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New Research Reveals THIS Unpopular Diet Can Help You Lower Your Risk for Breast Cancer (Plus Lose More Weight)

April 22, 2021

How to Lose Weight & Boost Your Health With a Low-Fat Diet

New Research Reveals THIS Unpopular Diet Can Help You Lower Your Risk for Breast Cancer (Plus Lose More Weight)

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You know that eating fatty foods can make you chubby and isnt good for your cholesterol levels or heart health.

Low saturated fats are healthy, however, so you dont want to completely deprive yourself of fat. Decreasing high-saturated fat food consumption is a good goal.

In addition to helping lower your cholesterol levels, improve your heart health, and maybe shed a few extra pounds it looks like avoiding too many fatty foods can also lower your risk for cancers, including breast cancer.

New Research Reveals THIS Unpopular Diet Can Help You Lower Your Risk for Breast Cancer (Plus Lose More Weight)

Is There A Link Between Eating A Low-Fat Diet & Your Cancer Risk?

Scientists have found a link between dietary fat intake and some cancers, including esophagus, pancreas, colon and rectum, endometrium, kidney, gallbladder, ovarian, liver, prostate, stomach, mouth/larynx/pharynx, and postmenopausal breast cancer.

A long-term study of 39,000 postmenopausal women concluded that low-fat diets may reduce cancer risk and the risk of death in general. The participants, ages 50 to 79, were from 40 areas across the United States and had no history of breast cancer.

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Half of the subjects were given low-fat diet instructions, while the others ate a normal diet. The study attempted to reduce the low-fat diet groups fat intake to 20% or less of their daily calories.

Their diet consisted of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains. They were told to avoid high-fat meals and dairy products when possible. The other group was allowed 32% fat per day.

Women in the low-fat group followed the diet for about 8.5 years, and both groups were monitored for an average of nearly 20 years.

In the study, the subjects on low-fat diets cut their risk of dying from breast cancer by 21% and their risk of dying from other causes by 15%.

Interestingly, the 20% or less fat objective was not met but the subjects still saw the health benefits of eating a low-fat diet.

Subjects on the low-fat diet were able to keep their fat consumption to 25%. A 25% of fat per day objective is very achievable because it means a quarter of your food each day can contain fat.

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Thats great news because its not all that restrictive or difficult to attain. Low saturated fats are important for your body, so extremely low-fat diets arent healthy.

Fat is necessary because your body cant produce fatty acids without it. Vitamins A, D, and E require fat to be absorbed into your body.

New Research Reveals THIS Unpopular Diet Can Help You Lower Your Risk for Breast Cancer (Plus Lose More Weight)

How to Get Started On A Low-Fat Diet And Help Reduce Your Risk for Breast Cancer

The simplest ways to decrease fat in your diet is to reduce or even eliminate high-fat meat and dairy products.

Another helpful strategy is to cook with olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, or safflower oil, rather than butter or lard. When preparing foods, remember to bake, broil, roast, poach, or steam them instead of frying them.

Be Mindful of Meats

Foods containing the most saturated fat are beef, beef fat, pork, bacon, lamb, processed meats, hot dogs, some cold cuts, and breakfast sausages. Low saturated fat options include skinless chicken and turkey, fish, nuts, beans, eggs, and soy products like tofu.

And dont worry… Choosing a low-fat diet and avoiding high-fat foods doesnt mean you have to miss out on your favorite flavors.

For example, have you tried the Beyond Burger, Impossible Burger, Bubbas veggie burgers, or any of the other new vegetarian meat products?

The Beyond Burger looks, feels, and tastes like meat. In fact, many vegetarians feared that they were biting into actual meat when they first tasted them!

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Bean burgers are delicious, too. You dont have to be a vegan or vegetarian to enjoy and benefit from delicious and low-fat, plant-based foods.

If you havent had a Portobello burger, I recommend you try one. If you want to create your own, try this recipe.

Take a peek at the vegetarian section in your grocery store. Vegetarian sausages, bacon, and other foods taste similar to meat options.

A little mustard, ketchup, lettuce, and/or tomato makes the taste even more similar. Loma Linda hot dogs are delicious and vegan. (I order them online!)

Vegetarian meat crumbles like Morning Star Farms taste great in tacos, sloppy joes, chili, mixed into marinara sauce, lasagna, ziti, and in many other recipes. You can Google all sorts of vegetarian meatloaf-type recipes as well.

Decrease Your Dairy Intake

Dairy is full of fat. Whole milk and even 2% milk, cheese, cream, and ice cream are sources of saturated fat. Consuming a little is alright, but look for skim and low-fat options.

You can also try almond or rice milk for a low-fat alternative. Almond yogurt is delicious, especially with some fresh fruit tossed in. Almond creamer keeps coffee low in fat, too.

Be sure to check salad dressing and mayonnaise labels because many are loaded with fat.

The plant-based food market is exploding right now, and wonderful new items are constantly appearing on shelves and in the refrigerated section of grocery stores.

For example, Tofurky is making cheesecakes and plant-based pockets. Take a look near the ice cream section in your grocery store and youll find many low-fat, dairy-free frozen desserts.

If you want more info about vegan food options, check out this article about new vegan products that are both scrumptious and low in fat.

Keep in mind that lots of sugar-free foods may have lots of fat to enhance the flavor. If a label promises a product is low-calorie, it can be high in saturated fats. Sneaky!

Fill Your Diet With Fruits, Veggies & Whole Grains

The best way to change your diet is gradually. Experimenting with healthier, low-fat meals can be fun and easy.

You know youre on a journey to benefit your health and body (and weight), and there are easy ways to fill your meals and snacks with fruits, veggies, and other low-fat, healthy foods.

Here are a few ideas of how to incorporate more fruits, veggies and whole grains into daily meals and snacks:

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1) Throw a few fresh fruits in the blender with some frozen fruit (or ice) for a frothy and fabulous smoothie. Try adding kale or another leafy green to create a superfood concoction. Here are a bunch of great smoothie recipes.

2) Berries are delicious and healthy. Mix up a berry salad to keep in the fridge so you can grab a handful or bowlful for a healthy snack. Try this yummy and simple recipe for fruit tarts.

3) Dips and dressings make veggies irresistible. Read the labels to make sure they arent full of fat.

Maries Greek Balsamic salad dressing is low fat and mostly natural. Its also lick-the-plate good! Chop up red cabbage or your favorite vegetable(s) and mix it with the dressing. Mmmm!

You can also make your own healthy and delightful dressings.

Dip veggies in low-fat yogurt or hummus. Here are some healthy and delectable dip recipes if you want to make your own.

4) You can find countless veggie recipes online. Heres a tasty recipe for ratatouille.

The study on the connection between a low-fat diet and a decreased risk of breast cancer needs to be published in a peer-reviewed journal before its official… but the preliminary results are very promising!

In the meantime, theres no downside to lowering your fat intake moderately. Youll keep your heart healthy and your cholesterol low.

You will also probably lose weight, too, if you choose healthy foods most of the time and eat in moderation.

low fat diet benefits

The Secret Benefit of Low-Fat Foods That Supercharges Your Weight Loss

So what do these low-fat diet approved foods (legumes, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains) have in common?

(Besides being low in fat, of course!)

Theyre the kind of foods that feed a very specific type of bacteria that is found in abundance in skinny peoples guts.

Interestingly, these same bacteria are not as plentiful in overweight peoples guts!

These skinny gut bacteria were recently discovered by Dr. Steven Masley one of the top TV weight loss doctors in the world

And this may surprise you, but he found that these bacteria have a bigger impact on weight loss than many diets or exercise programs.

So rather than becoming a gym rat or starting on a trendy starvation diet try feeding these helpful gut bacteria instead for effortless fat loss.

Heres what these bacteria are, plus how to get the optimal amount in your gut ASAP:

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