November 12


The Ultimate Guide to Building the Perfect Weight Loss Smoothie [Video]

November 12, 2021

Lose Weight & Burn Fat With A Delicious Smoothie

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Hey, everyone! Its Ginelle here.

Today Im talking about one of my favorite topics: delicious food!

To be frank, a lot of foods that are typically recommended for weight loss can get pretty boring after you eat them day in and day out.

You know, celery kale carrots plain chicken breast eggs theyre all pretty bland.

Todays weight loss food ISNT boring or bland

But its GREAT for losing weight!

That food? Smoothies!

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Smoothies are super versatile really delicious and can be a great tool for weight loss.

However, you have to know how to do them right.

If you build your smoothie the wrong way it could end up being packed with sugar and other not-so-good-for-you ingredients could leave you still hungry and can actually make you gain weight. 🙁

So, today Im showing you:

How to Build the Perfect Weight Loss Smoothie

The Ultimate Guide to Building the Perfect Weight Loss Smoothie [Video]

In this video, Ill show you the top foods you should be including in your weight loss smoothie, plus:

  • How to make sure your smoothie keeps you feeling full
  • The 6 most important nutrients that NEED to be in your weight loss smoothie
  • The best fruits for losing weight and fueling your body
  • Why its so important to put healthy fats in your smoothieand the best ingredients for doing that
  • How to make sure your weight loss smoothie is both healthy AND delicious
  • How to customize your weight loss smoothie to your personal taste (and whats in your fridge)

Watch the video above to get all of that valuable info and more!

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If You Need More Refreshing, Fat-Burning Smoothie Recipes

Then I have just the thing for you!

Its this list of 3 totally delicious, fat-burning smoothie recipes that were formulated specifically for weight loss.

Theyll keep you feeling full and theyll encourage your body to burn fat so you can slim down easily.

These 3 tasty smoothies also hold a TON of other health benefits because theyre full of vitamins include healthy fats and proteins and can help reduce inflammation, too.

Heres how to boost your smoothie recipe repertoire and lose weight with refreshing smoothies:

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