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3 Unexpected Ways Your Gut Bacteria Can Make You Sexier (Yes, Seriously)

April 3, 2019

Discover the surprising link between your microbiome and your sexual health and how to boost your sex appeal while improving your overall health!

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Gut bacteria.

The name isnt exactly loaded with sex appeal, right?

Quite the opposite, actually. The word gut is kind of nasty sounding, and bacteria is something we associate with disease!

Well, its time to rethink both of those associations, because gut bacteria can be the key to good health and a sexy, healthy weight.

But first of all, what are gut bacteria?

I hate to break it to you, but your body wouldnt be able to accomplish much all on its own.

Your intestines (referred to here as your gut) are full of bacteria that help you digest your food.

Bacteria is sometimes good, sometimes bad. But usually its not really black-and-white.

Just like your favorite villain in a novel, bacteria can have good and bad qualities, and whether or not it helps or hurts your health all comes back to balance.

When the bacteria in your gut get out of balance, you might say you have too much bad gut bacteria and not enough good gut bacteria.

And when this happens, it can put a damper on your health, as well as your sex life!

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Thats right: Healthy gut bacteria not only makes you all-around healthier and hotter, but they can improve your sexual health, too.

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3 Surprising Ways Gut Bacteria Affect Your Sexual Health


Well, the fancy name for all of this is the gut microbiome.

Think of your gut as its own little ecosystem: a terrarium for the bacteria that help your body get nutrients from your food. Cool, huh?

Sometimes a terrarium needs some help to thrive. Here are three ways your gut bacteria can impact your sexual health.

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1) UTIs

Ugh and yuck. UTIs (urinary tract infections) are no fun. If youve ever had one, you know what Im talking about. No one wants to go around feeling like they need to pee all day. And if you dont get your UTI treated? The infection can damage your kidneys!

But the urinary tract is not exactly part of the gut, or the intestinesright?

Well, no, but the gut bacteria E. coli, which lives in your intestines, can escape. And E. coli are the main cause of UTIs, according to scientists.

E. coli in your gut is A-OK. But when it gets out, problems happen.

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How can you prevent UTIs? By keeping a healthy, balanced microbiome in your gut, supplementing with foods rich in probiotics like kefir, kombucha, and yogurt, and taking a probiotic supplement.

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2) Serotonin Levels

Serotonin is a lot sexier than a UTI. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter (a chemical) your brain uses that gives you a sense of comfort, happiness, and well-being.

What does serotonin have to do with the gut? Surely the gut and the brain are leagues apart and dont have anything to do with each other!

Think again.

Researchers believe that the gut is actually responsible for a huge amount of the bodys serotonin production.

What!? I dont know about you, but I find this amazing. After all, serotonin doesnt just put you in a good moodit also regulates many parts of digestion.

All of this means the gut is responsible for so muchnot just digesting our food, but also our moodand more.

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Research shows that people with a healthy level of serotonin are more likely to have good sexual health.

Too much serotonin, surprisingly, can kill your sex drive. Not enough, or irregular levels being produced by the gut, can throw everything out of whack.

But when you take steps to get your serotonin levels steady and healthy, everything is good to go.

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3) Gut Bacteria and Sex Appeal

Im guessing you never expected to read these words in the same sentence.

But its true: Gut bacteria can impact your sex appeal.

According to scientists, gut bacteria affect your hair, your skin, and even your oxytocin levelsAKA the love hormone.

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When your gut is healthy, you are more likely to be physically attractive to potential mates, scientists say.

Yep, youre signaling other humans via your gut microbiome in ways that neither of you recognize! Its way cooler than all of those notes you once passed so sneakily in class

Paying attention to your gut health might not seem as important as getting your hair done or hitting the gym, but science says it could bewhich is yet another reason to make sure your gut is in tip-top shape.


gut health and sexual health

The Best Strains of Gut Bacteria to Improve Your Sexual Health…And More

So how do you get more good bacteria into your gut?

There are a bunch of different ways!

You can eat more fermented foods, like kimchi…

Eat foods that promote gut bacteria growth, like green leafy vegetables

But if you really want to get good bacteria into your gut as quick as possible

You should use a probiotic with these 4 specially selected strains of good gut bacteria.

Not only can these good gut bacteria help you with all sorts of things including the bedroom

Theyre the only probiotic strains that have been scientifically proven to help you lose more weight too (and keep it off!).

So there are huge potential benefits to taking all four at the same time!

Heres well known doctor, Dr. Steven Masley, to explain how adding just a few of these probiotic strains to your diet can turbocharge your weight loss:

Doctor Steven Masleys Secret to Helping People Burn Stubborn Fat & Keep It Off

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