Lisa’s Success Story: “FloraSpring Helped Me Lose Weight & Fit Into Clothes I NEVER Thought I’d Wear Again!”

Hi, Im Lisa. Ive been on a journey to lose 20 pounds pretty much forever.

And at my age, thats much easier said than done.

My metabolism wasn’t what it used to be, and due to some health issues, it slowed down even more, but I refused to give up.

Even worse, I would crave sugar in the morning with my coffee and also snack a lot throughout the day.

My hardest time of the day is usually when I start off in the morning with my coffee because, being of Hispanic descent, we have a tendency of liking our bread with butter and dipping it in our coffee or crackers or something sweet.

I grew up with that. So it was something that I found hard to fight with.

Ive tried every kind of diet and gimmick out there. I even tried caffeine pills–they made me really jittery, angry, and moody, so I really didnt like that.

So I was looking for something that wouldnt change who I am. And something that was natural, and that would actually work.

Ill admit–the first few days I took FloraSpring, I wasnt sure that it was working. I had a friend tell me that her appetite stopped right away, and, me, in the beginning, I didn’t, but I said, “You know what? Stick it out. It’s natural, it’s healthier

So I gave it a week or so, and I started feeling the difference, and I would tell my friends, “Everyone’s different, but it can’t hurt to try FloraSpring.

After taking FloraSpring, I felt that my cravings weren’t as strong as they were before. I started making healthier choices with my breakfast, especially, which was one of the hardest parts for me.

I started making better choices with lunch and dinner and exercising more because I started feeling better about myself because I wasn’t craving those sweets.

And just the fact that I was making better choices, I was proud of what I was doing, and it inspired me and pushed me to keep trying even harder.

I felt the difference in my energy throughout the day because I didn’t have that sugar rush and then crash.

I didn’t feel as bloated as I used to at times, and a lot of the acid reflux wasn’t bothering me anymore that I used to have.

Because of all of this, I just became more confident. I would take more time in figuring out what I wanted to wear that day because I had this confidence and I wanted to look my best.

I’ve actually gone in the closet and found things that I thought I would never wear again or dresses that wouldn’t zip up, and I just hid in the back of the closet and now Im wearing those smaller clothes again and they look great on me!

And I wanted to show that I was losing the weight, and everyone was noticing it, and it just made me feel even better.

My family, my coworkers, they were like, “Oh, my God, whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” It gave me the boost that I needed to stay on my journey.

I was just amazed, and it gave me more confidence and it pushed me to even continue on my journey. And so I just keep taking FloraSpring and exercising more so that I can finally really reach my ending weight goal.

I cant recommend Floraspring enough! And really what helped a lot was watching this lost episode about FloraSpring by Dr. Steven Masley.

Dr. Masley owns his own boutique practice in Florida plus he has his own show on public television. And he breaks down the science behind FloraSpring in a really simple, plain English way right here:

Dr. Masleys Lost TV Episode on How FloraSpring Can Help YOU Lose Weight Too!

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