June 2


The Surprising, Science-Backed Truth About Gluten

June 2, 2020

Is Gluten Actually Bad For You? Heres The Scientific Truth

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Hey, everyone! Tara here again.

One thing Im sure youve noticed about the weight loss world is that opinions seem to be changing constantly about which foods are good for you and which ones are AWFUL for you.

Eggs are a great example! It seems not long ago that we were being warned about the high cholesterol content in eggs and we were advised to eat eggs only in moderation

But today? Eggs are regarded as a very healthy food!

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So, it kind of depends on which science & research you look at and whom you listen to.

And sometimes, the weight loss industry just needs to do more research to find out the truth about those foods!

The list of foods and types of foods / nutrients that have been villainized by the weight loss world could go on & on including fats carbs dairy and much more.

One of the trendy ones lately is gluten. It seems that 20 years ago the only people who cared about gluten in their food were those with celiac disease or other conditions that made them sensitive to gluten.

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But in recent years, more and more people (researchers & doctors included) have spoken out about gluten. If you listened to all of them youd conclude that eating gluten is pretty much the same thing as eating poison!

So, is it true? Is gluten actually really bad for you?

Thats the question Im diving into today and the answer might surprise you!

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Hi, everyone!

This is Tara with Fit Trim Happy, and I am a certified nutrition coach here to answer some questions today.

Today’s question is: “Is gluten bad for you?”

So, it’s important to know that there are certain conditions… like celiac disease… where gluten is terrible for you, in fact. However, from an overall health perspective gluten won’t cause terrible harm to someone who doesn’t have one of these disorders.

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With that said, the problem with gluten is that it turns into kind of a paste in your intestines… and this blocks up your system. It causes inflammation and bloat… so it’s terrible for gut health.

So again, it’s something to keep in moderation. Check labelsa lot of labels right now will tell you whether something is gluten free.

My advice is to stay away from it as much as you can.

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How To Quickly & Safely Unclog Your Digestive System

This next part is a little bit gross and controversial but I promise you it will help you lose weight!

Lets talk about gluten clogging your digestive system

When your digestive system is clogged not only does that mean that waste doesnt get out properly and can literally build up on your insides adding pounds to your body…

But it also means that food isnt getting digested as well as it should. Youre not absorbing vital vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to operate at peak efficiency.

Heres a quick test:

  • You put on weight and cant seem to lose it no matter what you doeven when you give up all your favorite foods
  • You get bloated, and have no idea why
  • You experience brain fog and feel like you are struggling to get through everything you need to do
  • You feel like you have to drag yourself through your day, feeling fatigued, even after a full 8 hours of sleep
  • You store fat in problem areas like your hips and belly

If youve experienced any of these, theres a good chance that youve actually been suffering from a clogged digestive system.

If you suspect that might be the case for you before doing anything rash like buying a truckload of enemas, getting a colonic, or buying a metric ton of kale

Id highly recommend trying this non-invasive option instead.

Its a collection of 5 probiotic strains that help get your digestive system right they steadily eat through any clogs in there like Liquid Plumber for your insides

Not only that but these 5 probiotic strains are doctor-recommended and scientifically proven to help you poop out more bad stuff (like fat!)… and better digest the food you eat.

If youre looking for a safe way to unclog your digestive system (and lose weight fast)… I highly recommend them:

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