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THIS Is How Many Hours You Need to Intermittent Fast to Lose Weight, According to Doctors

July 9, 2021

How Long SHOULD You Intermittent Fast For Max Fat Burn? Doctors Have The Answer

THIS Is How Many Hours You Need to Intermittent Fast to Lose Weight, According to Doctors

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Fasting: its not just for monks.

Fasting is the buzzword in the wellness world these days, as health experts sing its praises.

Does it help with weight loss? Prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease? Improve gut health and digestion?

Experts agree that intermittent fasting could have benefits in all of these areas!

But how should you get started? Choosing a fasting method can be as confusing as choosing a new pair of shoes.

There are so many different kinds of fasts a lady can tryfrom fasting one day a week, to trying the 16:8 method, to taking a hunger strike until she gets a raise Wait, forget that last one.

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But seriously, when it comes to a good fasting structureone that will help you with weight loss without making you miserable and hungry all the timehows a gal to choose?

What counts as a fast, after all, and how can fasting help you with weight loss?

I mean, I fasted between breakfast and lunch today. That counts, right!?

Well, the short answer isnot quite.

Ive broken down different methods of intermittent fasting for you, so you can learn the benefits of each and choose whats best for you.

THIS Is How Many Hours You Need to Intermittent Fast to Lose Weight, According to Doctors

Fasting Method #1: 12 Hours Minimum

Doctors agree that fasting for less than twelve hours doesnt really count as fasting. 

Of course, its fine to eat a snack before bed, and then wake up feeling hungry for breakfast. Some peoples bodies feel best this way, and fasting isnt for everyone! 

But if you want to get the long-term health benefits and weight loss perks of regular fasting, youll have to go at least twelve hours each day. 

A person with a fast metabolism might be just fine with a 12-hour daily fast. 

Fasting Method #2: 14-18 Hours Is The Sweet Spot

For folks hoping to fast-track weight loss, fasting longer than 12 hours, and shooting for 14-18 instead, is ideal, doctors explain. 

When your body shifts from digestion to fat-burning, this state is called ketosis.

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This typically happens 12-22 hours after you eat a meal. At this point, youve used up all your stores of glycogen (fast energy). Your body turns to burning fat.

Thats probably why the 16:8 formulaeating for eight hours a day and fasting for sixteenis one of the most popular.

But this method doesnt work for everyone. Some people find they need a longer fasting window to see results.

Of course, 12-22 hours of fasting is a pretty big range! Depending on the speed of your metabolism, you might see the weight loss benefits of fasting for shorter or longer periods.

If a 16:8 ratio isnt working for your unique body, try lengthening the period of your fast.

THIS Is How Many Hours You Need to Intermittent Fast to Lose Weight, According to Doctors

Fasting Method #3: The Real Magic Happens At 24 Hours

Obviously, its possible to fast for too long. Theres a big difference between fasting and starving yourself, or indulging in unhealthy, restrictive eating patterns.  

Remember, fasting should never be a punishment, and should be a complement to a healthy, rich, and varied diet! 

But if you feel positive about fasting and want to try a full 24 hours, you might start to notice some awesome stuff. 

At 24 hours, the body enters a process called autophagy.

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During autophagy, your cells basically clean house. They get rid of unnecessary junk and renew themselves.

Think about how good you feel when you take a box of stuff to the thrift store!

Thats how your cells feel after a fast. Autophagy can prevent disease by reducing inflammation. It can be a great way to boost your health.

But be careful not to overdo it!

If a 24-hour fast works for you, doctors and nutritionists recommend trying it a few times per month, spaced out.

Of course, when youre not fasting, make sure to eat plenty of healthy, whole foods.

Try this practice for decades, and you could see some impressive weight loss and health benefits.

THIS Is How Many Hours You Need to Intermittent Fast to Lose Weight, According to Doctors

Fasting Method #4: The Long Haul (36 Hours)

The 36-hour fast is not for the faint of heart. (Nor should it be attempted without assistance from a medical professional.) 

If you have any decorations, pets, children, or significant others who in any way resemble food, you probably want to hide them from view the first time you try this fast.  

Just kidding. A properly executed fast shouldnt make you feel hungry enough to saut your chihuahua or roast your dachshund. But a 36-hour fast is no joke. 

What are the benefits? 

A 36-hour fast might be helpful to people with type 2 diabetes, according to doctors and other experts. This is likely because of the way fasting effects insulin levels.

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However, a fast of this length should only be undertaken with the help of a doctor. And it probably wont give you special benefits unless youre experiencing chronic disease. 


There you have it: some fasting options I cant wait to try outas soon as I finish this Big Mac.

Just kidding. But seriously, fasting can be a great way to lose weight and improve your health all around. 

The most important thing to do, experts say, is to choose a fasting method that works for you for the long-term. 

After all, like all the best things in life, the benefits of intermittent fasting may take years to realize. But the effort you put in will likely be worth it!


intermittent fasting tips

How To Easily Boost Your Intermittent Fasting Fat Burn Power

The ideal time to intermittent fast is obviously overnight.

After all, you have 6-8 hours where youre not eating anything

So you just need to move dinner up a little bit or skip breakfast, and youre all set for the day.

However if you do choose to intermittent fast at night

There are 3 simple things you can do to boost your weight loss as you fast.

Theyre really low-effort, and dont involve working out, so you arent going to be running mindlessly on a treadmill without having eaten anything for hours and hours–dont worry about it!

And one can even be done with the flick of a wrist or pushirpa of a button before bedtime

Heres what these 3 Lose Weight as You Sleep tips are, and how to start using them as soon as tonight:

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