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Losing Weight In Your 50s Is Easy With These 5 Simple Steps

March 31, 2022

How To Lose Weight In Your 50s

Losing Weight In Your 50s Is Easy With These 5 Simple Steps

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When we hit our 50s, weight loss can become tough.

It doesnt even always have to do with the age.

Sometimes, you might become more sedentary, or maybe slip back into old habits. Perhaps your routine has lapsed there are tons of different reasons.

But, here you are: in your 50s and looking to lose weight.

The good thing? This is no problem!

You can lose weight no matter what your age. The big thing is how you go about doing it.

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Maybe when you were in your 20s, you could just hit the gym for four hours a day and keep eating unhealthy and that fast metabolism would do the trick.

Unfortunately, thats probably no longer the case. But (fortunately), it is really easy to make small lifestyle changes and see BIG results!

Dont believe me that you can lose weight in your 50s? This study shows you can do it even in your 60s and beyond!

So, now that Ive convinced you that its possible, Im sure youre waiting for me to get to that important how. Here are just some of the ways to lose weight as a woman in your 50s:

Losing Weight In Your 50s Is Easy With These 5 Simple Steps

1) Eat out less.

So, maybe youve settled down with a family or you have that group of girlfriends that youve been friends with for years. Maybe your kids are out of the house now, so youve all got more time to go out and really enjoy yourself!

There are a few problems with this, though.

First of all, its a lot easier to pick something unhealthy when you have ENDLESS options to choose from (and when you arent seeing exactly what goes into the meal). This brings me to the second issue: What, exactly, are you eating?

Furthermore, portions are usually really big when you eat out, causing you to overeat.

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The easy solution to this is to spend time at home with people you care about. This can end up being REALLY fun, actually.

Instead of doing date night or girls night eating out, pick a house to go to and pick a meal that everyone can join in on making.

This way, you know exactly what youre eating you can portion control better and youre able to pick a healthier food option than you may have if you ate out.

2) Get more sleep.

This is a big issue with people over 50, and sleep is essential to weight loss. Try to get seven or eight hours of sleep every night.

If this is tough, Im a big fan of occasionally taking melatonin. Your body naturally produces this to help with sleep so taking some before you sleep can aid in having a better nights sleep.

Try not to use it every day, because you can build up a tolerance to it!

Sleeping more will help your brain be rested, which allows you to make better decisions about food choices. Lack of sleep dulls the brains frontal lobe, which is responsible for decision-making and impulse control.

Sleeping also helps your metabolism!

Losing Weight In Your 50s Is Easy With These 5 Simple Steps

3) Decrease your calories.

After your 20s, you typically need around 150 less calories every decade. This is because your body naturally tends to lose muscle and gain fat.

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When you hit your 50s, this decrease can become even more dramatic, according to the American Council on Exercise. So, make sure youre not eating too many calories because this could be a big reason why it has been tough to lose weight!

4) Slow down when you eat.

One study showed that when people took 30 seconds in between each bite, they ended up stopping when they were full.

Slowing down how long it takes you to eat can really help with weight loss! It allows your body to fully understand when you are full and therefore its an easy way to prevent overeating (which Im definitely guilty of!)

Losing Weight In Your 50s Is Easy With These 5 Simple Steps

5) Indulge your cravings with just a few bites.

As usual, I like to throw in an idea that allows us to satisfy those unhealthy cravings! Its important to enjoy life so I personally think its pretty unrealistic to just ban myself from (for example) eating chocolate cake forever.

Instead, when Im really craving dessert or something a little unhealthy (I try to limit this to once or twice a week)… Ill let myself eat the food, but only a few bites.

This way, Im able to satisfy my cravings without going overboard and ruining my whole day by eating a massive slice of cake or an entire bowl of ice cream!

So, these are just a few tips to get started with weight loss. Remember, healthy living is a lifestyle, and its also a process.

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Be mindful of what youre eating, how much youre eating, and what you are doing in your life. Make sure your life choices reflect the decision youve made to live a healthy lifestyle!

And, last but not leasthave fun! Weight loss in your late 50s IS possible, and it doesnt have to be a chore.

6) Take a weight loss supplement thats proven to work.

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