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6 Indulgent High-Calorie Foods That Actually Help You LOSE Weight

July 22, 2021

Lose More Weight By Eating These 6 Delicious, High-Calorie Foods

6 Indulgent High-Calorie Foods That Actually Help You LOSE Weight

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Youve probably heard the same weight loss advice I have: cut calories!

A lot of trainers like to say that weight loss comes down to basic math. This means that people should lose weight if we burn more calories than we eat. After all, fat is just calories our bodies store so we can use them later!

But not all calories are created equal.

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100 calories from a can of soda dont have the same nutrients or fiber that 100 calories of chicken do. The soda will leave you thirstier and wont even touch your hunger. But the chicken gives you protein for strong muscles and helps curb your appetite.

And this holds true even for high-calorie foods! Foods like avocado, certain nuts, and fish all pack a big calorie count.

But they also bring nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats to the table. These foods are so good for you that you might be hindering your weight loss goals by avoiding them!

6 Indulgent High-Calorie Foods That Actually Help You LOSE Weight

1) Avocados

Sure, its easy to make fun of avocado toast. After all, its been branded as a silly millennial fad But those 20-40 somethings are on to something. Avocados are packed with benefits. And they can be added to nearly any dish, which makes them phenomenal for just about every eating style. 

Every avocado is packed with both potassium and fiber. Most of us arent getting enough potassium. And this is especially bad news for anyone with high blood pressure, since potassium promotes healthier blood pressure levels.

Avocados also bring a ton of fiber to your meal. And fiber might not be the first thing you think of when you want to lose weight, but it should at least make your list of top ten concerns.

Fiber regulates gut health, which reduces bloating. It also makes you feel more satisfied after a meal, so you wont be hungry again in an hour or two.

And before you start worrying about an avocados fat content, rest assured that all of that fat is a healthy fat! Avocados contain oleic acid, which is where most of their fat content comes from. Oleic acid reduces levels of bad cholesterol while giving you a little energy boost.

So the next time youre cooking up some eggs or browning some meat, add half an avocado to the side of your plate. Slice some into a salad or, if youre feeling daring, use an avocado to replace butter the next time you bake.

2) Macadamia Nuts

Most of us only think of macadamia nuts when we think of cookies. But these little calorie bombs are much more versatile than we give them credit for. And, calorie for calorie, they offer huge benefits for weight loss.

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These little nuts are completely cholesterol free. And though they have a fair amount of fat, its similar in nature to the fats found in avocados. The scientific name for it is palmitoleic acid, while avocados have oleic acid.

Palmitoleic acid improves your metabolism. And part of how it does that is through supporting healthy insulin levels.

So not only do macadamia nuts help improve your cholesterol, but they equip your body for better weight loss too.

You can munch macadamia nuts as part of a snack or add them to a meal. Theyre great as a crunchy topping for fish or when slivered onto a salad. And, of course, you can add them to homemade superfood cookies.

6 Indulgent High-Calorie Foods That Actually Help You LOSE Weight

3) Egg Yolks

I think were all a little excited to learn that egg whites and boiled chicken are no longer considered the healthiest meal.

Twenty years ago, this combination was all the rage. But modern research now tells us that egg yolks might be too important to skip.

Some researchers still think eggs are too cholesterol-heavy. But modern research shows that the cholesterol in eggs isnt going to spike your bodys cholesterol levels. Instead, its the food you eat along with your eggs. 

And egg yolks have a lot more hidden inside than just cholesterol. They offer a huge protein bump over egg whites.

On top of that, yolks contain a lot of nutrients most of us arent getting enough of. These include selenium, lutein, choline, vitamin A, and vitamins B2 and B12.

So go ahead and scramble a few eggs, boil some up for a chef salad, or indulge in some healthy egg salad. Youre giving your body nutrients it needs while packing in protein that will keep your tummy full and your muscles healthy.

4) Chia Seeds

Ill be honest… Ive never been sure how to eat chia seeds. But after looking at all of their health benefits, Ill definitely have to learn!

Chia seeds are 40% fiber. This makes them a great source of fiber, especially if youre gluten-free, since most grains are off your plate.

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On top of that, chia seeds are high in both calcium and magnesium. And magnesium is one of weight losss unsung heroes. It boosts your energy, helps you sleep better, and can promote a healthy blood sugar balance.

One ounce of chia seeds contains around 130 calories. Which, for something so little, is quite a punch. But theyre well worth the added calories for the nutrients and satiety theyll bring to your morning smoothie.

6 Indulgent High-Calorie Foods That Actually Help You LOSE Weight

5) Almonds

If you guessed were going to talk about healthy fats again, youd be right! Nuts, in general, contain a lot of fat.

But they also contain a huge amount of protein. Just one ounce of almonds offers 6 grams of protein. By contrast, one ounce of egg white only has 3.1 grams of protein.

But protein isnt the only thing almonds have to offer. One ounce of almonds contains 3.3 grams of fiber. On top of that, almonds also have noticeable levels of iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

All of these benefits add up to make almonds the perfect weight loss snack.

Sure, theyre higher in calories than, say, popcorn. But their fiber will keep you full, their protein will protect your muscles, and the trace nutrients help keep your body in balance so it functions more efficiently.

Almonds also make a great pesto, are a welcome, crunchy addition to any salad, and can even top seafood for a burst of delicate flavor.

6) Salmon

Like avocados and almonds, salmon is a high-calorie, high-fat menu item that you should not pass up.

Salmon is another source of healthy fats, though this time they are Omega 3 fatty acids. And if that phrase sounds familiar, its for a good reason. 

Omega 3 fatty acids can help with everything from lowering cholesterol to improving blood sugar levels. There is even some evidence that Omega 3s reduce the effects of Alzheimers and may even help maintain healthy eyes as you age.

Some people absolutely cannot stand fish. But even if thats you, try to make an attempt at salmon now and again.

And, as a bonus, it goes great with almonds, avocados, and even eggs! Sure, the meal will be have a huge calorie count… but the benefits would be staggering.


Youre probably still skeptical about the benefits of some high-calorie foods. And I really cant blame you.

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For years, weve been told that cutting calories is the only sure way to lose weight. But theres more to it than that. 

High-calorie foods can help you on your weight loss journey in so many ways. Whether theyre full of fiber or packed with protein, theyll help keep you full and energized.

And, at least with the foods listed above, all of those calories come with a wide complement of nutrients that many of us need more of.

So give some of these foods a try. Some of them might not work for you… but Im willing to bet youll be surprised by how easily these foods fit into your diet and how good they make you feel.

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