Love Carbs? Enjoy Them And STILL Lose Weight

Katherine Martin By Katherine Martin | 12 May 2020 141 views
good carbs for weight loss

Can You Eat Carbs & Still Lose Weight?

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Hey, it’s Katherine!

Today, I’m talking about a very popular topic.

Most diets are pretty restrictive… and many of them want to cut out entire food groups.

For example, the keto diet… which is VERY popular right now… almost totally cuts out carbs.

But what about those of us (most of us!) who really like carbs? Is it really impossible to lose weight while still enjoying some carbs in your diet?

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That’s what I’m looking into today…

And I think you’re going to find the answers fascinating!

So let’s get started…

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Hello, and thanks for joining me today!

I’m Katherine for Fit Trim Happy… and I’m here for another edition of Ask Katherine, where I answer some of your most popular questions about weight loss. Today’s question is quite a controversial one, so listen up.

The question today is: 

Can I lose weight while still eating carbs?

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Wow! Carbs are such a hot topic right now, aren’t they? With the paleo and keto diet trends, carbs are being shunned left and right.

But are they really that bad for you and your waistline? Let’s discuss.

Overall, carbs aren’t unhealthy for you… and your body does need them to create energy. However, not all carbs are created equal… and some diets are low-carb for a reason.

First of all, when I say carbs, you probably picture white bread and pasta… but many vegetables and fruits have carbs in them too. And it’s important to understand that these processed carbs will always be less healthy than natural carbs.

Whole-grain carbs are also better for weight loss than the processed carbs that are found in white bread, white rice, or white pasta.

So if carbs can be healthy, why does the keto diet avoid them?

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In order to get into ketosis, which is where the magic of keto comes into play… you have to stay at a very low carb intake every day. If you go over this limit, you won’t see the fat-burning results.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight while eating carbs. It just means you can’t lose weight on the keto diet if you want to eat more carbs.

There are some diets in which a high carb intake has actually been shown to increase weight loss… like vegan plant-based diets that are low in fat and high in carbs.

To maximize results on this type of diet, make sure plenty of your carbs are minimally processed. One cup of sweet potatoes, for instance, is a much better carb choice than one cup of white pasta.

You will also want to skip all heavy foods when eating carbs, since this will lead to fat gain. 

While cutting out carbs is often an easy way to quickly lose weight… it IS possible to eat carbs and still shed pounds!

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Our bodies need healthy carbs. So whether you’re on a low-carb diet, high-carb diet, or just looking to change your eating habits… search for whole food carbs that fit into your diet plan.

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Until next time, I’m Katherine from Fit Trim Happy—lose the weight fast and keep it off. Thanks so much for watching!

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