January 5


The “Perfect Portion Guide”: Exactly How Much to Eat to Slim Down…

January 5, 2021

 Discover everything you need to know about portion size to slim down ..

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Portion control is EVERYTHING! When you master the habit of putting the right amount of food on your plate, you will lose weight and stop experiencing that I should have stopped eating 5 minutes ago regret as your stomach stretches so much that you feel ill.

Like the old saying goes, our eyes are bigger than our stomachs.

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Once food is on your plate, its very hard to resist. Its also difficult to stop eating when the foods delicious. If you hate to waste food, youll force yourself to eat it all even if youre completely full! Your goal should be to eat enough to feel satisfied without stuffing yourself until you feel sick.

Read on for tricks and tips to help you enjoy healthy portions without EVER feeling hungry.

How Portion Control Can Help You Lose Weight

Youd be surprised how quickly weight melts off when you are more conscious of how much youre eating. 

By taking a smaller portion size for weight loss, you are able to control your access to extra food that you dont really need to eat. It takes 15 minutes before your brain receives the message from your belly that it is full and NOT TO send more food down. Its a good idea to stop eating before you feel full.

One example of too much food on your plate is the size of restaurant portions. Restaurant eating can be a bit dicey because the portions are huge, and the food is usually full of fat and sugar so it will delight diners and keep them coming back. 

At restaurants (or when ordering to go/delivery) you can share a meal, order from the childrens menu, ask for a healthy appetizer and soup in lieu of an entre, or put half your food in a doggy bag before you eat. If its covered and youre not staring at it on your plate, youll be able to resist the urge to finish all of it.

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