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The Keto Diet May Be The Answer To Type 2 Diabetes

October 12, 2021

If You Have Type 2 Diabetes, The Keto Diet Could Help You Manage Your Condition

The Keto Diet May Be The Answer To Type 2 Diabetes

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By now, youve probably heard a lot of different claims about the many benefits of the keto diet. Its no wonder: this low-carb, high-protein diet has garnered all kinds of celebrity endorsements in the past few years… from Adriana Lima to Kourtney Kardashian.

What you might not know about the keto diet is just how far its health benefits travel. A new study shows that in addition to helping with weight loss and overall wellness… the high-fat diet can actually help people with adult onset, or type 2, diabetes get a handle on their symptoms.

So how does it actually work? If youre new to the whole keto concept, here are a few things to take note of before you start.

The Keto Diet May Be The Answer To Type 2 Diabetes

1) Its Not Just About Losing Weight

Though the national discussion regarding type 2 diabetes tends to be centered around the dangers of weight gain… controlling the disease has to do with a variety of factors. Its not just about dropping those pounds.

However, when it comes to keto, there are few diets that deliver on the promise of sustainable, steady weight loss over time.

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Since type 2 diabetes requires you to undergo insulin treatment to keep your blood sugar levels steady… a high-fat diet might not seem like the best option. Keto, however, comes with plenty of benefits if youre suffering from adult onset diabetes.

The keto diet consists of foods rich in good fat, like salmon, avocado, and protein-rich nuts. Because of this, patients trying to keep their blood sugar levels balanced actually find that keto helped steer them toward healthier meal options. This can help you avoid going with the same sugar-packed processed foods.

Since ketos effectiveness has to do with its ability to jumpstart the fat-burning ketosis process in your body… the diet isnt just helpful in terms of helping you choose healthier, protein-packed options for meals. It also helps your body get rid of excess fat through intermittent fasting.

2) Cutting Down On Insulin

Adults struggling with type 2 diabetes rely on insulin injections to manage their blood sugar levels. If youre trying out keto for the first time, however, you may see a drop in insulin dependence.

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airOne woman who tried out keto was able to reduce her insulin intake from 110 units a day to around 75. Thats not all: since keto is a notoriously low-carb diet… its less common for sufferers of type 2 diabetes to deal with the unruly glucose spike that occurs after a high-carb meal.

By keeping processed foods and carbs out of the diet, keto helps your body adjust to a healthier, low-sugar lifestyle that could lead to less insulin dependence down the line.

The Keto Diet May Be The Answer To Type 2 Diabetes

3) Sticking To It

Keto might be a great option for you if you have type 2 diabetes. That doesnt mean that its an easy option.

For adults who struggle with weight gain and fluctuating glucose levels, it can be difficult to stick to a diet thats so rigorously low-carb especially considering that most American adults get 63% of their daily calories from processed foods packed with added sugar and fillers.

Still, theres reason enough to believe that sticking with keto could help you get a handle on your glycemic index. It could also help you shed those extra pounds to keep you out of the danger zone.

But its not easy to begin a new diet, especially one thats so prohibitive. The best way to start trying keto is to cycle in some healthier, low-carb entrees and stop relying so much on carbs and sugars.

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Sticking to a Mediterranean diet of fish, leafy greens, and protein-rich beans and nuts can be a good jumping-off point if youre interested in trying keto.

Remember, dont throw yourself into a new diet all at once. If you put unrealistic expectations on yourself at the start, its going to be that much harder to stick to your diet in the long run.

Start by making small changes to your diet and lifestyle, and work your way up to going full keto.

4) Embracing Change

Having trouble getting into the swing of things? Dont sweat it.

If youre trying out keto for the first time, you might find it difficult to make the change. The key here is to remember that this is normal and to resist getting too discouraged to continue.

When you start on the keto diet, youre essentially rerouting your bodys relationship to energy. Where before most of your energy came from carbs, now its going to come from fat.

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This will make it easier to lose weight, oddly enough, due to the body entering a state of ketosis, or high fat-burning mode. It will also cause you to crave carbs all day long.

Remember, you can go at your own pace. Its not about cutting out all carbs instantly.

Instead, work on cycling out foods that are problematic and finding better alternatives to replace them. That way, it wont feel like youre giving up all those foods you crave.


how the keto diet can help diabetes

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