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4 Eating Habits That Can Lower Your Blood Pressure (Without Sacrificing Salty Snacks)

December 23, 2021

Get These 4 Surprising Eating Habits Under Control To Lower Your Blood Pressure

4 Eating Habits That Can Lower Your Blood Pressure (Without Sacrificing Salty Snacks)

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Your blood pressure is an important meter of your heart health.

High blood pressure can lead to stroke, because it weakens the blood vessels in your brain and causes high-risk clots. And it can lead to heart attacks after consistent high pressure on your arteries makes them stiff.

Stiff arteries dont pump blood as well, which puts your heart into overdrive. With such high risks, its no wonder that doctors stress the importance of lowering your blood pressure.

And when it comes to blood pressure, there is one piece of advice that everyone knows: dont eat too much salt. But recent studies have shown that this decades-old piece of advice might be misleading.

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It turns out that the salt raises blood pressure connection was made when a scientist fed rats salt at fifty times their daily recommended dose. Most people probably couldnt stomach that much salt in their daily diets!

So, if youre trying to lower your blood pressure and reducing your salt intake isnt having the impact you thought it would… theres a good reason for that.

But while that means you might be able to add salt to your food again – after talking to your doctor, of course – what does it mean for your blood pressure reduction plans?

It means that you might have to try a few alternate routes. And, thankfully, there are a few very easy methods with quite a bit of scientific backing.

From addressing dehydration to reducing sugar intake, changing up your diet in some very specific ways can help bring down your blood pressure in a very real way.

4 Eating Habits That Can Lower Your Blood Pressure (Without Sacrificing Salty Snacks)

1) Reduce Your Sugar Intake

A recent study found that sugar is worse for your blood pressure than salt. This study, done on humans rather than rats, found that an increased level of sugar in a persons diet greatly increased their risk for elevated blood pressure and heart problems.

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The researchers believe that this is because sugar increases insulin levels. These higher insulin levels then increase your heart rate and blood pressure.

Sugar can also cause you to retain water, which not only leaves you feeling bloated… but also increases the pressure on your cells and blood vessels. This pressure is part of what makes up a persons blood pressure. And when it goes up, so does your blood pressure.

The solution is not, however, to replace your sugar with artificial sweeteners. Those can do the exact same thing and some might even cause migraines in certain people.

The studies on this connection are still unclear. But many people, myself included, still seem sensitive to artificial sweeteners.

Instead of artificial sweeteners or even foods made with processed sugars, opt for naturally sweet foods like berries, apples, and grapes.

Yes, these all contain their own naturally occurring sugars. But they also contain a great deal of fiber and water, both of which can help control your blood pressure and blood sugar.

4 Eating Habits That Can Lower Your Blood Pressure (Without Sacrificing Salty Snacks)

2) Drink Enough Water

Youve probably heard a million reasons as to why you should drink enough water. But did you know that your water intake can help you maintain a healthy blood pressure, too?

As I mentioned under the sugar recommendation, your fluid levels impact your blood pressure. When your levels are too low, it strains your system as it struggles to continue its usual processes.

And if your fluid levels get too high, your cells are put under a higher amount of fluid pressure, which elevates your blood pressure. So how do you find the right balance?

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The first step is to learn your thirst cues. Many people mistake thirst for hunger. But once you learn the subtle differences, youll find yourself reaching for the water rather than a snack.

To keep yourself from drinking too much water, keep an eye on how often you go and what color it is. This might sound unbearably gross… but if your urine is coming out completely clear or youre going all the time, youre drinking too much water.

Finally, try using a water tracking app. Some of these apps are very straight forward, while others use cute incentives like watering your digital plants as an incentive to get you to track your hydration.

4 Eating Habits That Can Lower Your Blood Pressure (Without Sacrificing Salty Snacks)

3) Get More Potassium

If youve never heard about the link between blood pressure and potassium, you are not alone. Most people know that potassium is important if you suffer from a deficiency. However, it serves a very important purpose for people with high blood pressure, too. 

Potassium helps your body balance its fluid levels. This will help your body maintain a more regular blood pressure level.

And the good news is that there are several delicious, potassium-rich foods you can choose from! Baked potatoes – with the skins – offer a great boost of potassium. And passion fruit will make a sweet potassium-filled treat after any meal!

4) Cut Back on Alcohol

My final tip probably wont surprise anyone. When you drink alcohol, it increases the water you retain. And it does this because your body breaks it down into sugar.

This delivers a one-two hit of effects to your system that negatively affects your blood pressure.

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Most people will find it easy to cut back on their weekly alcohol intake. But if you find that cutting back on alcohol is hard for you, this tip might take some time to implement.

You might find this hotline helpful, which can link you to various services to help you reach your goals. It might not be easy to change your drinking habits but it could be the thing to bring down your blood pressure and potentially save your life.

4 Eating Habits That Can Lower Your Blood Pressure (Without Sacrificing Salty Snacks)

The Takeaway

Blood pressure is a tricky thing. And you obviously want to talk to your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet or lifestyle.

But once youve had a conversation with your doctor, these tips could be the keys you need to finally get your blood pressure under control. Whether you indulge in a little too much sugar… or dont get quite enough water… taking control of these dietary factors can turn the tide on your blood pressure battle.

Heres An Easy Way to Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Changing What You Eat…

And its as easy as crawling into bed, pulling up the covers, and getting a little shut-eye! 🙂

Studies show that the better you sleep, the lower your stress levels.

And if you dont get enough sleep it becomes a lot harder to manage stress and stay healthy.

(Ill be the first to admit that after a bad night of sleep, I almost always cave and get an egg McMuffin and a creamy, sugary coffee to wake me up ugh.)

So thats why doctors recommend doing a relaxing activity before bed, to settle your mind, and prepare you for a high-quality night of rest.

For example?

Try eating a piece of dark chocolate.

(Chocolate before bed? Where do I sign up?!) 🙂

A 100-gram bar of dark chocolate contains 7.79 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber… as well as more than half of the recommended daily intake of such nutrients as iron, manganese, magnesium, and copper.

And a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that eating protein before bed can help you avoid late-night cravings… decrease stress levels… and even help you burn several hundred more calories the next day(!).

So if you want to see the surprising science behind how this works plus the EXACT amount of dark chocolate you should eat for a completely stress-free, uninterrupted night of beauty sleep

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