March 29


The Dark Side of ‘Fitspiration’: How Social Media Is Sabotaging Most Real American Women (And What To Do About It)

March 29, 2019

Discover the Damaging Effects of Fitspiration on Social Media And Learn What to Do to Combat Them

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Even if youre not a social media guru, youve probably heard of or have Instagram, Facebook, and other popular sites.

In this growing age of technology, social media is a great way to keep in touch with old friends, connect with family members who live far away, and keep an eye on your kids.

However, with all of this content available at the click of a mouse, dangers lurk.

Fitspiration is a growing trend among social media in 2019. The hashtag #fitspo can been seen littering social media sites; it shows photos of people exercising, living healthy, and engaging in a clean-eating lifestyle.

Certainly, this boom of showing off your lifestyle publicly has increased awareness about fitness and food. It can motivate people to exercise and to eat better.

But, is it all good news?

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Is Fitspiration Bad?

Ill be completely honest with you.

I look at these #fitspo photos on Instagram and Facebook all of the time. Its hard not to: On Instagram alone, this hashtag has 64.3 million posts (and counting).

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On one hand, it can give me some good tips with new recipes and fitness activities that are healthier for me to try.

However, even with all of the advice and inspiration, these photos always leave me feeling inadequate and self-conscious about my body.

These posts oftentimes end up having a negative effect on everyday people because we naturally begin to compare ourselves to the photo we are looking at. (I certainly do.)

We end up looking at these posts and trying to figure out ways that our bodies can look like that instead of thinking about how we can live healthy for our own lifestyle and our own body type.

These pictures arent real life! We dont see that perfect angle to make your body look like it has 0% fat, the hard and sometimes unhealthy dieting to ensure a flat tummy, or a persons natural body type that allows them to look like they do.

Even if we are just looking at these posts for inspiration, oftentimes we can end up judging and critiquing ourselves in unhealthy ways.

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How Science Backs Up the Potential Dangers of Fitspiration

One study looked at the effects of this fitspiration community.

It showed that 43% of people in their sample who engaged in fitspiration had very high levels of psychological distress. It also discovered that even brief exposure to fitspiration could result in lower mood states, as well as a higher chance of developing an eating disorder.

Furthermore, the study noticed that the way participants described the benefits of fitspiration indicated that they believed that looking fit equaled improving their overall health.

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I definitely stress out more and have lower self-esteem the more I look at these posts. Also, it makes me think that heavy dieting and looking skinny will automatically mean that Im healthy.

Instead of doing what is healthy for my body, I try crazy diets, weird foods, and things that are unnatural for myself and my body.

Do I end up looking like the women in these photos? No! My body and my journey is not theirs. Instead, I put my own health on the back burner and end up having to start all over again.

PSA: Looking fit does not mean that you are healthy, and you cant compare your journey to anyone elses. This is the big danger of social media today its so easy to come across images and ideas from other people.

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3 Easy Ways to Avoid the Negative Effects of Fitspiration & Achieve YOUR Optimal Health

However, you have to remember these people are not you. Your goal shouldnt be to be a size zero and have a thigh gap. Your goal should be to be confident in your body and live a healthy lifestyle for YOU.

Everyones body is made differently, and just because youre skinny or have a great beach bod doesnt mean that youre healthy.

These fitspiration models are often going to extreme lengths for that body restrictive diets coupled with insane workouts. Does that seem healthy to you?

We see these photos and automatically equate being skinny with living a healthy lifestyle. So, we start to focus more on our weight, which leads to dieting, which leads to lower self-esteem (and on and on).

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In fact, another study showed that people exposed to this fitness-related content became more and more concerned with their own weight.

How can this possibly be healthy?

Social media is all around us, and its really hard to completely avoid these images.

However, there are steps we can all take to try to stay on track and stay focused on ourselves and our journey rather than what the fitspiration world is telling us to do:

1) Remind yourself of your goals.

Your goal should be to live a healthy lifestyle. Most likely, none of us are out here trying to win the Boston Marathon or enter a bikini competition.

Write down how you are changing up your life to be healthier and keep it on your fridge and on your bathroom mirror. These things should be simple, such as eating more fiber and drinking more water.

Being able to look at these small goals will not only remind you to accomplish them, but will also make you feel really good when you see them and realize that youre doing them every day!

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2) Spend less time using technology.

Unless you get rid of social media, your phone, your laptop, and move to an underground bunker out in the middle of nowhere, its going to be hard to avoid fitspiration.

However, by putting down your phone and laptop a bit more, itll not only result in you seeing less of these things, but it will also remind you the real importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Youll find that you have more free time to spend with your kids, pets, grandkids, and/or partner. This will remind you that there are more important things in life than looking like the latest fitspiration model.

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Also, it will encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle, rather than resorting to heavy dieting and crazy fads that social media oftentimes tells us to try.

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3) Get a group together.

The fitspiration community has really taken off because its just that: a community.

However, its clearly not the healthiest community to be a part of.

Get a few girlfriends together (people that you actually know and trust) and commit to living a healthy lifestyle together.

Maybe you can get together on Sundays and cook together. Keep each others goals in mind and hold each other accountable. Make the focus be on having fun and being healthy instead of limiting calories or cutting huge food groups out of your life.

By having a group of women around you, youll be more motivated to continue being healthy, and since you all will have the similar goals (of living healthy), youll become less concerned about these fitspiration posts.

At the end of the day, fitspiration on its face has benefits; however, look deeper and you can see how it ends up sabotaging American women and leaving them feeling inadequate and hopeless.

Remind yourself that social media is not real life, and commit today and every day to living a healthy lifestyle that is best for YOU not for anyone else!


How to Live YOUR Healthiest Lifestyle WITHOUT Worrying

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Once you know this you wont even care about fitspiration and the potentially unrealistic standards it sets

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