November 24


Carbs + Fat: Your Unlikely New Weight Loss Friends? (Here’s How…)

November 24, 2020

Discover everything you need to know about carbs and fat for weight loss…

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Hey all! Caroline here!

I am super excited to share that I was recently lucky enough to talk to an amazing nutrition expert. Her name is Emily Spicer and today we are going to go over a very important weight loss topic.

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Todays weight loss question is:

Do fats and carbs really make you gain weight?

Find out the facts and the full transcript for the video below.


Catch The Full Transcript Below…

Caroline: Hi everyone!

Im Caroline with Fit Trim Happy and today Im excited to be here with Emily Spicer who is a nutritionist exercise physiologist and health coach. 

So Emily, one thing I know youve talked about is that fats and carbs often get a really bad reputation in the weight loss world.

Why do you think that is and why should people not be scared of them?

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Emily: You should not be afraid of fats. You need fat in your diet. Fats should not be called fats they should be called lipids.

People often think if they eat fats they will get fat and thats simply just not the case. Thats like saying if you eat a blueberry youll turn blue. 

Its important to remember that a gram of fat has 9 calories per gram while a gram of carbs has 4 calories per gram and a gram of protein has 4 calories per gram as well. 

This makes fat basically twice as dense when compared to carbs and protein. So fat calories add up really quickly. But that shouldnt deter you from eating healthy fats. 

Healthy fats are important for hormones, absorbing vitamins and minerals, and even keeping your hair nice and shiny. 

If you didnt regularly eat fat you would be deficient in a ton of vitamins and minerals. 

People are also super scared of consuming carbs. Carbs are not bad. Carbs are what your brain runs on.

When you are exercising, carbs are your first line of energy that your body uses for fuel. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are great sources of carbs. 

But with everything in life its all about balance.

Carbs + Fat: Your Unlikely New Weight Loss Friends? (Here<span class=

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