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Gut Cleanses: The Ultimate Guide (How To Do It & Why You Might Need One)

October 1, 2020

What A Gut Cleanse Is And How To Do One To Boost Your Gut Health

Gut Cleanses: The Ultimate Guide (How To Do It & Why You Might Need One)

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What Is A Gut Cleanse?

There are a lot of ways that we cleanse our bodies and chances are youve done at least one of them!

Ever sat in a sauna? Ever done one of those juice things? Well, that means youve tried cleansing one part of your body or another.

If youre looking to cleanse your gut, theres a way. But you might have some questions about it, like

What is a gut cleanse?

Is it effective?

When should I do it?

Ill answer all these questions, so dont worry!

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A gut cleanse, to put it simply, is a way that you can try to remove toxins and waste from your colon. Unlike certain other questionable cleanses this one can be really good especially if you have certain signs and symptoms. It can also be pretty good for your gut bacteria, too.

Gut cleanses are important because its a fairly easy way to get the toxins out of your body and sort of re-set your system. Even though your body naturally does cleanses (well talk about that more later)… sometimes it needs a little extra kick!

A gut cleanse may be exactly what youre looking for so keep reading to find out more!

Gut Cleanses: The Ultimate Guide (How To Do It & Why You Might Need One)

Signs & Symptoms You May Need A Gut Cleanse

So, heres the big question: When do you need a gut cleanse?

Well luckily, Ive got some answers.

Typically, your intestines are designed to naturally detoxify through something called the gut epithelium. This sort of wall, if youd like to call it that prevents things from getting into your bloodstream. When it fails to do that, you may have what is sometimes called a leaky gut.

Some signs and symptoms that your gut might be unhealthy and/or in need of a gut cleanse include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Pain
  • Bad breath
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling tired all the time (fatigue)
  • Problems urinating
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Poor immune system

And more. Sometimes you just feel a little bit crappy!

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These could ALL be signs that you have bad gut health and a good start might be getting in a cleanse!

You could also try a gut cleanse if youre ready to push reset on your body. Have you been eating really unhealthy or maybe just feel a little bit off?

Perhaps a gut cleanse could help give you the fresh start your body needs.

Gut Cleanses: The Ultimate Guide (How To Do It & Why You Might Need One)

How The Body Naturally Detoxes

Like I said earlier, your body naturally detoxes. Think about it it makes sense, right?

How else would it be able to keep you safe from toxins in the outside environment and in your own body?

Your body has a lot of what we call detoxification enzymes. These enzymes are controlled by your genesand everyones, as you know, are different!

Lets go a little more in depth. Your body has a highway called methylation that is really important in helping your body detoxify. A mutation could affect this highway.

Another detoxifying method your body uses was noted above (through that gut wall). Enzymes in your body also work to take toxic things that may end up in your body and turn them into something less toxic.

How does this work?

Lets think of it like an assembly line. Each part of the body has a role to play.

After the enzymes turn the toxins into something less harmful your cells put them into your intestines. Finally, your intestines push them right out of your body!

Bam! A natural way your body detoxes.

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While this works well most of the time sometimes, like I noted, its just not enough. And thats okay!

Thats why you have options like a gut cleanse which allows you to push the body into the direction you need it to be so that you can function at your very best.

Gut Cleanses: The Ultimate Guide (How To Do It & Why You Might Need One)

What To Know & Do Before You Start A Gut Cleanse

There are a few important things to remember before starting a gut cleanse.

The first (and most important) thing to remember is that you should never do anything to your body without consulting a doctor first! So, step one: talk to your doctor and find out if a gut cleanse is right for you.

You should also understand that a true cleanse is done in an effort to clear the body of toxins. This means your focus shouldnt be on quick weight loss. While you MIGHT lose weight that will be due to a decrease in calories and your body removing toxins.

If youre looking for permanent, long-term weight loss a gut cleanse is not right! Check out some of our other articles on managing weight loss and going through that journey if this is what your focus is on.

Second: you should prepare for a gut cleanse (or really any cleanse you may decide to do). It may be uncomfortable especially if youre used to eating sugary or processed foods. Side effects could include headaches and feeling nauseous.

Always go to a doctor if side effects worsen but remember that this is often your bodys response to changing up your diet and cleansing your body of the negatives.

Another thing to remember is that there ARE ways to prolong the effects of a gut cleanse. How?

Well, changing your diet up! If youre able to maintain a healthier diet and begin eating foods that are good for your gut health the cleanse is likely to be more effective.

Really do your research before beginning a gut cleanse because its important to understand there are LOTS of crazy ways to cleanse your gut that have not proven to work.

In fact, they may have negative consequences. Again, always follow what your doctor says and dont fall for the gimmicks!

Only pick gut cleanses that have been proven to work and that are approved by a doctor.

Gut Cleanses: The Ultimate Guide (How To Do It & Why You Might Need One)

The Best Foods For Your Gut

There are a lot of great foods for your gut. Eating these may aid in a gut cleanse and will likely help you have better gut health for longer.

This is something that I think we can all get on board with!

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Yogurt with live cultures is great for your gut health because it has the friendly bacteria that your body needs! Try to pick ones that have a lower sugar content. Your body will thank you.

You can also try kefir which is a yogurt drink loaded with probiotics. Its made from fermented milk and has lots of healthy bacteria and I personally think its pretty delicious! Like I said, gut cleansing foods are found all over.

How about some brussels sprouts or peas? Both are great for your gut. Peas have lots of soluble and insoluble fiber and brussels sprouts also have fiber that good bacteria love.

Bananas are also a great food for the gut, and they have good minerals. If this isnt your thing, dont worry!

There are even MORE good foods for the gut. If youre a bread person, Id suggest eating some sourdough.

Sourdough ferments the dough, so it has a lot of fiber and is easier for your body to digest. It also tastes amazing, in my opinion!

Kombucha, garlic, and ginger are three other options if youre looking for foods that are good for the gut. I told youthe options are basically endless!

Gut Cleanses: The Ultimate Guide (How To Do It & Why You Might Need One)

The Best Supplements For Your Gut

Trying to get a little bit extra into your system? Or, maybe youre struggling to get enough good gut health foods to get that boost?

Thats okay! There are a lot of great supplement options that specifically target your gut health.

Youve sort of got two options here. You can choose one or two supplements that have been proven to help with leaky gut or you can pick a bigger supplement that has a bunch of different things in it. They both should be effective!

Regardless of what you choose look for items that contain minerals like zinc. This is really good for helping with your immune system.

Past research also suggests that it could help with the internal lining which may improve your gut health.

L-glutamine is another supplement thats been shown to help improve gut health. This one in particular may help repair your digestive lining and can even help grow important cells.

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Probiotics is another big, popular type of supplement and if you choose to take one of the supplements that contain multiple ingredients its likely that your choice will include this.

Probiotics are well-known in treating gastrointestinal issues. This makes sense, since a lot of the good-for-your-gut foods I mentioned above include probiotics in them!

Gut Cleanses: The Ultimate Guide (How To Do It & Why You Might Need One)

Your Gut Cleanse Sample Meal Plan

Looking for a sample meal plan to help cleanse the gut? No problemIve got you covered!

A big thing with gut cleansing is to be sure to drink lots of water. I recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water per day.

You can also add in herbal teas if youd like but try to avoid any sugary drinks!

For breakfast, one great option would be yogurt with live cultures plus grated porridge with flaxseed added in.

Hungry for lunch? Weve got a great option here, too.

If youre trying to do a gut cleanse, I would recommend a vegetable salad. Feel free to add some grilled chicken on there but keep the spices plain (perhaps some garlic?). Toss with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil!

A good dinner option would be a piece of grilled salmon about the size of your palm. Toss in a side of kimchi and some roasted vegetables.

If this wont quite hold you over, feel free to snack as well. Good snack options include raw nuts, green tea, and raw vegetables.

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In order to really get the benefit of these foods, add in supplements that I noted to aid in the gut cleanse (glutamine, probiotics, etc.).

And thats a wrap!

Remember: Ask a doctor before doing any of this and if something feels wrong, ask about that too!

A gut cleanse, when done correctly, can make a world of difference. Maybe its time to try it out!

You Cant Just Take ANY Probiotics & Expect To Get Your Gut On-Track

Heres one final warning before I go:

Not all probiotics are created equal!

Many probiotics have strains of probiotics that do nothing for your gut

Or they arent in the right kind of capsule and die off well before you take them

Or theyre packed with cheap fillers to keep costs down and line the manufacturers pockets.

So how do you know if a probiotic is actually effective or not?

For my money this is the best probiotic on the market right now if youre looking to gut cleanse.

It was developed with the help of a renowned doctor (Dr. Steven Masleyhost of PBSs top-rated medical show 30 Days to a Younger Heart)… specifically as a weight loss probiotic.

Dr. Masley assisted in the formulation of this probiotic and ensured that the 5 best probiotic strains proven to help with weight loss were put in it and in sufficient amounts to be effective.

He also consulted on which capsule to use so that you can rest assured that this probiotic is shelf-stable for up to two years!

Lets see

Effective check.

Formulated by a doctor check.

Helps you cleanse your colon and lose weight check.

In fact theres a short, free video starring Dr. Masley showing you how this revolutionary probiotic can clear out your colon rebalance your gut with good microbes and help you slim down and lose weight naturally.

To watch it now for free for a limited time simply click the link below:

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