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Flatten Your Stomach While Flattening the Curveó7 Fun (& Effective) Tips To Lose Weight During Lockdown

April 13, 2020

How To Lose Weight During Lockdown

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We are in the middle of a global pandemic. There is no way to sugarcoat that. And even if there were, it wouldnt do anyone any good.

Right now, the best things we can do are to follow the mandates to stay home and to practice social distancing while taking extra care to wash our hands.

But as nice as staying at home all day sounds in theory most of us are finding it hard to live with in practice. This is especially true of anyone trying to lose weight or simply avoid gaining any extra pounds.

Staying at home all dayfor most peopleleads to snacking. And theyre rarely healthy snacks!

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Its also harder to be active when youre stuck at home all day. Thankfully, there are a few ways to avoid or counter these pitfalls. You just have to get a little creative.

Here are 7 fun, easy, and effective tips for losing weight during lockdown:

1) Try To Limit Junk Food

This tip probably sounds obvious but I can tell you first-hand that its harder than it sounds. And Im someone that usually has no problem skipping hot dogs and potato chips unless Im at a cookout!

Grocery shortages, limited shopping opportunities, and a lot of time at home mean that more and more people are turning to shelf-stable comfort food. This can often equate to junk food.

But your higher stress levels and limited exercise options also mean that you have less chance to work off the effects of your food choices. So avoiding junk food is the first step you must take if you want to avoid weight gainor possibly lose weightduring this period of isolation.

So if you can, opt for fruit over candy and popcorn over chips. Theyll give you much the same satisfaction, but with more fiber and (usually) less sugar or salt.

It might not always be possibleand you might still want your comfort foodbut skipping junk food even a day or two out of the week right now will make a big difference overall.

2) Take Up Yoga

Yoga has been one of the go-to home workouts for years, so youve probably heard this suggestion before. But right now is a really good time for it.

Yoga will help improve your flexibility, while the measured pace of it can help reduce stress. 

If you already do yoga, try a more aggressive version. YouTube channels like Yoga with Adrienne offer a wide range of practice options.

From cardio workouts to easy morning routines, they can help you shake the stiff muscles that come from isolation. And if Adrienne isnt your style, there are plenty of other channels that all offer free full-length yoga routines.

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You dont need special equipment, either. Yoga mats are largely designed to keep people from sliding and to keep your yoga clothes more or less clean. The same effect can be achieved on a regular rug or a towel, depending on the type of flooring you have.

The best part about yoga is that its easy to do and easy to access. This applies even to people with limited mobility. In most cases, there are variations on the different poses that account for limited flexibility or mobility.

You might have to search online for a variation that works for you but one is probably out there. That means you can rock the yoga routine thats right for you!

3) Find A (Free) Online Workout

Despite its versatility, yoga is not everyones sort of activity. And thats okay!

There are usually just as many workout videos on YouTube as there are yoga videos, if not more. XHit Daily is a great channel for people who want a targeted mix of bodyweight and hand weight exercises, for example.

The current situation, however, has led some people to create different sources where people can get home workouts. Actors like Chris Hemsworth are posting free workout videos online for people who need a little more challenge. Many trainers are getting in on this as well.

If youd rather not follow along with a video, there are apps that turn exercise into a game. And, luckily, many of them are free.

Apps like 7-Minute Superhero and Zombies Run give you a storyline to follow and goals to work towards. You can modify them to fit your level and abilities, then turn your workout into a game!

4) Go for A Walk

Before trying out this next tip, be sure that you check the rules governing your state and city. The federal mandatesat time of writing this articlestill encourage people to get fresh air while maintaining a 6-foot gap from other people.

Many cities and states are suggesting the same thing but some feel that even this is too risky, depending on the population density and current number of cases in the area. So be sure to check local rules so you are not putting yourself or others in danger.

But if you can, get outside for a walk. Keep the appropriate distance from other people, but take a few laps around the block.

In some places, you can still hike and go for jogs as well. Even bike rides are allowed so long as the same distance rules are applied.

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An easy way to remember the distance rulealbeit a funny way to remember itis to think of the movie Pride and Prejudice (or other Jane Austen or Regency-period movies). People in the movieunless they were close family or marriedstayed several feet apart for propriety’s sake.

If you can safely imagine the distance between you and another person as a scene from similar movies, you should be at a safe distance!

5) Turn It Into A Challenge

If youre like me, exercising is not your favorite thing to do. When youre stuck at home, your options are even more limited.

That is why media-based challenges are so much fun.

A quick online search will yield workouts based on just about everything from Star Wars to Marvel to South Park and back. Some of these workouts set certain goals to be met while you watch a show or movie.

One Harry Potter challenge, for example, has you do 10 jumping jacks every time someone says Harrys name and 20 squats whenever someone says Voldemorts.

Other challenges are more like themed workouts. If youre a fan of sci-fi television, you can find workouts online that simulate what Starfleet cadets might go through during their physical training sessions. Or you might find a Jedi knight workout, complete with lightsaber training.

If youre not part of any particular fandom, you can still find challenges that suit your needs! There are countless daily challenges that you can try.

Some level you up slowly so you go from one pushup to 40 or 50 in a couple of weeks. Others get you moving with exercises you might not have tried before.

Whatever your flavor, there is probably a workout online that you can add to your daily routine. And if you cant find one, you can always take an existing workout (or a couple) and alter them until they fit the sorts of things that motivate you!

6) Have An At-Home Dance Party

Humans as a species love to dance. Its something that appears in every single culture throughout history.

Its role and form vary from place to place and time to time but overall, people love to dance.

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This is just as true today as it has ever been. Most of us, however, worry that we dont know how. We worry about looking silly and so tend not to dance when anyone else can see us. 

That makes right now the perfect time for a one-person (or a family) dance party!

You can look up dance moves online using YouTube or other similar sites. Or just make a playlist of songs that get you moving and turn down the lights in your living room.

Its just you and beatand your neighbors if you dont use headphoneswhich means you can get as simple or as crazy as you want.

If you want something a little more structured, you can try the workouts on this list. Or if youre in the mood for a little online shopping, you can look for workout DVDs in almost any style of dance. From salsa to barre to bellydancing, all of it makes for a great workout.

The Takeaway

Being stuck in one place for any real length of time isnt easy but there are ways to reduce the effect that this situation will have on your waistline. Whether your changes start in the kitchen or a dance hall you turn your living room into, find what works for you.

Dont worry about making habits that will stick when the restrictions are lifted, despite how often you might hear that advice. Just focus on making each day the best you can.

That is how well all get through this: taking each day as it comes, following the guidelines, and helping each other stay healthy!

7) Try A Doctor-Recommended Probiotic

One of the main issues so many of us are facing during lockdown can also contribute HUGELY to weight gain:

Lack of diet diversity.

If youre eating the same thing every day (or variations on the same 3-4 dishes)… not only will you experience palate fatigue, and youll likely lose the motivation to keep cooking

but youll also end up craving more variety in the form of salty snacks, sugary drinks, and sweet treats which, if your family is anything like mine, seem to *always* magically reappear in the house.

And ordering takeout from a different restaurant every night isnt really any better especially when so many are offering comfort food and dishes that will warm your soul but arent exactly great for your waistline.

(Last time my partner and I ordered from our favorite French restaurant, I tried to be good and got a salad but when I saw the steak frites my partner ordered, I knew I HAD to have some and ended up eating half of his fries ugh!)

Thats why so many doctors recommend taking a probiotic supplement, especially right now.

With the right probiotic, not only will you experience more energy, increased immunity, better digestion, and fewer cravings [1]… but your body will naturally transform more of the foods you eat into fuel and NOT fat thats stored in your thighs, belly, and upper arms.

But which probiotic is the right one?

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