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Your Gut Health & GMOs: New Study Reveals the Surprising Truth of How GMO Foods Affect Your Microbiome

June 4, 2021

Discover the Truth About How GMOs Could Affect Your Gut Health

Your Gut Health & GMOs: New Study Reveals the Surprising Truth of How GMO Foods Affect Your Microbiome

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These days, it seems that no matter where you look, theres a Produced with Genetic Engineering sticker on your foods.

For the longest time, the sticker wasnt even required to be on the packaging of your favorite foods. You just had to guess and try to make the best decisions for yourself.

Now, with new labeling laws in place, you can determine at a glance which food products are made with GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

While these labels are great for empowering you, what do they really mean? Sure, you can now see that these foods have GMOs in thembut is there any danger in consuming them?

The jury is still out on that one. However, as it stands, the general position on GMOs is that they are considered safe (until proven otherwise).

But heres the real pressing question will GMOs make you fat? To answer that question, we need to see how GMO foods affect your gut where all of your food is processed.

Your Gut Health & GMOs: New Study Reveals the Surprising Truth of How GMO Foods Affect Your Microbiome

GMOs & Your Gut Microbiome

Before you can really dive deep into the mechanics of the gut microbiome, its important to understand first what exactly it is.

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Your gut is a jungle of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and all kinds of microorganisms. This collection of microscopic organisms is officially known as the gut microbiome.

When your gut flora is healthy, then it can, in turn, lead to a healthier version of you. When they arent? Youre at risk of a long list of health complications, including IBS, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Research has shown that there are many things that can upset your digestive balance, too.

Not sleeping well at night? Boom: you now have poor gut health. Took a round of antibiotics for a nasty sinus infection? There goes your gut flora.

What about your diet? Can that affect your digestive health and microbiome?

Studies say yes, it can. A high-carbohydrate diet has been shown to be harmful to your stomachs ecosystem. Foods high in probiotics (such as yogurt, kombucha, and kimchi), on the other hand, can help improve it.

But what about GMOs? Do they have any influence on your gut flora?

Fortunately, no. A new study found no change in the microbiome due to GMOs.

But does that mean that GMO foods are healthy to eat?

Your Gut Health & GMOs: New Study Reveals the Surprising Truth of How GMO Foods Affect Your Microbiome

Good Foods vs. Bad Foods

Some foods are surrounded by a health halo. This means that because we think these foods are good for us, were more likely to overindulge on them.

There are a lot of buzzwords that can be placed on a food label. These catchy-sounding words can, in turn, make it seem like something sounds like its good for us.

Organic. Gluten-free. All-natural. Local.

These all sound like good things, right?

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Sure, these words can mean lots of great things. But that doesnt automatically mean that these foods are nutritious or healthy.

What does that mean for GMOs? If a package says GMO Free or even if it says Made with Genetic Engineering does that actually mean anything?

Sure. It means it either does or does not have GMOs in it.

Its that simple.

Just because GMOs dont influence your gut health doesnt mean theyre necessarily good for you. In other words, the absence of harm doesnt mean presence of health.

Heck, a bag of chips can be organic, all-natural, and non-GMO, but that doesnt mean you should eat the entire bag in one sitting.

Those apple slices on your plate, though, may have been grown with genetic engineering.

Are we really going to say that a GMO apple is actually worse for you than a non-GMO bag of junk food? Probably not.

Your Gut Health & GMOs: New Study Reveals the Surprising Truth of How GMO Foods Affect Your Microbiome

Whats Makes A Diet Healthy, Anyway?

Research has made it abundantly clear that a healthy diet can help you manage your weight.

It sounds all fine and grand on paper, but what exactly counts as a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is different for every person. While a runner may benefit from a lower-fat, higher-carbohydrate diet, this very same diet could actually be very dangerous for someone with diabetes.

A ketogenic diet can be healthy (and even life-saving!) for someone with epilepsy, but for someone with kidney disease, it could quickly spell disaster.

With all of this seemingly conflicting information out there, how can we know for sure that were eating healthy?

Honestly? Instead of carefully scrutinizing food labels to see if something is organic, gluten-free, or non-GMO, you should probably be ignoring food labels.

Say what?

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Thats not to say that a food label doesnt give you valuable information about a food. Instead, the presence of a label can hint at how healthy a food is.

In fact, the healthiest foods out there dont have labels on them.

Whole grains. Fruits. Vegetables. Food in its original form, as it was meant to be, without heavy processing.

Your Gut Health & GMOs: New Study Reveals the Surprising Truth of How GMO Foods Affect Your Microbiome

What Does That Mean for GMOs & Your Diet?

All of this talk about GMOs being good for you, or bad for you, is just skirting the real point.

Without any conclusive evidence that GMOs are bad for you, and could actually be good for you, is it really worth it to stress out about avoiding them?

Yes and no.

While GMOs on their own may not cause you to gain weight, they may not help you to lose weight, either.

Did you know that tofu is often a GMO food?

Its true. Soy is actually one of the more commonly genetically engineered foods. Yet, nobody is going to argue that a stir fry with organic tofu is going to make you gain weight.

Is a grass-fed cheeseburger with organic fries really the better option for you? I cant say Im convinced.

GMOs are often found in heavily processed foods. Yes, some plants are GMO. More often than not, though, that box of cereal or that bag of candy on the shelf is filled to the brim with GMO sugar.

So the point isnt so much that GMO foods could make you gain weight. Rather, the types of foods that are made with GMOs tend to be high-calorie, low-nutrient franken-foods.

Of course, moderation is always key.

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Strive for a mostly healthy diet, but save a little room for those foods you truly love. A scoop of real-deal ice cream after dinner isnt going to make you overweight, especially if the rest of your diet is full of the good stuff.

Are GMO foods the enemy?

Eh. Maybe not so much.

But are they your friend?

Its hard to say. Would you want to be friends with someone who didnt bully you, but also didnt stop the bullies from ganging up on you?

Thats GMOs. Not your BFFs, but also not your sworn nemesis.

The bottom line is that a healthy diet has a little bit of wiggle room. If you want a little bit of GMO action in your diet, it wont be the end of the world.

Just dont always eat these things. Add a little bit of fun to your diet here and there (and yes, a healthy diet should be somewhat enjoyable!), but try to fill up on whole foods primarily.

In the long run, youll both look and feel better. Happiness and health are cornerstones of a balanced life.

If it takes a GMO or two to get you there, then so be it.

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