February 12


6 Energy-Boosting Foods That Recharge Your Battery (No Caffeine or Added Sugar)

February 12, 2021

Discover 6 Foods To Boost Your Energy & Power Through Any Slump

6 Energy-Boosting Foods That Recharge Your Battery (No Caffeine or Added Sugar)

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A big part of weight loss involves learning how to improve your diet and cut out unnecessary sugars, unhealthy snacks, and processed foods.

One of the less pleasant side effects of getting into the habit of dieting, however, is fatigue. When were taking in fewer calories, we end up burning through the ones weve already consumed more quickly.

This is a great recipe for weight loss, but it can also leave you feeling tired, groggy, and listless.

Not to worry: getting into the habit of swapping out snacks that are full of empty calories for nutritious, filling foods isnt easy But if you know what foods to avoid and what to stock up on, the process will go that much more smoothly.

If youre feeling less energetic than usual at the start of your diet, here are 6 protein-rich, energy-boosting foods that encourage a healthier approach to dieting.

6 Energy-Boosting Foods That Recharge Your Battery (No Caffeine or Added Sugar)

Try These 6 Energy-Boosting Foods To Power Through An Energy Slump

1) Chicken.

This lean meat is one of the most heart-healthy and sustainable choices you can make during mealtimes.

Its packed with protein, easily soaks up flavor, and keeping the fat content low is all about preparation. A grilled or baked chicken breast only has about 110 calories, which makes it a perfect snack and an ideal main course if youre trying to cut down on fatty red meats without losing out on energy.

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Eating grilled chicken by itself or as a salad add-on will allow you to feel fuller for longer without experiencing that midday slump. If youre feeling adventurous and youre not fond of grilling, try using an air fryer for a healthier version of a fried chicken dinner.

2) Beans.

Not only are legumes and beans like chickpeas, pinto beans, and lentils packed with protein, but many of them are iron-rich as well. One serving of black beans can provide 20% of your daily recommended iron intake, while a side of chickpeas can account for an extra 26%.

This isnt just helpful in terms of boosting energy. If you dont take a daily supplement or multivitamin, you could end up getting an energy-sapping iron deficiency without even knowing it.

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Making sure youre getting enough protein and other energy-boosting vitamins in your diet can be as easy as adding more beans and nuts to your diet for an extra energy surge.

3) Eggs.

If youre looking for something thats low in calories and high in protein, you cant go wrong with an egg.

Although eggs have gotten a bad rap as a greasy breakfast food, much like chicken, the fat content is all in the preparation. At six grams of protein per egg, adding a hardboiled egg or two to your diet is a great way to keep your energy up, especially if youre starting out the day with this protein-rich food.

Eggs are also a great after-workout snack for helping repair your muscles and keeping your heart healthy. If youre worried about egg yolks potentially leading to high cholesterol, try whipping up an egg white omelet for breakfast instead.

4) Walnuts.

Most nuts provide a great amount of protein and can step in as a filling midday snack in a pinch, as long as theyre not roasted or over-salted.

Some nuts, however, are a bit more powerful than others.

Walnuts arent just full of healthy fats and acids like Omega-3. Although theyre composed of 65% fat, studies have shown that they dont increase weight gain if eaten in responsible amounts.

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Like avocados and salmon, walnuts are a great source of good fat, so dont let the high calorie content turn you off. If youre low on essential nutrients, walnuts can also help out by giving you a strong dose of vitamins B6 and E.

5) Dark Chocolate.

Your after-dinner treat might not be so bad for you after all! While processed milk chocolates and sugary chocolate treats are more likely to make you feel fatigued than energized, snacking on small amounts of dark chocolate can actually help you feel balanced, relaxed, and energetic.

It also goes down incredibly easy for a food thats so packed with nutrients that are beneficial to your health. Dark chocolate, when eaten in small doses over time, can help induce a calm feeling due to the way it boosts a serotonin-like stimulant called theobromine.

Dark chocolate helps keep your nitric acid levels high too, which in turn helps keep blood pressure low. Thats why youll see dark chocolate as a prominent ingredient in so many energy bars and workout-boosting snacks.

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As long as you make sure youre not eating it with a side of corn syrup or processed ingredients, you can look forward to an energy boost just by snacking on a bit of dark chocolate in between meals.

6) Whole-Grain Bread.

Many dieters have been made to believe that bread is the devil. While processed breads that are packed with sugar arent great for your diet or your health, theres no reason to cut out complex carbs entirely, especially when they can deliver such a boost to your energy and your mood.

A slice of whole-grain bread can be a great source of energy. Try topping it with another nutrient-rich food like avocado or egg whites.

As long as you stay away from simple carbs and refined grains, youll be able to get all of the benefits of carbohydrates while side-stepping the negatives.


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