4 Horrifying Health Dangers of Processed Meats – And How to Choose Processed Meats That Are Better for You

By Henry Giardina | 20 May 2021 1548 views
eating processed meat

Processed Meats Are No Super Food… In Fact, They Could Pose A Serious Health Danger.

4 Horrifying Health Dangers of Processed Meats – And How to Choose Processed Meats That Are Better for You

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The 4th of July is upon us, and for many Americans, that means it’s time for backyard barbecues, fireworks… and a lot of processed meats on the grill.

While there’s no denying just how delicious all those classic 4th of July offerings can be, there are plenty of good reasons to limit your red meat-and-mayo consumption during the holiday. There’s enough evidence out there to make us think twice about how often we’re consuming these high-cholesterol foods.

Even some of the most common deli cuts include so much added sugar, salt, and carcinogens that it begs the question: Do you really know what’s in your hot dog? 

If you’re trying to observe healthier eating habits at this year’s cookout, here are a few things to keep in mind.

4 Horrifying Health Dangers of Processed Meats – And How to Choose Processed Meats That Are Better for You

Keep an Eye on Salt Content

What could be bad about a nice turkey sandwich on wheat bread? Potentially nothing, as long as the turkey you’re eating isn’t pumped full of nitrates and additives.

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While many adults still think of deli meats like sliced turkey and chicken as lean alternatives to PB&J, they’re far from innocent. Many deli meats are preserved with salt, nitrates, and even high fructose corn syrup.

The dangers don’t stop there: Listeria is a remarkably common ingredient that infects over 2,500 people yearly in the U.S.

This strain makes its home in deli meats due to the fluctuation in temperatures that most pre-sliced meat rounds go through during transit. This is something to be especially aware of if you’re pregnant or nursing. 

Don’t Forget About Sugar, Either

Salt isn’t your only worry when it comes to eating foods like sausage, bacon, and cold cuts.

Just as salt has been a go-to preservative ever since the days of the Oregon Trail, sugar has been part of the meat curing process for centuries. That’s why you might find higher sugar levels in bacon or smoked ham.

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Since smoking and curing bring out the flavor of certain meats and act as a preservative, they’re hard to avoid unless you’re specifically looking to ditch them.

If you’re at your local deli or grocery store, look for sliced meats and hot dogs that don’t use nitrates or preservatives… and always check the nutrition label to make sure the sugar and salt content isn’t too crazy.

Don’t be taken in by false advertising, either. It’s not enough for a brand to slap the word “natural” in front of their product.

If you really want to know whether or not a processed meat product is healthy, check the ingredient list. If you see more than a few basic ingredients listed, it’s a red flag.

4 Horrifying Health Dangers of Processed Meats – And How to Choose Processed Meats That Are Better for You

Know What You’re Eating

While many common processed meats like bacon or hamburgers are fairly straightforward… others, such as hot dogs or sausages, can be of almost any part of an animal. And quite often, they are.

If your sausage comes frozen and isn’t organic, chances are you’re not only consuming a huge amount of added salt and sugar… but a lot of other stuff you wouldn’t be thrilled to know you’re putting in your body if you knew all the details.

Even something as innocent as a hamburger can come loaded with cancer-causing fats, carcinogens, and hormones to enhance taste and texture.

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If you’re someone who loves the taste of meat but wants to stay healthy, you’re in luck. With so many plant-based alternatives to red meat out there, such as the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger, you don’t have to give up the texture and the taste you love just to embrace a healthier lifestyle. 

Keep Track of Carcinogens 

We don’t know anything truly conclusive about processed meats and their relationship to cancer.

However, we do know that substances called carcinogens… which are found in everything from radon to red meat… are certain to increase your chances of contracting the disease.

When your body tries to break down heavily processed foods, your gut creates chemicals in response that can start damaging more sensitive, cancer-prone areas of the body, like the stomach and bowels.

The best way to make sure you’re not consuming carcinogens is to stay away from overly processed foods like salami, hot dogs, and cold cuts, which are classified as Class One carcinogens

4 Horrifying Health Dangers of Processed Meats – And How to Choose Processed Meats That Are Better for You

Don’t Stop There with Monitoring Your Food Intake

Keeping tabs on your meat intake is important, especially if you’re really making an effort to consume less red meat and processed slices.

That said, it’s important to note that processed food doesn’t just stop at meat. Even a product that many people think of as being healthy, like soy or almond milk, counts as processed food.

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That’s why you should always check the labels of even the most innocent-seeming foods to make sure the ingredient list isn’t overrun with harmful additives, chemicals, and sugars.

Familiarizing yourself with the daily recommended sodium and sugar intake for your height and weight range will help you get more information out of nutrition labels. Counting calories is good for weight loss, but it’s not necessarily going to help you make healthier choices in the long run.

Arming yourself with knowledge regarding fat, sugar, and salt content can help you stay aware of what’s actually going into your body at all times. 


eating processed meat

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