December 30


Want To Lose Weight? Eat More Of THIS Dessert

December 30, 2021

Chia Seed Pudding Might Sound Like A Dessert But Those Tiny Seeds Pack A Huge Nutritional Punch!

Want To Lose Weight? Eat More Of THIS Dessert

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Whether youve seen them in trendy breakfast bowls or you remember them from catchy commercial jingles in the 80s, youve probably heard of chia seeds.

It might surprise you to know that Ch-ch-ch-chia seeds and the seeds touted as a modern superfood are the same thing. As unlikely as it may seem, they are!

Now, the exact definition of superfoods is a bit tricky. But, generally speaking, superfoods are any foods that pack a huge nutritional wallop… and might have health benefits well beyond adding nutrients to your daily diet. 

Some superfoods dont quite live up to the hype. And chia seeds are credited with a lotlike helping to lower blood pressurethat they might not actually do.

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But they still bring a whole lot to your plate that make them a must-have for your pantry. Although theyre tiny, chia seeds pack in everything from zinc to calcium.

And with the right recipe, you can unlock huge nutritional benefits!

Want To Lose Weight? Eat More Of THIS Dessert


Youve probably seen zinc listed in every vitamin and nutritional supplement youve ever seen. And theres a good reason for that.

Our bodies cant store much zinc, but it is vital for a ton of cellular processes. This includes helping to stimulate the immune system and heal surface-level wounds.

And while getting zinc from a supplement is a good way to make sure you get enough, adding a little more to your diet wont hurt. Chia seeds are a great source for this important nutrient.

And when you get your chia seeds in the form of a delicious high-zinc dessert, youre sure to get the daily dose you need for a balanced immune system.


Everyone knows the importance of calcium. It can help you build strong bones, which is essential for women as we age.

And since we tend to absorb less calcium as we age, its important to add new calcium sources into your diet whenever you can. This is especially true of plant-based calcium sources… which are usually lower in bad fats and have more fiber than animal-based calcium sources.

Chia seeds pack a huge amount of calcium. Just 3.5 oz of chia seeds nets you 631 mg of calcium.

Thats more than four times what you get in a 3.5 oz glass of milk!

Of course, you cant drink 3.5 oz of chia seeds. And you cant get it in a standard bowl of cereal.

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But a delicious smoothie like this one gets you a delicious dose of roughly 1.5 ounces of chia seeds. Its packed with calcium from multiple sources, giving it an extra nutritional boost.

And the delicious mango flavor will have you coming back for more!

Want To Lose Weight? Eat More Of THIS Dessert


There are certain things most people dont expect to find in their foods. Phosphorous is one of them.

It is fairly common in plant-based foods, however. And it plays a vital role in keeping our cell walls strong

While phosphorous deficiencies are rare… except in cases where someone might have an inherited or chronic condition… it doesnt hurt to add a little more to your diet.

And when you can hide chia seeds in something as delicious as these lemon muffins, theres no reason to skip on an extra dose of phosphorous!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Ive written before about omega-3s and how important they are for your body. Not only can they help reduce general inflammation in your bodygoodbye, bloating!but they can also help lower blood pressure.

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered a healthy fat because they dont do to your body what unhealthy fats do.

Healthy fats wont raise your triglyceride levels, for example. And, in some cases they may even lower them.

If you want a strong does of omega-3s, avocados are still your best bet.

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But chia seeds are a close second. In fact, 75% of the fat in those tiny seedswhich are often decried for being high in fat, ironically enoughis made up of omega-3s. 

And if you combine these two foods, you get a huge hit of omega-3 fatty acids.

Something like this delicious seitan salad with avocado and a chia seed dressing is sure to hit the spot. Just be sure to substitute chicken for the seitan if youre sensitive to gluten.

Want To Lose Weight? Eat More Of THIS Dessert


When people think plant-based sources of protein, they think of tofu, beans, or mushrooms.

And for good reason too. These foods are protein-heavy and incredibly versatile.

But if you want plant-based protein, make sure you grab some chia seeds too. Just one ounce of chia seeds has 4.7 g of protein! One ounce of chicken, for comparison, has 4.75 grams.

Talk about close comparisons!

Chia seeds might not roast up quite as nicely as a chicken, but they are just as versatile.

You can eat them on top of ice cream for a pop of protein. Or you can try these savory crepes seasoned with garlic.


If there is one thing that all superfoods seem to have in common, it is fiber.

You might think fiber is only something to reach for when youre having a rough time in the bathroom. But, as it turns out, fiber can do so much more than keep you regular.

Fiber can help keep your blood sugar stable. And its one of the key ingredients in anything that is supposed to help you feel full without eating as much as you normally do.

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It gives your body a satiety cue which tells your body its time to stop eating. This, more than anything, is probably the chia seeds biggest benefit.

And thats probably why chia pudding is so popular!

Want To Lose Weight? Eat More Of THIS Dessert

The Takeaway

Chia seeds are loaded with vital nutrients. And they are easily mixed into most baked goods or thrown onto bowls of oatmeal on days when you dont want to whip up an entirely new recipe. 

So if youve been curious about these tiny seeds and their sudden surge in popularity, I suggest giving them a try. They could become your new favorite topping!


Want To Lose Weight? Eat More Of THIS Dessert

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