13


89% of Americans Suffer From THIS Nutrient Deficiency (Here Are 3 Warning Signs)…

October 13, 2020

Most Americans suffer from THIS nutrient deficiency and have no idea!

89% of Americans Suffer From THIS Nutrient Deficiency (Here Are 3 Warning Signs)...

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Hello everyone, its me, Tara.

Today I wanted to talk about something very important: nutrient deficiencies.

Most Americans suffer from some kind of nutrient deficiency. 

If you often find yourself feeling sluggish, run down, or constantly reaching for that afternoon caffeine fix, you might need a more balanced diet.

But there is definitely one nutrient deficiency that seems to affect almost every American

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Hi everyone. This is Tara with FIt Trim Happy. 

I am a certified nutrition coach here to answer all of your nutrition and weight loss questions.

Todays question is: What nutrient do you think people are not getting enough of?.

So the answer is that most of us are not getting enough of most of the nutrients that we need however antioxidants are very important.


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Youre not going to find them in cheeseburgers. Youll only find them in fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Antioxidants combat something called free radicals in the body. These free radicals damage cells so its important to consumer foods with antioxidants regularly. 

Antioxidants also boost your energy levels and your metabolism so they can even help you lose weight. 

Nutrient Deficiency
Learn more about this nutrient deficiency below…

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This is actually really cutting edge research out of the Ivy League…

A renowned doctor has discovered 5 exotic fruits that actually transform carbohydrates into fat burning foods.

Imagine guiltlessly enjoying your favorite carbs again (an oozing cheesy piece of pepperoni pizza… that cheese danish at Starbucks… or even a few pieces of that fresh baked sourdough bread from your favorite bakery) while also burning fat!

The trick is to make sure you are eating these exact 5 fruits before eating carbs.

Not all fruits are created equal when it comes to converting carbs into fat burning foods…

And this research shows if you eat the wrong kinds of fruits… your body will actually start to turn carbs into stored fat! 🙁

(This is why so many people have a piece of fruit for breakfast and yet still cant seem to lose weight)…

Heres what these fruits are how much to eat before eating carbs to burn off fat and a really easy way to get all 5 in one place:

5 Exotic Fat-Burning Fruits That Allow You to Eat ALL the Carbs You Want (Without Guilt)

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