July 15


Swap THIS for THAT at Dinner to Save Your Waistline (AND Save the Planet)…

July 15, 2021

New Study: Make One Simple Food Switch to Benefit Your Body AND The Environment

Swap THIS for THAT at Dinner to Save Your Waistline (AND Save the Planet)...

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Swapping out that beef patty for chicken on your next burger could improve your health and help our planet… according to recent research from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Their recent studywhich focused on the US populations eating habits and their estimated carbon footprintwas presented at this years American Society for Nutrition.

It is the first nationwide study of its kind, and its claims are getting a lot of attention.

According to findings, things dont fare well for an American classicthe burgeror its red meat friends. In considering the nations average diet, beef showed itself to be the biggest contributor to greenhouse gasesby a long shot.

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How do they know? The hefty study analyzed the diets of over 16,000 participants… and looked specifically at each diets supposed carbon footprint. 

The in-depth analysis looked at land and resource use, as well as the processing and distribution, of each food belonging to the study participants normal diets.

With all things considered, the researchers were able to estimate how much greenhouse gas is emitted to get each food from farm to table. 

The results indicated that beef is leading the race by a long shot in terms of carbon footprint. In fact, various cuts of beef take up the top 10 spots for the worst foods for our environment.

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Swap THIS for THAT at Dinner to Save Your Waistline (AND Save the Planet)...

Why Does Beef Have Such A Big Impact On The Environment?

Raising cattle requires a large chunk of land and a fair amount of resourcesmore than 10 times the resources, in fact, that it takes to raise chicken.

Whats worse is that as livestock grow and digest food… they burp and release gas in the form of methane, which is a highly potent greenhouse gas. And its a lot of gas, thanks to a cows four stomachs!

Sadly, its more than stinky. Methane is extremely harmful to our atmosphere.

In a recent TED talk, Fred Krupp of the Environmental Defense Fund claimed that methane gas is to blame for a quarter of the global warming effects we currently experience.

If youre keeping score, it doesnt look good for the red meat team.

Swap THIS for THAT at Dinner to Save Your Waistline (AND Save the Planet)...

One Easy Food Swap That Will Help Your Waistline AND The Planet

From ground beef to lamb chops, red meat in general appears to be taking its toll on our ozoneand a major one, especially when compared to white meat.

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Head researcher of the study, Diego Rose, based in New Orleans as the director of nutrition at Tulane University, recognizes just how impactful beef is on our planet. He also suggests that a shift to chicken from red meat can make a real difference. 

He notes that when beef was swapped out for chicken in the study participants diets, emissions output went down a whopping 48%. 

The swap-out factored in equal caloric intake for the participants, too which means no one was forced into dieting or eating less. Participants ate as much food as they otherwise would, and emissions still went down.

This protein shift doesnt have to be hard, then. And it can even come with the added benefit of being good for your body.

Consider what will likely happen when you exchange a fatty sausage for a chicken breastagain and again. Chicken isnt just more eco-friendly than red meat its usually significantly leaner as well.

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That means that not only does chicken have a lighter carbon footprint but eating it in place of greasy and high-fat meats will likely lighten up your own step, too.

The swap turns out to be a win-win, thenfor our environment and your waistline.

The best part? It will probably be easier than you think.

Chicken is still meat, after all so you dont have to go vegetarian if you dont want to. Chicken can make a versatile, delicious, and wholesome substitute for beef… And its one you dont have to feel guilty about.

Plus, you dont have to only use chicken. Try eating a turkey burger instead of a beef patty or if you ARE feeling like a vegetarian swap, try a black bean burger or veggie burger.

Start with small and easy trades, and let the results inspire you to keep it up.

It takes time to save the world, sure. But theres no better time to start than now.

health benefits of chicken

It Doesnt HAVE To Be Chicken ALL The Time

From trying to make this switch several times myself, I know that just eating chicken, chicken, chicken ALL the time isnt sustainable either.

It gets REALLY BORING after a while

And before long, I was right back to eating beef, despite how bad it made me feel (about my diet AND about the planet).

And really, I was only able to make the switch FOR GOOD when I started implementing different kinds of proteins into my diet that tasted great almost like dessert, actually.

Thats because I made this protein-packed smoothie a staple of my diet.

It uses almond or hemp milk and nut butter to give you ALL the protein your body needs

Its delicious as all get-out (tastes like a milkshake!)…

And its low-calorie too.

Heres how to make this amazing-tasting and amazing-for-you smoothie

Plus two more delicious, nutritious smoothies you can have when youre craving something sweet before bedtime:

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