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Want To Lose Weight? Avoid These 4 Foods

February 25, 2020

The Top 4 Food To Avoid If You Want To Lose Weight

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When you want to lose weight, whats the first thing you do to your diet?

You probably add in some more healthy foods like lots of veggies, lean meats, and whole grains.

But in addition to adding in more healthy foods you should probably also take a look at the unhealthy foods you need to cut from your diet.

Of course, Im not saying you can never indulge in your favorite treats (even if theyre less than healthy).

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However, you should try to keep your daily diet pretty healthy if you want to see results on your weight loss journey.

So, lets take a look at the top foods you should be avoiding if you want to lose weight:

Want To Lose Weight? Avoid These 4 Foods

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Hey, it’s me againKatherine from Fit Trim Happy, the premier website where we share the most up-to-date research and advice to help you lose weight.

Today, I’m here to answer one of your most popular questions about weight loss. Todays “Ask Katherine” is a really interesting topic so stay tuned and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss a single video.

Today’s “Ask Katherine” question is: What are the top foods to avoid if I want to lose weight?

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Now, this is such an important question and one I think doesn’t get enough love in the wellness community.

We talk a lot about what kinds of healthy foods you should eat if you want to lose weight but it’s so important to give you an overview on the types of foods you should stay away from when beginning your weight loss journey.

1) French Fries & Potato Chips

Now, these are my weakness, but it’s so important to stay away from deep-fried potatoes as much as possible when youre trying to lose weight. Both of these foods have been linked to weight gain and potato chips have been found to contribute to an increase in weight gain more than any other food item by serving.

Fill your salty, crispy craving with kale chips instead.

2) Soda & Other Sugary Drinks

These drinks have no health benefits and should be one of the first things you cut out of your diet. While it’s best to replace sugary teas and sodas with water, you can also offer seltzer or flavored water if you need something less bland to sip on.

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3) Candy

This may be a given, but I know these mini candy bars can seem like an innocent snack. Most regular-size candy bars have 200 to 300 calories per bar and we all know you’re not going to eat only a quarter of that candy bar.

And aside from calorie count, your body doesn’t need all of that processed sugar. Get rid of the temptation and snack on some cashews or a banana instead.

4) White Bread

White bread has a lot of added sugar and refined carbs that can cause your blood sugar levels to spike dramatically making it more difficult to lose weight. Whole wheat or whole grain breads like Ezekiel Bread are much healthier options.

You can also opt for keto-friendly breads if you’re looking for a low-carb solution.

Those are my top four recommendations for foods to avoid when trying to lose weight. With that simple start, you’ll see those pounds begin to come off.

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Until next time, I’m Katherine for Fit Trim Happylose the weight fast and keep it off.

The Science Behind How These Foods Make You Fat (Plus How To Reverse The Process And Effortlessly Melt Fat Off)

All four of these dangerous foods have one thing in common:

Its not sugareven though fries and bread are highly glycemic (meaning they convert to sugar easily in your bloodstream), they usually dont have sugar in them

No, its that these foods are all terrible for your gut!

Many sugars and oils are downright toxic to the good bacteria that populate your gutthe kind that keep your metabolism running like a Swiss watch and burn fat naturally.

While a lot of carbs (like fries and white bread) feed the bad gut bacteria that store food as fat.

Its kind of a complex process so to explain it, I brought in a gut health expertthe esteemed M.D. Dr. Steven Masley.

Dr. Masley is really good at breaking things down into laypersons termshe has the top-rated health show on public television, 30 Days to a Healthy Heart.

And he not only will show you how the bacteria in your gut can make or break your weight loss efforts

But also the one simple thing you can do that can rebalance your gut bacteria jump-start your metabolism and get your body back to its natural fat-burning state.

You can watch Dr. Masleys free video right here:

Famous TV Doctor Explains the Science of Weight Loss (& Your Next Steps)

P.S. – There are also several foods you can eat to help heal your gut Dr. Masley shows you some of them right here.

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