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5 Simple Steps For Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolutions

January 1, 2021

How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions

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New Years Day may have passed, but that doesnt mean its too late to set a resolution.

In fact, this might be the ideal time to set your resolution every year. The pressure of the holiday is past and you can approach the next twelve months with fresh eyes. 

But before you dive into the new habits you want to setor the old ones you want to kickyou need to make sure youre on a solid footing.

There are a thousand articles out there with huge lists of tips to keep you on-track. But from personal experience, there are three big tips that work every time.

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The tips listed below will help you start 2020 off strong and stay on track as you make the changes you want to see. These guidelines can be applied to just about any type of goal but they are especially well-suited for any changes you want to make in your fitness or your health.

1) Be Specific

The one major pitfall that everyone has hit at one time or another is the general resolution.

These are resolutions or goals like Im going to get fit, or Im going to start exercising more. Even goals like Im going to read more, or Im going to get my career on-track, are too general.

When you set a resolution, there are a few guidelines you want to follow. The most important of these is to make it specific. This helps keep you on-task and prevents what ifs from derailing you. 

Specific resolutions are goals like Im going to stop drinking soda at home, and Im going to go to the gym every Monday for one hour.

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Both of these resolutions will help you improve your health and shed some unwanted weight, so they help you reach your overall goals. But they also outline specific steps you need to take.

These sorts of goals also act as a buffer against burnout. If you say Im going to exercise more, you still have to figure out when youll exercise, what sort of exercise itll be, and where youre going to do it. Saying Im going to the gym every Monday for at least an hour, answers almost all of those questions and prevents you from making the Ill go another day excuse.

Yes, you have to pick a workout once you get to the gym. But getting in the door is often the hardest part!

After you clear that hurdle, you just have to find an open machine and get yourself settled on it. That is much easier than trying to talk yourself into going when you didnt have a solid attendance plan in the first place!

2) Limit Your Focus

Although limiting your focus might sound like the same thing as avoiding general resolutions, its a little more far-reaching.

Limiting your focus means that you shouldnt make a half-dozen resolutions. This is especially true if the resolutions affect different parts of your life.

A lot of studies have been done in the last few years that focus on the best way to set new habits. Many of those studies found that trying to set too many new habits at once is the best way to ensure you fail.

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Why, you might ask? The short answer is that spreading yourself so thin leads to burnout. And when you burn out on one habit, you become discouraged with the others.

We all have many things we want to change or achieve. So, it might seem like a good idea to use the new year as a chance to get in shape learn a new language and meet more people.

But unless youre combining goalswhich is generally easier said than doneyoure more likely to get overwhelmed. Then youre more likely to stop before youve truly set a new and lasting habit.

Start with one habit and make sure it sticks before you start another one.

3) Create A Toolkit

Some resolutions require actual physical tools specific to the goal itself. This might be workout gear, new cooking equipment, or art supplies.

But there are other tools that you dont want to forget about and not all of them are as tangible as a pair of running shoes.

One of your strongest tools is going to be your support network. This could be a Facebook group full of people who share your goals. Or it might be a group of your friends that you check in with every now and then to keep you on-track.

You just need to find what works best for you, and then rely on that group when the going gets tough.

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Another important tool is a habit tracker. Some people prefer printable pen-and-paper versions. Others find phone apps the most useful. Still others prefer old-fashioned sticker charts.

The key is like with a support group finding the option that youre most likely to stick with and making it work for you.

The Takeaway

You can find lists with a hundred ways to help you keep your New Years resolutions, but the truth is that a few simple hacks are all you need.

When it comes to resolutions, its all about focus. Focusing your efforts, focusing your goals, and focusing your support.

Over time, you might find the rules of your resolution have become second nature. If this happens, theres no reason to wait for next year to set a new resolution!

Set yourself another goal using the same guidelines and keep pushing yourself closer to your ultimate goals.

4) Join Our Supportive Weight Loss & Health Community

Lets be honest about something. Each New Year, most of us resolve to be healthier, fitter, happier and by February, most of us are right back to our pre-resolution selves.

Its really hard to stick to big changes. Its not about needing to just try harderyou need support to help make your changes into habits. 

You know what made all the difference for me in actually losing weight and not just telling myself year after year that THIS would be the year I would slim down?

A community that fostered accountability, didnt judge me, and gave me support.

Before then, I had always tried to just do it on my own. I mean, I got myself into this problem (I guess I just love dessert too much!)… so I should get myself out on my own too, right?


Being accountable to someone and having them there to support me all the way through made everything feel easier and more doable. 

In fact, when I got that support, I finally lost 30 lbs!

So if youre ready to make this year the year that you finally reach your weight loss goal lose the weight & keep it off then you NEED the support of our Fit Trim Happy Facebook group.

Our Facebook group is where we can all share tips & tricks for weight loss stay accountable to each other (in a good way!)… and celebrate our progress together.

5) Choose The RIGHT Weight Loss Solution For YOU…

Finally, there’s not a “one size fits all” solution for losing weight.

You might be a person who struggles with cravings…

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