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A Little Cayenne Goes a LONG Way: 5 Ways It Can Help You Lose Weight, Decrease Inflammation, and More!

April 29, 2021

Discover 5 Scientifically Proven Ways Cayenne Pepper Can Boost Your Health & Help You Lose Weight

A Little Cayenne Goes a LONG Way: 5 Ways It Can Help You Lose Weight, Decrease Inflammation, and More!

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Cayenne pepper has to be one of the prettiest spices. Its bright red color and sharp aroma have made it a hit in cultures around the world.

Its a spice thats known for bringing the heat. And thats certainly true!

But it does so much more than that.

Theres evidence that it can help fight certain conditions and encourage weight loss. But sometimes it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. Thats what Ive tried to do for you here.

The benefits listed below are all backed by scientific studies, so you know that when you add cayenne pepper to your next meal, youre getting all of the benefits and none of the nonsense!

A Little Cayenne Goes a LONG Way: 5 Ways It Can Help You Lose Weight, Decrease Inflammation, and More!

1) Contains Vitamins and Minerals

Cayenne pepper may be well-known for its flavor. But it packs a lot more than heat!

Adding cayenne pepper to a recipe also adds in potassium and magnesium. On top of that, it brings in a ton of vitamins. These include vitamins A, C, E, B6, and K.

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Vitamin A supports a healthy immune system. And this is probably why so many superfood shots include cayenne pepper!

Vitamin C helps your body repair tissue. The damage could be from sports or just general wear and tear. Vitamin C will help your body mend.

Vitamin K helps your body build healthy proteins. It will also help your blood clot when youre injured.

And although Ive listed it last, B6 certainly isnt the least important. This vitamin helps encourage metabolic processes. These will help you lose weight, which hints to cayenne peppers next benefit.

These benefits are easy to get, too. All you have to do is add cayenne pepper to some of your favorite recipes. And, of course, do that often.

Your food will get spicier… And the flavors will also pop more. In the meantime, youll get all the great nutrients that the spice offers!

2) Offers a Small Metabolism Boost

Theres been a lot of hype around cayenne pepper and weight loss. And while most of it is blown out of proportion, there is some benefit!

Cayenne pepper gives your metabolism a little boost. It also carries vitamins that make metabolic processes easier on our bodies.

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These small boosts wont do much on their own. But theyll increase the effects of other boosters like exercise. When you add cayenne pepper to your diet, you make everything else more effective.

Some studies also suggest that cayenne pepper might help fight obesity, diabetes, and stroke. So far this has only been shown in rats, but scientists are looking into ways this information can benefit humans too!

The best way you can tap into this benefit is through cayenne pepper pills. Theyre available online and in most health food stores. Just be warned that these pills should not be taken on an empty stomach!

A Little Cayenne Goes a LONG Way: 5 Ways It Can Help You Lose Weight, Decrease Inflammation, and More!

3) Liver Protection

When you think of ways to protect your liver, you probably dont think of cayenne pepper. But some scientists think you should.

Cayenne pepper carries a lot of vitamin C. This vitamin helps us heal damaged tissue. And a few studies have shown that this benefit extends to your liver, too.

One study found that cayenne pepper helped heal damage caused by Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. The scientists believe this is because of the spices vitamin C content.

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But it may also be thanks to the way cayenne pepper boosts our metabolic processes.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is usually associated with high body weight. An improved metabolic rate may help us lose weight and take some strain off of our livers.

Youre most likely to see this benefit if you use cayenne pepper pills because they offer more concentrated vitamin C. Just make sure you take the pills on a full stomach!

4) Pain Relief

You might be surprised by this one. Weve all eaten food that was too spicy, and Im sure its not an experience you want to repeat! Its hard to believe that the same spice could actually help relieve pain.

But its true! Scientists found that capsaicin the spicy chemical in cayenne pepper helps relieve muscle pain. This is especially true for people with angina. Angina causes muscle pain across the chest, back, and shoulders that most drugs cant help.

Patients in this study were given capsaicin patches. When worn, the patches reduced the patients pain levels. This enabled them to work out longer.

The patches used were the same type sold in drugstores and they are useful even if you dont have angina!

Some athletes use these patches to treat sore muscles… And these patches can help before or after a workout. So the next time youre too sore to hit the track, grab a capsaicin patch and see if that helps!

A Little Cayenne Goes a LONG Way: 5 Ways It Can Help You Lose Weight, Decrease Inflammation, and More!

5) Anti-Inflammatory Properties

This benefit is part of what makes cayenne pepper so good at pain relief. Scientists still arent sure why cayenne pepper reduces some kinds of inflammation… They just know that it does.

And it seems like cayenne pepper helps with most types of inflammation. Its why capsaicin patches are so effective they reduce the swelling in sore muscles.

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But it can also help with some forms of arthritis. Some people also report that cayenne offered relief when they felt bloated.

There are some who claim cayenne pepper reduces swelling because it cleans the blood. Scientists disagree. There is absolutely no evidence to support this claim, despite all of cayenne peppers other benefits.

The jury might still be out on why cayenne pepper reduces swelling, but scientists agree that it does. And thats reason enough to give it a try when you suspect youre experiencing inflammation.

Cayenne pepper is so much more than just a spice. Adding a little bit to every meal will not only improve flavors, but your health too!

Scientists are still looking into this wonderful spice. Theyre looking into dosages, health benefits, and applications. And, from here, the results certainly seem promising!


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