July 7


Want To Lose Weight? Just Avoid THIS

July 7, 2020

Find Out The 2 Top Foods To Avoid If You Want To Lose Weight

Want To Lose Weight? Just Avoid THIS

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Hey everyone! Its me, Tara, again.

If youve ever tried to lose weight before (and I think we all have at one time or another), youve probably typed something like foods to avoid for weight loss into the search bar.

The problem is that kind of search will give you a million results! And suddenly, youll be worried about avoiding tons of different foods, all in the name of losing a few pounds.

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And those lists can vary wildly, depending on the source they come from. You might be told you should stop eating butter or milk or bread or red meat or all baked goods or pasta or soda or cheese??

So, what do you do? Live on kale, celery, and water for the rest of your life?

No, thank you! That hardly seems like a life worth living, haha!

But if you look into the science behind healthy eating & weight loss it turns out that you DONT need to avoid all of those kinds of food in order to lose weight.

In fact, you only need to know about 2 specific kinds of food you should avoid when you want to shed a few pounds.

And you dont even have to stop eating these entirely (if you dont want to). Moderation is keyif you fill up your diet with tons of healthy stuff and occasionally sneak in something not so good for you youll come out just fine in the end.

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Or, if you want to, you CAN cut them entirely out of your diet and youll be sure to see great results both in your weight and in your health.

So, if you want to find out what these 2 kinds of food are that you need to watch out for and limit your intake so you can drop those pounds and look & feel AMAZING

Heres my take on the whole thing, as a nutrition coach.

Want To Lose Weight? Just Avoid THIS

Catch The Full Transcript Below 

Hi everyone! This is Tara with Fit Trim Happy… and I am a certified nutrition coach, here to answer some questions.

Today’s question is a big one: What foods should you avoid to lose weight?

So there are two categories that I would focus on. And this is for your overall health as well as your energy and your metabolism which, of course, is what burns fat in the first place. 

You want to stay away (or have in moderation) those bad carbs. So this is your white bread and other white, refined grains like white pasta.

And the reason is that these turn into sugar immediately and that sugar is then stored as fat.

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The other thing you really want to avoid is bad saturated fats. So, there are good fats like avocados and olive oil and fat in salmon which has omega 3 fatty acids.

But saturated fat, on the other hand, is definitely going to up your cholesterol level.

Alright, now here’s your free gift! The gift is a guide to my favorite cheeses that actually burn fat and help you lose more weight.

Get the full guide here at fittrimhappy.com/freegift. See you next time!

How To Enjoy Eating Delicious Carbs AND Lose Weight

After watching this video, created by a nutrition expert Im pretty well convinced that I should never eat those bad refined carbs again.

That is, until I walk past a pizza shop and smell that tantalizing doughy scent or walk past a bakery and find that pretty much all of my favorite foods are made with those carbs!

(And a life without my favorite carbs? Forever?? Just no.)

Fortunately, you DONT have to totally give up refined carbs in order to lose weight

Because theres a scientific trick that allows you to turn carbs into fat-burners.

This trick was actually discovered by a team of Ivy League scientists and they found that if you eat THIS food before you enjoy your carb-heavy favorites your body actually burns off fat!

So instead of giving up delicious, carb-filled foods like pasta pizza bread and pastries in the name of losing a few pounds

You can keep enjoying them to your hearts content AND lose weight. (Theres still some good in this world! ::sniff::)

If you want to see the science behind it and the surprisingly easy way you can turn your favorite forbidden carbs into fat-burners click here:

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