New Study: How THIS Food-Based Secret Can Give You Clear, Glowing Skin (Without $$$ Creams & Serums)

By Shelby Talcott | 16 February 2021 1927 views
how to make your skin glow

Get Healthy, Beautiful Skin With This Food-Based Secret… Plus, Lose More Weight!

New Study: How THIS Food-Based Secret Can Give You Clear, Glowing Skin (Without $$$ Creams & Serums)

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Okay. I don’t know about you, but one of the most annoying things for me is when I have skin problems.

Acne, eczema, blackheads, psoriasis – you name it, and I’ve probably had it! There’s nothing more embarrassing than waking up before a big event, a job interview, or even just going to work and looking in the mirror to see something staring right back at you.

The worst part? I have tried everything – creams, face masks, even prescriptions!

Basically, I throw money at products that promise to fix my skin.

But, these problems always seem to come back.

One solution?

You named it: my gut health.

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As you probably know, gut health is really important! Having enough good live bacteria can make so much difference in your life. It benefits our heart, prevents loads of diseases, and can even promote weight loss.

Did you know that a ton of studies have shown that good gut bacteria can also improve our skin?

New Study: How THIS Food-Based Secret Can Give You Clear, Glowing Skin (Without $$$ Creams & Serums)

How Does Gut Health Affect Your Skin?

We have live bacteria on our skin and inside us – I know, that sounds gross. But, it kind of makes sense that if we can figure out what to do with these little dudes, then we can make them work in our favor!

Basically, the gut controls some immune cells while managing the body’s inflammatory pathways and can affect our immune system, as well as a ton of other parts of our body.

This includes our skin! Makes sense to me.

The bottom line here is that a bad gut can show itself through bad skin.

It’s like a little kid who is sick. He doesn’t necessarily know how to tell his mom that he is sick, so his body does it for him by making him feel bad. Then, he starts breaking down – the crying, the tantrums, you name it.

If you have skin problems, your body may very well be throwing its own tantrum! It could be saying, “Hello! You are putting horrible things into me! I don’t like it!!”

So, how do we get a healthy gut?

Probiotics! Probiotics! Probiotics!

I seriously can’t say that word enough. Probiotics are essential to improving our gut health.


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Probiotics are good live microbes. We need these in our guts because they help nutrients from the food we eat to absorb properly.

Probiotics are found in fermented foods, including kimchi and sauerkraut. These are just some examples of probiotic-rich foods that would be great to add to your diet.

They’re easy and really good for your gut – therefore, they are really good for your skin!

Am I just saying this? Is this one of those “fads?” Definitely not.

There is more and more research coming out about the relationship between our skin and our gut every single day.

This study showed a correlation between gut health and how our skin looked and felt. They found that there was an intimate connection between the two, particularly between our skin and our gut microbiome.

Specifically, the study found that gut health contributed to three common skin disorders – acne, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis.

So, how do we figure out if we just have bad genetics with skin or if it is our gut that’s causing these problems?

New Study: How THIS Food-Based Secret Can Give You Clear, Glowing Skin (Without $$$ Creams & Serums)

The Connection Between Your Skin & Your Overall Health

One way to see this is to think about how long you have had these skin problems. Many people have had them on and off for their entire lives – stress, bad eating habits, not enough sleep, and more are just some everyday factors that can affect our skin.

Couple these with a bad diet and poor eating habits, and it’s a done deal!

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What I have noticed is that no matter what products I go out and buy, my skin issues always come back. Does this sound familiar?

Maybe it’s time to try something new.

Here is a really easy solution that probably sounds just a little familiar by now – probiotics and gut health!

Take care of what you eat. Add a lot more probiotics to your food. You can eat more yogurt, more fermented foods, pickled cucumbers, kefir, miso soup…the list goes on!

All of these are probiotic foods that have the added benefit of being really healthy and great for weight loss.

You’re killing two birds with one stone! Or, rather, about a hundred birds with one stone, since doing something as simple as adding probiotics can benefit our healthy gut bacteria, which in turn benefits our bodies in so many ways.

At the end of the day, our gut is connected to the rest of our body. Our bodies are literally just one big highway with exits – it all connects, but there are detours you can take along the way.

If there is a huge accident on the highway, it’s going to trickle and affect everything else on that highway.

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Just like that highway, if something goes wrong in our body, it will affect everything! This includes your skin.

If you are like me and have tried everything under the sun to help your skin disorder, start thinking gut health. Start adding probiotics into your diet.

It will improve your gut health, and a healthy gut is a healthy life.


how to make your skin glow

Try These 7 Delicious, Healthy Desserts for Glowing Skin, A Healthy Gut & Max Fat Burn (Yes, Really!)

So, adding probiotic-rich foods to your diet is a great start to improving your gut health…

Which can help you get that healthy, glowing skin you want!

What else can you do to boost your gut health…and in turn, your skin health?

Try these 7 delicious, no-guilt desserts.

I know, dessert might not sound like the obvious answer for improving your gut and your skin…

However, the ingredients in these desserts are also great for boosting your gut health!

And as we know, a healthy gut can mean healthy skin…

A healthy immune system…

Increased fat burn…

And max weight loss!

So, next time you’re craving a sweet treat late at night, try whipping up one of these delicious, no-guilt dessert recipes.

I’m personally obsessed with the fudge brownie recipe right now! (It tastes so decadent for being gluten-free!)

Try it out tonight for a tasty treat with all of the health benefits but none of the regret:

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