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These Tips Make Whole30 Fun And Easy

July 9, 2020

15 Simple Tips For Making Success On Whole30 Easy & Fun

These Tips Make Whole30 Fun And Easy

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The Whole30 Program is very popular and not just because some people lose lots of weight on it.

As you may know, the plan is designed to help you determine if certain foods are affecting your health, energy level, mood, and digestion. 

A quick recap of Whole30: The process begins with the elimination of sugar, soy, alcohol, MSG (food enhancer monosodium glutamate), dairy, legumes, sulfites, carrageenan, and paleo desserts for 30 days. This enables you to find out if your body is sensitive to those foods. 

The good news is you are allowed to consume seafood, red/white/sweet potatoes, eggs, meat, vegetables, fruit, seeds, and healthy fats. Its kind of a paleo-fest (minus the paleo desserts because they have sugar).

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The best news of all is that you are strictly prohibited from counting calories or weighing yourself. What a gift!

No figuring out how many calories are in each bite of food and never stepping on the cruel and mocking scale!

After 30 days, you slowly reintroduce the eliminated foods back into your diet, one at a time so you can figure out which foods or additives have a negative effect on your body. 

The diet was created by certified sports nutritionists Melissa Hartwig Urban and Dallas Hartwig. They published Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom in 2009. It all began when Dallas was suffering from shoulder pain and started researching inflammation.

Now, their website offers a blog, forum, advice, books, podcasts, recipes, meal plans, coaches, advice specifically for pregnant women and moms, Whole30-approved food brands, and more. The program is free when accessed online.

People report having lots of energy while following the diet. Some say they no longer suffer from back pain.

Others have stopped napping because they have more energy. Another impressive result has been the disappearance of sugar (and other) cravings! Sign me up!

However, because the Whole30 program is quite restrictive many people find it difficult to stick to.

To ensure that you are successful on Whole30 and that you see healthy weight loss (and other great health benefits!)… here are some tips to make Whole30 easier and more fun:

These Tips Make Whole30 Fun And Easy

1) Remember That Its Temporary

Its 30 days, which is challenging but theres an end in sight. Its important to keep the duration in mind because youll need to do lots of food shopping, prep, and cooking.

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2) Throw Out Foods Youre Not Supposed to Eat

If you know its in the cabinet, youll be fantasizing about it and at risk of devouring it. Dont sabotage yourself.

The simplest way to avoid going off-program is to simply get rid of any foods you shouldnt be eating on Whole30. If they arent in your house, you cant eat them!

3) Dont Binge Before You Start

It might be tempting to load up on non-Whole30 foods before starting the program. However, its best not to do this.

Binging before starting the Whole30 program will make it feel even more restrictive and will get you in the wrong mindset. You want to follow Whole30 because you want to improve your health not because you want to restrict your food intake.

Make it easier on yourself by eating as normal up until the program starts.

These Tips Make Whole30 Fun And Easy

4) A Program Partner (Or Partners) Will Cut Your Cooking Time in Half

If you have a friend or family member who is doing Whole30 too you can share meals! 

Exchanging food is a great way to reduce the time you spend sweating over the stove. Also, a program buddy provides emotional support and encouragement!

5) Buy Precut Veggies & Fruits

You should take advantage of any shortcuts you can find or create! Buying precut produce will cut out some of your chopping time.

6) Buy Pre-Boiled Eggs

It might seem a little lazy, but eggs may become a huge part of your life. If you dont have to boil them constantly, youll have time to focus on cooking other things or perhaps to engage in non-culinary activities.

These Tips Make Whole30 Fun And Easy

7) Use A Slow Cooker

Any device that enables you to go about your life while food is being cooked is heartily recommended!

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8) Make A Few Meals Before You Start & Freeze Them

Did I mention that this eating plan requires rigorous food preparation? Eliminating processed foods means rarely eating at restaurants indulging in pre-packaged foods or ordering meals in. 

Because youll be cooking fresh food for yourself, its helpful to have some back-up meals ready in the freezer. If you are exhausted after work youll have a meal ready when youre not up to whipping up a Whole30 masterpiece.

9) Make A Shopping List & Stick To It

If you go off-list, you run the risk of going off-program. Making a shopping list in advance and sticking to it can be key to the meal prep you need.

Youll need to be strategic. Purchase things that can be used in two or three different meals.

These Tips Make Whole30 Fun And Easy

10) Sauces Are Saviors

There are delicious sauces allowed on the Whole30 eating plan. Master a few of those and you can vary your meals and keep them interesting.

This blogger shared some of her favorite Whole30 sauce recipes. She also suggested keeping Whole30 uncomplicated.

Dont get overwhelmed by fancy recipes. Experiment with simple meals. The easier it is for you to follow, the longer youll be able to stick to Whole30.

11) Have Whole30-Compliant Snacks On-Hand

Larabars, RX BARs, Epic Bars, almonds, and apples or banana slices with almond butter are your friends. Keep snacks accessible for emergencies as well as daily consumption.

When you go unprepared without a snack or a plan youre much more likely to end up eating something that isnt Whole30-compliant.

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12) Leftovers Will Keep You Sane

Want to cook less often and take the guesswork out of prepping a lunch to take to work with you?

Make enough for leftovers so you wont have to prepare lunch the next day, unless you want to

These Tips Make Whole30 Fun And Easy

13) Consult Pinterest, Instagram & The Internet

Millions of people have followed the Whole30 program and lots of them share their recipes and helpful hints online.

This woman blogged about making the diet easy, shared some simple recipes, and made a list of the best foods to buy.

Take advantage of sage advice from all of the people out there who have done it and mastered how to make the plan tasty with the least amount of effort! 

14) Try To Avoid Challenging Food Situations

You can eat certain things at restaurants so make sure you know whats okay to have before you go. If you know which restaurant youre going to ahead of time, look up their menu and find a meal that is Whole30-friendly.

Parties and office birthday cakes are danger zones. Fill up beforehand at home or bring your own food with you so your belly wont be growling for non-compliant foods.

15) Clean Up As You Cook

This tip isnt so much about how to eat on the Whole30 program but rather how to make the entire process easier! Fill the dishwasher as you use each bowl, pan, utensil, etc. while cooking.

With lots of food creation comes many dirty utensils and bowls! You dont want to have a sink overflowing with items to clean after you finally get your meal ready.

And finally we know it can be difficult to find Whole30 recipes that are both tasty and approachable. Here are some Fit Trim Happy Whole30 recipes that youll love!

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I have a pretty controversial confession to make:

EVERY time Ive tried Whole30 I drop off somewhere between day 17-21.

Its really tough to stay compliant especially when the Whole30 program is so darned tough to follow.

However even if you make it that far Id consider it a BIG WIN for you.

Thats because thats still 17-21 days that you ate really clean and healthy and that got your body ready to really melt off some pounds.

Heres the problem though:

Whenever youre done with Whole30 whether its 14 days 19 days or well the whole 30…

You simply MUST avoid the rebound 14.

Thats the two weeks AFTER Whole30 where people typically give in to temptation and reward themselves with all of the delicious (though traditionally bad for you) foods that they couldnt eat on the Whole30 program.

They scarf down delicious, icing-soaked cakes

Practically inhale the closest gooey, cheesy pizza

And make more than a few trips to their favorite fast food restaurants.

I mean lets face it: after Whole30, your willpower is at an all-time low

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  • Cake
  • Pastries

And they keep them from being stored as fat on your body (which is basically the best news Ive heard all week!)

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