March 31


COVID-19 Preparation: Do THIS To Boost Your Immune System

March 31, 2020

How Your Gut Health Supports Your Immune System

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Your gut health is even more important than just helping you live healthy and lose weight.

Surprised? Dont be! SO many things can be improved just by having a healthy gut! One of the big things that your gut health affects is your immune system.

Thats right your gut bacteria can actually affect your ability to fight off diseases and colds!

So, now that Ive got your attention, Im sure youre wondering how, exactly, this all works. Luckily, its not too complicated!

How Your Gut Health Affects Your Immune System

First off. Did you know that a big part of your immune system is in your GI tract? Dont worry if you werent aware of that because youre about to learn a whole lot more about the immune system.

Obviously, since your immune system is partially located in your GI tract, it makes sense that gut health would have an effect. But, Im sure youre still confused as to how.

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There have been loads of studies on how your immune system can be affected by how healthy your gut is.

One study, for example, showed that certain proteins made by a specific kind of gut bacteria (that humans often have) can cause inflammation and cancer of the colon.

This bacteria is called enterotoxigenic Bacteroides fragilis (ETBF is a simpler term). ETBF can cause TH17 inflammation, which is SOMETIMES good!

It can help fight off bacteria and fungi. But, it can also cause cancer in the colon.

Lets throw out another example. Has anyone had tuberculosis?

Well, surprise, surprise. Gut health can affect this, too!

Heres how:

A study found that mice with tuberculosis stopped having as diverse gut bacteria after being infected with the disease. As the mice continued on, the samples of gut bacteria got more diverse again but it was made up of different bacteria than before!

So, what does this mean? Well, even though tuberculosis is an infection in the lungs, the changes showed in the mices gut bacteria.

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Its believed that perhaps the immune system sends some sort of signal indicating the body is infected to the gut. Then, the gut kills off some bacteria.

Pretty wild! But, Im just getting started.

How can you boost your gut health in an attempt to then boost your immune system?

Great question. Luckily, I have some answers! Even though theres nothing that can 100% protect any human being from ever getting sick, there are definitely steps we can all be taking to help reduce the risk of diseases and illnesses.

How To Boost Your Gut Health To Boost Your Immune System

The big thing to remember is that when your gut health is strong, it prevents unwanted things from leaking into your body which can cause your immune system to respond. Here are some great foods to add into any diet to help with this:

1) Eat fermented foods.

These are delicious and super easy to add into a diet. Fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut contain loads of probiotics to build up a healthy gut.

2) Dont drink coffee or alcohol.

Okay, perhaps a flat-out ban is unreasonable. (Once again, Im a huge fan of moderation!)

Maybe just try to reduce how much alcohol you drink and the same goes for coffee. Overdoing it on either of these things can have negative consequences for your gut health.

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3) Load up on fiber.

Fiber is great for getting your digestive tract back in order. Its already really helpful for your good gut bacteria already in the body.

In turn, this can boost your immune health!

4) Stock up on those veggies and lean proteins.

This should be a super easy one. Its really important to make sure you are getting the recommended servings of vegetables and lean proteins.

This will help your gut health a ton!

So, now that weve figured out exactly how your gut health and immune system are connected AND ways to help both of those you should be set! If you feel like youre struggling or just getting sick often, it really can be as simple as changing up your diet.

When I played college tennis, I spent my first two years getting really sick all the time. I couldnt figure it out!

I was often really tired, even though I was in pretty good shape. And I would come down with colds and coughs so easily.

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I went to doctors, I had tests done but nothing crazy was going on that the doctors or tests could identify!

So, what did I do?

As soon as I changed up what I ate and started to take care of my body more in terms of FOOD I felt like a brand-new person.

You can do it too and it might be as easy as taking note of what youre putting in your body every day. That saying your body is a temple really IS true. It is!

Take my advice and take care of your gut because it affects so much more than you think! Stay healthy and love your gut bacteria!

4) Take A Probiotic.

Of course, one simple and effective way to boost your gut health and therefore support your immune system is to take a probiotic supplement.

And with the right probiotic, you not only boost your immune system but lose weight faster, too!

Its truewhile certain probiotics ARE indeed associated with weight gain (Lactobacillus ingluviei, for example)… there are 4 probiotic strains in particular that are associated with increased fat burn and accelerated weight loss.

But you know whats really crazy?

When I was doing research for this article, I could only find ONE probiotic supplement on the market right now that contains all 4 of these fat-burning superstrains (as some people are calling them).

The bad news?

You cant get this probiotic in Whole Foods, GNC, or most grocery stores though the good news is, you CAN get it online and order it from the comfort of your own home. 🙂

Especially in a time like right now, when you may not have access to the freshest foods cant get outside or exercise as often dont want to stand in line with a bunch of potentially sick people

And when a good immune system is absolutely ESSENTIAL for your health (and potentially the survival of your loved ones)…

Taking a probiotic like this seems like a no-brainer to me heres where to get it:

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